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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill works out hard in the office then tells RJ it is his turn. Brooke tells Ridge not to encourage it but RJ did go with Bill but gave him a hard time. Ridge is not sure that it is a good idea for her to punish him by being with Lucifer; they have nothing in common. Ridge tells her that their good times were better than the bad times that she calls wounds. She wonders what it will take for him to find someone prettier or younger…..what it will take for him to walk away. He asks Brooke to trust him; he has something to show her. Bill tells RJ that he is a businessman, not a babysitter, but this is what his mother wanted so go ahead and accept it. Rick is ecstatic that Katie dropped by and tells him that she made a bid on the house so she is now waiting to hear. Eric finds Quinn upstairs and she says she went into the office for a little while but thought perhaps they could spend some time together today after the good showing. She throws off her robe and says she wanted to be a temporary model for their new lingerie line. He says he likes the way she thinks.

Katie tells Rick that she really likes the house and a plus being next door to Eric, but one downside – there is Quinn. Quinn tells Eric that she wakes up every single day grateful for what he has given her. Bill straps the gloves on RJ and shows him a few moves on the bag. It is not a bag; it is the enemy…..the kid who tries to take his lunch money or his girl, so you knock his head off. He wants to see his jab. He wants to see what he has. He wants to see his feet too, any rhythm. He then shows him his sitting room, very few people have ever seen. He shows him money. He has enough stash to last him two lifetimes. He wants him to smell it; take a whiff. Lying in bed, Eric tells Quinn that she completely changed his life and he wants to spend the rest of his life like this. Rick tells Katie that if she gets the house he will get her a pair of binoculars so she can keep an eye on Quinn. Katie laughs and says she is trying to keep good thoughts but she cannot see how Eric could end up with Quinn. Quinn is disarmed when Eric tells her that he got out of the house today to go next door….and that Katie is thinking of buying it. Brooke asks Ridge why he brought her to this spot, Stephanie’s grave. Ridge explains to Brooke that he comes here often and feels closer to his mother. And he is glad that his mother told Brooke finally that she loved her…..he loves her too, always has.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip was about to tell Nicole about Chloe’s baby until Deimos arrived. They had a brief argument before Philip walked out of the room. He called Chloe and left a message advising her to tell the truth about the baby. Brady threw Guillermo out of the hotel. Brady wanted to take Theresa to rehab or he would take Tate away. She thought he was better off without her. JJ told Chad about what he did to Gabi and he was upset. JJ tried to explain himself to Chad, but he didn’t want to hear it. JJ asked Chad to talk to Gabi for him, but he wouldn’t do it. Jennifer got a shock when she saw Abby at the door. Jennifer ended up fainting. Gabi told Dario that JJ cheated on her. Dario wanted to beat JJ up. Gabi didn’t want him to hurt JJ. Blanca overheard them and was upset. She told him that she didn’t want to be around him anymore. Brady didn’t believe that Theresa didn’t want to be around Tate anymore. She was about to snort cocaine when he slapped it out of her hand. Theresa let Brady know she was walking out on him and Tate and wondered if he had any suggestions of where she should go. Brady suggested that she go to H*ll.

Jennifer was happy that Abby was alive after all. Jennifer wanted to know what happened. Jennifer asked Abby if she’s going back to Chad and Thomas. Chad didn’t want to get in the middle of his relationship with Gabi. Gabi saw him at the mansion and wanted him to go. Theresa told Shane and Kimberly what happened at the hotel. Abby told Jennifer about the time she was gone. Abby didn’t want Jennifer to tell JJ that she’s alive. Nicole told Deimos about Brady’s situation with Theresa. Nicole wanted Deimos to look out for Brady. Deimos was okay with helping Brady by keeping him busy at the company. Deimos was impressed with Brady’s work and thought Philip would be the heir apparent, but Brady was the one who’s doing a good job. Philip overheard Nicole and Deimos talking about him. Philip called Chloe back and left another message for her. He realized that she was doing the right thing by not telling Nicole the truth. He believed that Nicole couldn’t be trusted as long as she’s with Deimos. JJ went back to the house but didn’t see Abby. He talked to Jennifer about Gabi. Abby overheard JJ say that Chad and Gabi are getting close. Shane reassured Theresa that she would be able to go back to Brady soon. Theresa was afraid Brady would hate her. Chad tried to make Gabi feel better about JJ when he almost kissed her. She told him that she had to go.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Jax finds Alexis in a seedy motel room and realizes she has a drinking problem. When he decides to inform their daughters so they can stage an intervention, Alexis threatens to divulge his secret about Josslyn's kidney to Carly. Jax agrees to keep her secret, but entreats her to get herself together. Alexis receives a glimmer of hope about her law license. Elizabeth confronts Franco about threatening Tom Baker and makes him promise never to lie to her again. She has a nasty surprise when Tom Baker approaches her in front of Kelly's.

Bobbie catches Nelle with her hands in Carly's purse and accuses her of stealing cash. Carly explains that Nelle was to deposit that money in the bank that morning. Bobbie refuses to apologize, explaining to her daughter that something is off about her assistant, who is always studying her as if trying to memorize her. Valentin, Anna, & Griffin appear before Judge Rawles to decide the case of Charlotte's custody. After Anna presents lots of irrefutable evidence proving what a dangerous man Valentin is, he invokes his parental rights and calls Claudette a liar who claimed two other men were Charlotte's father. The judge insists on interviewing Charlotte who calls Valentin "Papa."

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy confronted Travis about secretly meeting Michelle, but Travis swore that nothing happened between them. Victor tried to throw Sharon and Dylan out of Christian's party, but Nick insisted that they stay. Attending the party proved difficult for Sharon and Dylan. Chelsea tried to make Sharon feel better, but Sharon left after a verbal attack from Victoria. Victor suggested that Chelsea should help Nick raise Christian. Overall, Katie and Christian's party went smoothly. Nick and Chelsea went to his place and had beer. Once Sharon and Dylan were at home, she asked if he could forgive her. Sharon told Dylan that they should have grabbed Sully and ran. Dylan lashed out, blaming Sharon for everything, but he quickly apologized. Faith told Sharon and Dylan that she wanted to move in with Nick. Nikki worried about Dylan, but Victor assured her that he'd be fine, with her support.

Jill worked to try and get Billy and Victoria back together. Michelle told Ashley that she slept with Travis and wanted him back. Ashley said she wouldn't let Michelle come between Travis and Victoria. Ashley met with Travis and confronted him about the affair. Travis insisted that he wanted to be with Victoria. Ashley said she'd tell Victoria the truth unless he came clean on his own. Jack had a flashback to kissing Phyllis. Traci Abbott came home for the holidays. Phyllis was pleasantly surprised when Traci was kind to her. Traci told Jack that she thought he still had feelings for Phyllis. He denied it. Traci encouraged Jack to reconcile with Billy, but he said it wouldn't happen. Phyllis made an attempt to connect with Jack, but he pushed her away. Traci and Ashley discussed Jack's feelings. Billy told Ashley that he was afraid Victoria was about to get hurt. Ashley told Billy that Travis had cheated on Victoria.

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