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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt and two models welcome Quinn, the conquering hero from her dazzling appearance in yesterday’s fashion show. Pam shows her lots of letters of congratulations and says sales are skyrocketing. The realtor shows Katie and Rick the house next door to Eric’s. Katie is glad it is renovated and not that massive as she doesn’t need that kind of space. Eric pops in and laughs that he just happened to be in the neighborhood. Rick says it is good to see him out and about he was not sure he could make it over right now. Eric is surprised to hear that Rick is trying to convince Katie into buying this house. It’s within walking distance for Will to walk to school although no one in Beverly Hills walks anywhere. Eric urges Katie to buy it and then they can take down that awful hedge on the property lines. When Rick and the realtor leave, Katie says she cannot buy the first house she sees, she feels she needs to keep looking. He says the Forrester and Logan families are united and he thinks it would be ideal to have her living next door. She wonders about Quinn…..and mentions that Quinn called her last night after she spotted the two glasses on the table and one with red lipstick. She seemed okay but some women are not too keen in having their husbands entertain women in their home without them being around. Katie says she does not want Quinn as an enemy especially living right next door. Eric reminds her that Quinn has changed and she just does not know Katie that well but he thinks she will appreciate having a friendly face next door. And no problem when Bill comes to pick up Will as no one sees anyone in Beverly Hills. Bill shows up unannounced at Brooke’s and she says funny Ridge did the same thing last night. Bill says he thought she was through with Ridge. She explains things are still a bit stormy but she feels she had been dumped at the altar. He says if it had been anyone else he would have dumped them and moved on. But he is here now and that should tell her something. She tells him that he is still the man she wants to marry but Ridge is the father of her son and she thought she should hear him out that day. RJ shows up and Bill says just the man he wanted to see. RJ is less than pleased but Bill hands him the car keys and says they need to take a little spin and get to know each other better.

RJ has to be talked into it but Brooke says she thinks this is great……the two men she loves most in the world getting to know each other and treating each other with respect. Wyatt watches Quinn take a lot of phone calls and later he tells her that he hasn’t said it enough but he is very proud of her. He has never seen her this way before. It gives her a sense of purpose and nothing rattles her now. She says not exactly. Something happened last night – Katie Logan. She explains that she was very complimentary but she just dropped in on Eric last night and Quinn thinks that could be a problem. Wyatt tries to point out that Eric has a long history with all the Logan women. Quinn knows; she just does not think it looks right for a woman to be inviting herself over to be with Eric… a single women at home alone with her husband. She wants Wyatt to know she is not jealous or insecure but she still has a problem of Eric’s family and Katie just dropping by. Wyatt assures her there is nothing to worry about. She should trust him just like he does her. Katie thanks Eric for his help and friendship as he has helped her see something she had a hard time accepting and that is a few low rough times in her life. Brooke and Bill are who they are and she knows they love her. But now she is free to live her life with her son and do whatever she wants to. She can buy this house; she can live next door to her friend….she can do this! She will make an offer today. Eric hugs her and says this is very exciting.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady talked to Nicole about the way Theresa was acting. Justin started his statement. Trask objected when Justin tried to put Stefano on trial. Judge Fitzpatrick allowed Justin to mention what Stefano did to Hope. Justin tried to prove that Hope didn’t purposely kill Stefano. Justin called Hope to stand. Theresa let Shane know that she was grateful for Victor’s help. Shane warned Theresa that Mateo might have found out about her overdose. Theresa had to protect her family by any means and she was determined to bring Mateo down. She promised Shane that she wouldn’t do any more drugs. Brady didn’t understand why Theresa pushed him away. Nicole tried to make Brady feel better about what Theresa did. Nicole assured Brady that Theresa loved him. Brady wondered why Theresa felt trapped and what triggered it. Hope testified that she didn’t intend to kill Stefano and that she didn’t remember what happened.

Theresa let Mateo know that it took longer to get Brady to hate her. Shane was recording his conversation. Mateo said she had to do something drastic. André testified against Hope. André wanted Hope to be treated fairly. Chad approached the bench. Guillermo called Theresa because Mate wanted her to do something drastic. They agreed to meet at the Salem Inn. She left the number written on the desk. Chad wanted Hope to be held accountable for what she did. Chad testified that Hope shouldn’t get off easy for what she did because of Stefano’s sins. Trask rested her side of the case. Brady found the name of the room Theresa left behind. Justin hoped he did enough to help Hope. Trask didn’t believe she would get off. Steve went off on Trask for saying that. André told someone on the phone that he wouldn’t tell Chad that Abby was in Salem. The judge was ready to make her decision. Brady went to the room and Guillermo opened the door without his shirt. Brady walked in and saw Theresa on the bed. Judge Fitzpatrick sentenced Hope to 25 years without parole. Hope asked Rafe to take care of Ciara for her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Carly goes to see Sonny in jail and asks him if he would resort to violence as revenge again. When he refuses to answer, she gets upset but admits she still loves him. While agitated at Franco confronting Tom Baker, Elizabeth reluctantly steals medicine from GH to help Hayden who is being treated by Finn at the Quartermaine Mansion. Elizabeth is upset that Finn won't tell her what is wrong with Hayden. When she returns to the hospital, she calls Brad to find out about the pathogen that infected Hayden. Kiki is not happy to hear that Ava snuck into the church after Morgan's funeral. She tells her mom all about Sonny's confession. Lucy sees through Scott's clumsy seduction attempt and refuses to give him Morgan's meds. When Ava threatens to tell Kiki that her mother was sleeping with Morgan again before his death, Scott convinces not to hurt Kiki just now and suggests they band together against Ava.

In order to distract him, Nelle agrees to play chess with Michael; but when their hands touch, she pulls back and leaves, saying she doesn't want their relationship to end badly. Franco surprises Tom Baker at his brother's house and tortures him so he'll leave Elizabeth alone. Jax and Alexis stop at a roadhouse to talk over drinks. He confides that when Joss needed a kidney, he resorted to the black market, which led them to find Nelle's poor parents who sold their daughter's kidney. Alexis insists on staying at the roadhouse alone, so she can finish some business calls. When Jax leaves, Alexis orders another drink, which is brought to her by Tom Baker.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Newman family celebrates Victoria, Katie, and Christian's birthdays at the ranch while Sharon waits for her hearing at the police station. Ashley tells Billy that Michelle was Travis's ex-girlfriend. Billy tells Ashley that he saw a text from Travis on Michelle's phone last night. He assures Ashley that he won't allow Travis to hurt Victoria. Michelle lets Ashley know that she and Travis made love. Travis thanks Billy for putting in a good word for him with Victoria, because it helped them make up last night. Billy wonders if Travis made up with Victoria before or after he was with Michelle. Dylan asks Nick to talk to the police and maybe he can persuade them not to press charges against Sharon. Chelsea tells Nick that Sharon has suffered enough with the miscarriage of her child and losing Christian too, so Nick goes to the police station and tells Paul and Christine that if they press charges against Sharon, he will testify on her behalf at her trial. Victor is not very happy when Nick arrives at the birthday party with Sharon.

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