Tuesday 11/15/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/15/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke looks up and there stands Ridge in her kitchen. He wants to tempt her. Turns out he has a pint of ice crème in his hand and they sit and share it. He can’t help but say this is the worst most successful showing they have ever had. And Quinn will get all the credit. She tries to assure him all will work out okay. He stares at her and says yes he knows he has more important things to think about. Quinn holds the champagne glass where she notices a big red lipstick print. She questions Eric later about it. He tells her Katie dropped by and watched the fashion show with him. She digs it out of him that she has stopped in several times lately. He was so excited about the show that he forgot to mention it. She mentions that she saw the glasses downstairs so that explains it. Eric says he worked too hard on his recovery so he did not drink any but they opened the bottle and Katie had a small sip. He hopes that Quinn does not mind. He should have cleaned it up. She says she trusts him completely so she is only disappointed in that Eric could not be with her at the showing but he was sharing it with another woman. Eric apologizes and says Katie is an old friend and she did not come over here to criticize Quinn. She has a Logan on her side.

Katie drops in on Rick and tells him she was impressed by the show and thought it was a big success. Rick knows his dad will give Quinn credit and he just cannot stand that. She tells him that Eric helped her with Will so that is one other thing that she now has off her plate. Now she needs to find an agent and get another house. He says he can help her. They look online and he finds one right next door to Eric’s and says he knows the place well and it is ideal and she will love it. They make plans to see it tomorrow. Ridge asks Brooke about Bill and she shows him that she still has his ring, but says he is still upset with her. Ridge says they can take care of that ring situation very quickly. She says she knows they have all put their lives on hold. Ridge says he will always be right there and Spencer is right, she cannot have two men in her life so when she chooses Ridge it will have to be Spencerless. Quinn contemplates it and then calls Katie. She says she is really glad Eric had company to watch the show but she did not think it was appropriate while she was away. She is glad Eric could help her get her son into school and she is not concerned but it doesn’t look good. She says she admires Katie and would like to know her better herself so next time call with a heads up so she can be there as well.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe were waiting for her case to start. Rafe reminded her that Justin got the majority of the charges against her. Shawn surprised Hope by showing up at the station. Adrienne and Jennifer talked about Hope’s case as well as her wedding to Lucas. Jennifer was happy that Lucas was with someone like her. Justin asked her if she wanted to walk to the courthouse together. Everyone else arrived at the courthouse. Jennifer and Julie talked about Hope’s confession. Hope told Rafe that Stefano won and that she might get the death penalty.

Adrienne cheered Justin on after DA Trask let him know that she would win the case. Hope arrived in the courtroom. Judge Fitzpatrick decided that Hope was eligible for the death penalty. The judge wanted to hear from both sides before she made her decision. DA Trask began her opening statement. DA Trask made Hope look bad in her statement and wanted the death penalty for her. Justin started his opening statements. He thought that Hope was the victim instead of Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

After Jason informs him that he's not responsible for Morgan's death, Sonny recants his confession. Diane assures her client that she can get it thrown out. Jordan and Dante arrest Sonny. Carly is upset at Sonny for selfishly easing his conscience at the expense of his children. When Michael defends Sonny, Carly storms out of the house. Nelle comforts Michael and encourages him to grieve for his brother, but he feels the need to keep it together for his family. After making Carly aware of Sonny's innocence, Jason advises her to support her husband, because they need each other.

Valentin reluctantly agrees to let Griffin and Anna care for Charlotte while he fights them in court. Through her acquaintance with the social worker, Anna succeeds in allowing Griffin to retain custody. She assures Griffin that they have a great chance of keeping Charlotte away from Valentin, because of all the crimes he's committed. Valentin's lone ally is Nina, who's no fan of Griffin because he slept with her brother's wife. Nina is grateful when Valentin, pleased at the way she interacts with Charlotte, says she'd be a great mother. Liesl Obrecht tries to keep Franco out of trouble, but he's adamant about protecting Elizabeth from her rapist. Dr. Obrecht accuses Elizabeth of always playing the damsel in distress, which puts her lovers in danger. Franco finds Tom Baker at his brother's house and assaults him. Elizabeth discovers Franco's intentions.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Chelsea go into the Crimson Lights with Johnny and Christian. Nick lets Esther know that he got past the reporters at the Newman ranch by taking a back road to get out. Esther promises to get them cake and candles to celebrate Christian's first birthday. As she passes the television, she notices Sharon's interview with GC Buzz. At the Newman ranch, Nikki hurries into the living room to tell Victor about Sharon's interview. Chelsea gets a text on her cell phone about Sharon's interview. The interview begins between Hilary and Sharon. Devon and Mariah watch. At the police station, Dylan starts to go in to see Paul when he finds out about the interview and leaves in a hurry. Paul is puzzled by Dylan's actions. Christine walks up and tells him that she knows why Dylan left so abruptly. They too watch Sharon tell her story of how she came to have Christian -- it was all Dr. Anderson's fault and Patty blackmailed her. Paul wants to know why Sharon is bringing Patty into all this. Paul promises that someone will pay.

Dylan arrives at GC Buzz to watch the interview in person. Mariah spots the cord on the floor and considers unplugging it. Dylan pulls Sharon off the GC Buzz set to ask her why she is doing this. Sharon tells him that she is a kidnapper. Nikki rants and raves about what Sharon is doing to her sons. Christine tells Paul that he will have to bring Sharon in for questioning. Nick cannot believe that Sharon is telling all this on the air and painting herself as a victim. Hilary asks Mariah how long she has known about this. Victor tells Nikki that Sharon may be prosecuted whether Nick likes it or not. Devon tells Hilary not to focus on just one story. Victoria and Travis are at the Underground when Nick and Chelsea come in. They discuss holding Christian's birthday party along with Katherine's. Sharon is arrested at GC Buzz for kidnapping. Dylan calls Michael for help. Billy notices a text from Travis on Michelle's phone thanking her for keeping the secret from Victoria. Travis and Victoria drink wine and make love.

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