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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Zende is stunned when Nicole says she changed her mind and she did not go through with the procedure so she is not pregnant. She says she did it for him; she did not want to lose him. He thanks her and says this is a win/win for all of them. Maya and Rick will find another way to have a baby and the two of them can continue like they were before all of this happened. She is livid that he thinks they can pick up as if nothing happened and he did not sleep with her sister again. Quinn tells Steffy that yes she would like to keep her as a daughter-in-law but she wants to keep peace within the company and that is her main objective. Eric tells Katie that he can do a lot better than a letter in her quest to get Katie’s son in prep school. He calls the school immediately and tells Katie that is all there is to it; Will is in. Pam and Charlie assure everyone that for riff raff to get in they will have to get past him. Wyatt tells them that his mother is with Steffy and he feels there is a little drama going on. Quinn says Ridge is a no show so they have improvised and have some plain black dresses. Pam objects that this is not a jewelry show. Quinn says it will be lovely and Eric has approved. They are aghast when Quinn says she will be making the introductions herself.

Quinn tells Wyatt that she wishes Steffy was more supportive but guess she is lucky that she talked to her at all. Pam catches Quinn alone and says Stephanie is not happy with her. They talk to her every night and it should be Ridge making the introductions, not Quinn. She cannot infiltrate the business like this and Pam will not allow it. Quinn says Pam is the nutty one so just carry on, she has a fashion show to run. Pam tells Charlie that they are going to take care of Quinn Fuller once and for all. Nicole tells Zende that she does love him but she cannot get that image out of her head and she cannot be with him now. He says he knows he messed up but they can fix this. She walks off anyway. Eric asks Katie where she is staying now and says she can come by any time she needs her spirits lifted. Wyatt sees Steffy favoring her ring finger and says he knows it hurts. She tells him yes for now but she could easily recommend her doctor. Then she says this could have been so different if his mom was gone. Quinn is in the showroom and begs someone to go back and turn the lights on. Suddenly Pam jumps out of the shadows.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady tried to get through to Theresa, but she didnít want to hear it. She left to take a shower. While she was gone, Brady found the drugs she planted in her bag. JJ was upset about what he did to Gabi. Jennifer told him that he would feel better if he talked to Gabi. Chad was on his way to Jenniferís place and dropped Thomasí toy. A woman picked it up and followed him. Theresa and Brady argued over her behavior. She tried to make Brady think that she was using the pills and that she didnít care about Tate. Brady didnít want to believe she was back to her old self. Theo was upset with Valerie, but Abe wanted him to apologize to her. Valerie understood Theoís behavior and wanted to make things right with him. Andre talked to Laura about finding Abby. Gabi had a surprise party for JJ. Brady flushed Theresaís drugs down the toilet. Theresa showed Brady everything else in her bag. Brady was determined to stay by her side. She told Brady that she was high when she made her vows to him. She left the room.

Kayla offered Valerie a position at the hospital. Valerie was happy with her life in Washington. Kayla wanted her to change her mind about taking the job. Theo expressed to Claire how much he doesnít trust Valerie. Claire thought Theo should do something to keep Valerie away from Abe. Kayla thought Valerie could be with Abe, but she didnít want to be with him. Chad and Gabi told JJ about what happened with Bradley. Chad needed Gabi to go with him to talk to Bradley so she had to leave the party. Brady overheard Theresaís conversation with Tate and wanted her to go to rehab. Theo went in Abeís room and ran into Valerie. She assured Theo that he would be why Abe would be better. Vicky and Gabi argued about Chad again. Theresa talked to Kimberly about what she did to Brady. Kimberly advised her to tell Brady the truth, but she couldnít do it. Theo overheard Valerie say that she was in New York. He was determined to find out why she lied. Andre called someone to find out Abbyís location. A woman watched Chad and Gabi hug each other. Brady called Kimberly about Theresa. She thought there was something that he should know.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

On the morning of Morgan's funeral, Jax wakes Carly up. She really appreciates his support and admits to him that she regrets trusting and getting back with Sonny and should have listened to Jax to protect her children. He asks if she does not still love Sonny, to which she declares she cannot be with her husband since whenever she sees him, it only reminds her of the tragic mistake and loss which they are both responsible for. Nelle goes to Sonny's house to pick up some dresses for Carly. She sees how upset he is and tries to talk to him, but he's not in the mood. Before she leaves, he gives her an envelope for Carly and makes her promise not to deliver it until after the funeral. Back at Carly's house, Nelle smiles thinking about how her boss' life is going to get even worse. Kristina goes to talk to her father, assuring him that what happened to Morgan was not his fault and he had no choice but to go after Julian. At the church, Kristina is not happy when Carly walks in on Jax's arm and confronts her about abandoning Sonny in his time of need. Jax expresses his condolences to Sonny. While they hug, he feels a gun in his paints and asks him about it. Sonny just glares at him.

Finn finally finds Hayden at Wyndemere and examines her. He can see that she's been infected and needs to go to the hospital immediately because she's septic. At the hospital, Brad expresses to Elizabeth his concerns about the dangerous pathogen Finn is messing with in the lab while doing his experiment. When he finds a vial of the synthetic opiod Zen-Zen in Finn's lab, Elizabeth thinks Finn is an addict. Dr. Obrecht overhears and relishes having an opportunity to get rid of Finn now that she has proof, so she calls Monica and informs her. Franco is upset when Elizabeth tells him that she feels safe with Jason and thinks she doesn't feel the same about him. Dr. Obrecht counsels Franco to express his feelings with Elizabeth, but he can't. Elizabeth finds out that her rapist is being released on parole despite her feelings. Franco declares he will take matters into his own hands. Sam finds an almost empty bottle of wine and asks her mother if she was drinking while watching Danny. Alexis continues to hide her drinking problem from Sam by blaming Laura for needing alcohol to deal with Valentin Cassadine getting all of Spencer's inheritance but admits her life is extremely overwhelming right now. They agree to discuss the issue after the funeral and leave.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary ran a story about Christian, in which she criticized Sharon. Mariah confronted Hilary and defended her mom. Abby talked to Victor about Christian. She was disgusted with Sharon and worried about the media going after her family. Victor called Devon and threatened to sue. Ultimately, they struck a deal – GC Buzz could go after Sharon, but they had to leave Nick and Christian out of it. Hilary and Devon butted heads because she ran the story without vetting it. Hilary said she had potential sources, and she predicted that this story would launch GC Buzz. Devon kissed her. Hilary unsuccessfully tried to convince Mariah to give an interview about Sharon's side of the story. Mariah decided to quit. Devon told Mariah that he loved Hilary's fearlessness, but he thought she needed someone to keep her from being rash. Devon asked Mariah to stay on and help Hilary stay on the straight and narrow. Victoria visited with Nick and Christian. Victoria confided that things weren't so good with her and Travis, because she felt torn between Travis and Victor. Billy and Travis clashed over Victoria. Travis accused Billy of being in love with Victoria and trying to cause trouble. Billy said that Travis would never be the center of Victoria's universe because she'd always be pulled toward the Newmans. Billy assumed Travis and Victoria would eventually marry. Travis told Billy not to assume anything. Travis said he and Victoria were in a good place and there was nothing Billy could do about it.

Lily, Billy and Victoria talked Cane out of postponing his ACL surgery. They assured him that they could handle Brash and Sassy while he recovered. Victoria and Billy had a spat when mentioned that he talked to Travis about her. Travis told Abby that it was hypocritical of the Newmans to cultivate their celebrity, then get angry when their privacy was violated. Abby and Victor told Travis to keep his opinion to himself. Michelle came to town and visited Ashley. Michelle revealed that she was getting a divorce. Michelle said she'd moved on from Travis and was glad he'd found happiness with Victoria. Abby met with Ashley and told her about Christian. Abby also predicted that Victoria and Travis were headed for trouble, due to Victor. Summer and Noah visited Nick. The siblings argued about Sharon's lie until Nick put a stop to it. Victor came by and condemned Sharon for lying. Noah accused his grandfather of hypocrisy. Nick asked Victor not to forget that Sharon was Faith and Noah's mother. Victor thought that Nick might understand Victor's actions more, now that he had Christian back. Nick admitted he'd learned a lot in the past few days. Travis and Victoria bickered – she accused him of not wanting to be a part of the Newman family, and she told Travis he was no better than Billy. Travis stormed off after saying he refused to be in Victor or Billy's shadow. Billy eavesdropped on their argument. Lily and Cane shared a close moment before he was wheeled into the operating room. They made plans to take a moonlight walk once he was on his feet again. Travis was shocked when he ran into Michelle at the park. Victoria turned down Billy's offer to buy her lunch. He suggested they bet on it and that she go if a quarter he flipped came up heads. After Billy won, he made Victoria laugh by admitting he'd used a two headed quarter.

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