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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric tells Katie that he is pleased with the show; he thinks his wife was wonderful and all that matters is the applause, not who was wearing the show stopper. He feels it has something to do with Ridge. But the important thing is Quinn came through for him. She did not let him down. Quinn and Ridge continue to exchange words under their breath with smiles on their faces on the runway. Backstage Quinn wants to toast the occasion but Ridge passes. But that too is shot down when several buyers come back stage and praise them and say they will be buying more in force. They say the jewelry line was superb. And Ridge’s designs are always great but this surpassed with an extra edge to them. Steffy and Ridge are floored. Quinn asks them to stay when the buyers leave. There is something she wants them to hear. Zende tells Sasha that she wowed the crowd. They end up talking about her sister and how they let her down. She asks again where does this leave the two of them. He’s honest. He says right now all he can think about his love of Nicole.

Katie tells Eric that she is willing to give Quinn the benefit of the doubt as she sure seems to have changed Eric. Quinn thanks both Ridge and Steffy and says she can say now she was nervous but despite a few small glitz’s they pulled it off and she is grateful to all of them for making it a successful show. Ridge is not taking all of her support, especially from her fan club section of Wyatt. She says she loves Eric and she just wants him to be proud of her. And she hopes in time they will see that this is for the good of the company. Wyatt and Ivy enjoy a few moments to themselves to pat Quinn on the back. He says in this case Ridge was wrong about his mother, but somehow she and Eric work. Ridge tells Steffy that orders are still coming in; the phone won’t stop ringing. Steffy says yeah Quinn has pulled another rabbit out of the hat. ……wonder if she will tell Eric about the show stopper. And as much as she hates to admit it without Quinn the show would have sunk. Wyatt tells Ivy that Quinn wore that gown for her husband and now he is more of a believer in his mom. Quinn comes home all excited and wants to hear all Eric has to say. Initially he does not seem that excited and she is disappointed. She says she has a feeling it has something to do with Ridge and the show stopper. She could not let Eric or the show down so she put on the gown and walked down the runway herself. The buyers have promised very big orders. Finally he says he loves her and he loved the show. Now he wants to take her upstairs and celebrate. She stays behind to grab her phone and notices lipstick on a glass and wonders...

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin told Hope and Rafe that some of the changes were dropped against her. Unfortunately, Judge Fitzpatrick works for the DiMeras and she’s presiding over the case. Victor found Theresa on the bed passed out. He called Kayla to let her know about Theresa. André found Abby at the DiMera mansion. She let him know that she had to see Thomas. JJ told Gabi that he cheated on her. She was upset and wanted him to explain himself. He told her what happened and she was mad that he was with someone and had sex with her. Kayla arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to help Theresa. JJ asked Gabi to forgive him.

Jennifer showed up at the police station to see Hope. Hope thanked Jennifer for being there for her. Abby thanked André for helping her escape. She thought about the day she escaped Shady Hill. Abby wanted to hold Thomas. Chad was on the phone and was about to walk in the room. André managed to keep Chad from seeing Abby. Gabi admitted that she loved him and hated him. She never wanted to see him again. Victor didn’t want Kayla to tell anyone what happened to Theresa. Justin let Hope know that André talked to DA Trask so that the charges were reduced to murder one. Hope was grateful for his help. JJ let Jennifer know that Gabi didn’t want to see him again. Abby watched them through the window. Kayla told Kimberly about what happened to Theresa. Kimberly told Shane about Theresa overdosing. They rushed to the hospital. Jennifer almost saw Abby outside of her window. Shane and Kimberly found Theresa and wanted to know why she overdosed. Theresa asked them to help her push Brady away form her. They agreed to help her.

GH Recap Written by Gisele

Once Morgan's funeral is over, Sonny confesses that he's responsible for Morgan's death. Carly sobs when Sonny apologizes for not listening to her pleas to stop the cycle of violence. He begs Michael not to blame himself and now wants to atone by going to jail. Sonny asks Dante to take him in, but Jordan steps up and refuses to arrest him. She just wants to take him to the police station for questioning. Jason objects but Sonny won't listen to him. Although Sonny refuses to call his lawyer, Jason contacts Diane. Jordan advises Dante to spare himself and not to be present during Sonny's interview, but he wants to know the truth. Jason bribes himself into the interrogation room and urges Sonny to listen to him, because his hit on Julian did not cause Morgan's death. André approaches Carly with words of comfort and agrees to talk to her about what was going on with Morgan before he died. Carly finds it hard to leave the church, but Jax encourages her to go home for Josslyn's sake. Before giving Sonny's letter to Carly, Nelle opens the envelope, reads it, then reseals it.

Dillon continues to support and comfort Kiki during and after Morgan's funeral. She thanks him for being there for her as a friend. Ava asks Scott to get Morgan's lithium prescription bottle filled with placebos from Lucy. Happy that Ava will give him anything to get his hands on that bottle, Scott makes a date with Lucy, devising to ply her with champagne and caviar. Once everyone has left the church, Ava sneaks in and says goodbye to Morgan. When Valentin moves into Wyndemere, Laura quickly packs her bags and relocates to Lulu and Dante's house, refusing Kevin's offer to stay with him. Laura is perturbed by Valentin's suggestion that they will always be connected. Nina is entertaining Charlotte in her office with paper dolls when Valentin arrives to take his daughter home to Wyndemere, but Anna and Griffin show up to stop him. Griffin gets the DNA results and is unhappy to learn that Valentin is Charlotte's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

A drunken Travis goes to Michelle's hotel room and tells her that he is tired of dealing with Victoria's family and wants a relationship that isn't complicated. Travis and Michelle have sex. After a talk with Billy, Victoria apologizes to Travis and asks him to come home. Jack kisses Phyllis and then tells her that he will never kiss her again because she is going to New York. Phyllis tells Jack that she will go to New York if he admits he can't resist her, but Jack refuses to admit his feelings. Phyllis tells Jack she refuses the promotion and wants to stay at her current job. Jack argues with Phyllis; but after she reminds him that she can take half of Jabot, he agrees to let her keep her current job. Sharon asks Nick to let her host a birthday party for Christian that she and Dylan had already planned. Nick tells Sharon she must let Christian go. Chelsea tells Nick he should consider having the party as a way to heal his family.

Mariah agrees to continue working at GC Buzz to help Devon keep Hilary from getting too sensational in her reporting of stories. Mariah also agrees not to let Hilary know that she is really helping Devon keep her in line. Sharon decides to give GC Buzz an exclusive on her story if they pay her. Mariah calls Dylan to ask him to come down to the GC Buzz office and stop Sharon from making a big mistake.

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