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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Wyatt and Ivy that she is trying to ingratiate herself into the family but they are all bailing on her. Steffy tells Ridge that the show stopper is spectacular. He says maybe but they will never see it today. He did not make it for Quinn’s jewelry pass. But he tells Quinn that it will be a show to remember. Katie thanks Eric for inviting her to be his fashion show guest viewing partner. She brings a bottle of champagne and thanks him also for getting Will into the prep school. He tells Katie that Quinn is putting on a really great show. Maya rails into Sasha about her breaking up Nicole and Zende when she ran off to Hawaii and then ended up sleeping with Zende. They are arguing when Quinn comes by and says it is time for the jewelry pass they have never had on the runway before so they cannot be fighting. They must line up now. Charlie and Pam look smugly at each other; something is not quite right.

Quinn is unhappy and says it will be okay though when they get to the show stopper. Ridge says wrong. He thinks too much of that dress to parade it before all of them after the jewelry pass. Quinn begs Steffy just to put the show stopper gown on. It was made for her and Eric is watching and expecting it. The show was never meant to stop with the jewelry line. She panics and asks Ivy but she says she is too tall. It was fitted for Steffy. Wyatt walks up and asks Steffy to put it on. Ridge says oh the cavalry is here. That was a disaster out there and he has to think of long term and his dress is not going out there. While all look on in amazement Ivy announces the show stopper and Ridge is shocked that Quinn is wearing his lovely wedding gown. It’s a big hit. Ivy even announces the designer Ridge Forrester but he says he will not go out there. They tell him that he has to so he finally does and Quinn takes his hand and holds it up in triumph. He smiles but says he hates her; he hates everything about her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady called Kimberly to find out whatís going on with Theresa. Kim wasnít sure what to tell him. A mystery woman was spying on Chad and Gabi. Theresa and JJ ran into each other at the church and he wanted to be there for her. Brady begged Kim to return to Salem to help Theresa. Kim agreed to come back home. She didnít tell him that she was already in Salem. Victor tried to be there for Brady. JJ talked to Theresa about his situation with Gabi. Theresa advised JJ to tell Gabi the truth. She wanted to tell Brady the truth, but she couldnít. JJ decided to tell Gabi the truth. Victor told Brady that Theresa was drinking before. Brady thought that Victor knew more about Theresa than he was saying. Brady realized that everyone around him knew something that he didnít. When Brady walked away, Victor mentioned how Brady wasnít being paranoid.

Joey talked to Claire about Jade being obsessed with him. Later, Claire ran into Jade and tried to convince her to back off of Joey. Jade wasnít ready to give up on him. She knew they would be together for a long time. The woman continued to watch Chad and Gabi. Brady found Theresa at the chapel. The woman didnít want to watch Chad and Gabi anymore. Theresa yelled at Brady, but he was determined to help her. Jade didnít want to hear what Claire had to say. Theresa didnít want Bradyís help. Claire found Joey and advised him to be brutal with Jade about not wanting to be with her anymore. Brady wanted to marry Theresa. She slapped him and ran out of the chapel. Joey found Jade and wanted to talk to her. He didnít think they should be together anymore. Jade told him that she was pregnant. Brady prayed for help with Theresa. Theresa took pills and drank alcohol. She was about to use cocaine. JJ told Gabi that he cheated on her. The woman got inside DiMera mansion and went towards Thomas.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the hospital, Franco finds out that the man who raped Elizabeth years ago is out on parole, back in town and there's nothing she can do about it. At that point, he gets on the hospital computer to find out where the guy would be right now, gets on the phone to inform his brother that he is the Tom's parole officer and gets their address in Port Charles. Elizabeth has to rush off and assist when Finn and Laura rush Hayden into the hospital after finding out she's fatally sick after being exposed to the pathogen from his lab research. They manage to stabilize Hayden. Tracy rushes in and warns Finn that although she does not want to prevent him from treating Hayden, the hospital might have to take action and suspend his lab privileges after Brad and Obrecht reported him to Monica for the unsafe conditions. At that point, Tracy arranges to let Finn treat Hayden at the Quartermaine house.

Morgan's memorial service starts and everyone is upset. Kristina confronts Carly for bringing Jax because it hurts Sonny when he needs her. Carly continues to avoid Sonny who will not give his gun to Jax. Kiki enters, feeling as though she cannot refuse to attend yet is not comfortable being seen by Carly and the others who blame her for abandoning Morgan. Michael speaks about how people abandoned and failed to be there for Morgan, yet his brother still never lost his loyalty to anyone, even those who hurt him. At that point, Kiki rushes out the door not knowing whether to stay or leave. Dillon is there and comforts her, not willing to give up and makes sure she is ok. Meanwhile, Jason and Max find out from the hitman that he did not plant the bomb in Julian's car after Sonny called off the hit, so someone else did it. Jason rushes to the funeral but won't say anything to Sonny until he has proof. At the end of the service, Sonny announces that he is responsible for what happened to his son and there's only one way that Morgan can have peace, as he pulls out his gun and stares at it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is in his office at Jabot when Phyllis walks in and tells him about the Jabot app and how it will aid Jabot. Jack watches Phyllis as she talks, looking at her eyes and watching her lips. Phyllis leaves his office and sees Serena in the outer office who wants to see Jack. Serena asks Jack about Phyllis being in his office and wants an exclusive story. Phyllis runs into Ashley in the outer office who reminds her how she has ruined things for herself and Jack. Noah is behind the bar at the Underground when a reporter walks in and orders a drink. The reporter immediately starts to ask Noah about Sharon keeping Christian from him all this time. Noah refuses to give a statement and orders him out. Summer joins Phyllis in her office and wants to talk about Christian being with Nick and how odd it seems to see him there. Victoria and Billy have lunch at the Athletic Club and for once they are not screaming at each other. Jack lets Serena know that Phyllis being here is part of the divorce settlement.

Travis runs into Michelle in Chancellor Park and wants to know what she is doing here or is she checking up on him. Billy notices Victoria's mood and wonders what has happened. Victoria looks at her cell phone and tells Billy they are headed for trouble. Travis walks in and sees Victoria and Billy together. Travis lashes out that he is always having to deal with Victor and Billy. Victoria defends Billy by telling him that they were planning Katherine's birthday party. Victoria gets her phone and calls Travis a cab because she doesn't want him around Johnny and Katherine. Billy starts to leave but Victoria asks him to stay. Phyllis lashes out at Jack for wanting to send her to New York to work, and she blames it all on Ashley. Jack tells her that this is all his idea. Jack grabs her and kisses her.

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