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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric gives Quinn a kiss for good luck. Steffy has one more session with her doctor to remove her tattoo wedding band. Sasha finds Zende distracted when he keeps trying to contact Nicole but gets no reply. He says it is his own damn fault, but Sasha gives him a break by saying Nicole saw both of them in that bed. Steffy is still in Quinn’s office when she comes in and notices Steffy’s finger and asks if she hurt herself. Steffy says yes a long time ago because of Quinn but now she is taking care of it. Quinn questions if it isn’t a little too soon, but at least it gives Steffy closure. And it won’t be an issue between the two of them. Steffy says she still has other issues with Quinn. Quinn says she is following Eric’s wishes so she is not going to step away from the CEO position. Then Quinn surprises Steffy by saying they could compromise as she really could use her help. As they discuss their current lives Eric tells Katie that things were going okay until Quinn came into his life and blew him away. He bets Katie would be open to another guy in her life. She says sure, you never know. Then she gets to the second reason besides checking up on him. She wants to put Will in school and Bill is not liked by the administrator and she realized that all the Forrester kids had gone to this Prep school. Eric says say no more, he can help.

Maya knows that Nicole is very down and asks if things did not go the way she expected with Zende. Nicole fills her in on what she saw on the plane. She never got the chance to tell Zende that she did not get the procedure. Steffy wants to know what the catch is for Quinn. She says none, she does not joke about her husband’s company. She just wanted Steffy to feel comfortable and hopes the others would fall in line when they see how they are now unified. This is not a stipulation that she stay with Wyatt. She thinks she is too smart to marry Liam but if that is what she wants to do…..She just wants to keep the company at peace and on track as she will only be here until Eric comes back. Ridge is fighting her at every turn and she is sure soon it will be Rick, Thomas and Brooke. She says Steffy is the future of FC and she could really use her support. Steffy says nice pitch but she knows she just wants to keep her as her daughter-in-law. Quinn says that is part of it but she really wants to unify the family and Steffy could help there. Zende finally catches up with Nicole who tries to avoid him but she tells him she is not avoiding him; she just has a lot to do. He says he messed up. He could not stand the thought of her having another baby that wasn’t his. She says she was wrong too. She should have told him but this thing with her own sister again is too much. He had told her that nothing happened in Hawaii yet here she found them in bed. He said that hurt him too, her staring back at him. And it did not matter if he was in Hawaii or even here in LA as she went to the doctor and had the procedure without him. He was not part of her life. And he won’t be for another mine months while she carries that baby. She says no, she won’t be carrying another baby. She did not go through with the procedure. She changed her mind for him and that was why she came to the plane to tell him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe went to see André about the deal he made with Hope. André was surprised that Rafe knew about it. Marlena saw Hope at the station and let her know that she and John were there for her. Theresa met with Shane and told him what she did to Brady. Mateo ended up texting her. André assured Rafe that Hope would pay for what she did. Sonny talked to Justin about the way he treated Adrienne. Sonny realized that Justin was still in love with Adrienne. Kate tried to convince André to be more forgiving towards Hope. Brady left a message for Theresa about her behavior. Theresa was shocked when Mateo snuck up on her. Theresa begged Mateo to leave her alone, but he wanted to be with her. Mateo said he was going to rule the world and needed his queen. She told him that she needed more time to convince Brady that she didn’t love him anymore. Justin denied being in love with Adrienne. Justin talked to Sonny about Eduardo’s deal with Deimos. Justin wanted Sonny to hire someone to watch the docks. Sonny saw Paul and Derrick at the town square.

André ran into Marlena at the police station. They had a tense conversation about Hope and Orpheus before he walked off. André went to see Hope. Hope wanted to get an answer about whether he would keep Rafe and Roman out of her mess. If Hope took legal responsibility for what she did, he would keep them out of it. He didn’t want to take the risk of none of them being punished for what happened. André would let the judge determine her punishment. Brady talked to Marlena about Theresa’s behavior. Marlena advised Brady to give her time to get over what she’s been through. Sonny saw Paul and Derrick together and decided to ask him to work with him. Paul wondered if that was a good idea for them to work together. Paul wanted time to think about it. Brady found Theresa and she lied about where he was. Brady wanted to take Theresa and Tate on vacation. Theresa walked out of the room. Brady found the pills she planted in the room. Hope told Justin and Rafe about her conversation with André. Shane met with Steve and they talked about helping Hope. Hope came back from her arraignment and realized she could get the death penalty.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Finn is horrified and afraid Hayden's life could be in danger when he notices she's stepped in the liquid pathogen he spilled on the lab floor and appears to have gotten it on her hands. He notices she has a paper cut which means the pathogen that caused his disease could have entered her body. He demands she takes drastic medical action, but when his back is turned, she flees to Wyndemere. When she's alone in the living room, she is sweating, breathing heavily, and falls to the floor behind the couch. Alexis falls asleep on her couch while Danny watches a video and burns the cookies she is baking with her grandson. She's awakened by the smoke alarm and is able to extinguish the fire without anyone being hurt, but Danny is traumatized by the event. Alexis puts Danny to bed when Laura comes by. Alexis tells her that the legal documents drawn up do, in fact, name Valentin as the sole heir to Mikkos' estate. Laura decides to move out of Wyndemere immediately and cries because her son died for nothing. Alexis assures her he died in a brave attempt to save another life.

Carly and Michael get ready for Morgan's memorial service. Jax pays them a surprise visit and wants to be there for the family, remembering how he got to be very close to his former stepson. Nelle notices him hugging Carly. Michael again tells Nelle that he feels responsible for his brother's downward spiral and death. Sonny runs into Carly at the church. When they argue, Griffin tries to intercede by assuring her that Sonny did call off the hit, but Carly doesn't think it makes any difference since her son is dead. Sonny admits to Griffin how distraught and hopeless he feels about Morgan's death and the fact that he blames himself. Griffin shares with Sonny that due to circumstances in his own life, he might return to the priesthood. He's worried, though, when Sonny asks him to take care of his family after the funeral. While Nathan is with Maxie, he gets a letter from Claudette's mother that she is missing and lied about her daughter's paternity to keep her away from her father, Valentin Cassadine. They are both worried and Maxie urges Nathan to fight Valentin, so he cannot have custody of Charlotte. Valentin runs into Nina at the Metro Court bar and tells her that he is Charlotte's father. When she asks him why she should believe or trust anything he says, he asks if she wants to merely listen to negative gossip about him or find out who he really is, and assures her that he loves and would never let any harm come to his daughter.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Dylan tells Paul that Sully is really Christian and later Paul asks Nick to allow Dylan to remain a part of Christian's life. Nick tells Nikki the whole story and she wants to make Sharon pay for hurting both him and Dylan, but Nick asks her to leave Sharon alone. Nikki goes to talk to Victor and tells him about Christian. She is surprised that Victor agrees with Nick that she shouldn't go after Sharon. Hilary researches Dr. Anderson and later goes to visit Patty. When Patty assumes that Hilary is her new lawyer, Hilary questions her about her secret and Patty tells her the whole story. Victor tells Devon that he will drop the lawsuit if he puts the interview with Curtis Fielding on the air. Mariah almost goes on the air with the story because Devon can't find Hilary, and then Hilary arrives seconds before air time. Hilary tells Devon that she was working on a big story about Dr. Anderson and a baby. Mariah overhears Hilary talking to Devon about her big story.

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