Tuesday 11/8/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/8/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Alison tells Bill that the silence is killing her. He should have heard from Brooke by now. He reminds her that it was he that left Brooke at the altar but she will eventually be his wife. Katie stops in on Brooke and she says she still wants Bill as her husband but RJ is standing in the way right now. She wants to right that first. Katie says there is no drama in her life and well…..some things never change. Brooke has two men fighting over her and she can pick who she chooses while Katie reads a book. Brooke laughs that she has always needed a man in her life but she has always wanted to be more like Katie so self sufficient. Katie says now she is back in the game. Bill walks in so Katie leaves. He tells her that he is still pretty pissed that Ridge interrupted their wedding. Brooke says she did not invite Ridge in to do that. It was Bill that left her at the altar. Quinn corrects Ridge. It is not Quinn Fuller….it is now Quinn Forrester. She informs them she wants to go over the fashion show. Ridge finds that hard to believe that she would know anything about fashion. And he points to Wyatt and says he knows nothing about this business so he does not know why he is even here. Quinn says again she thinks Ridge needs to hear her thoughts. She says she wants to highlight the jewelry again as its own commodity. It will be a small part of the show, not focusing on it. He thinks it is the worst idea he has heard. And no he is not going to design for it.

Bill tells Brooke that while he left her at the altar, it was she that left him downstairs while he was cooling his jet. He has a plan now. No wedding ceremony. They will start over and he will fire up his jet and they will run off and get married. Quinn says then she wants to be sure they are on the same page. Is Ridge refusing to design for her. She calls for a vote and Wyatt makes it in her favor. Ridge finds that hilarious. He thinks it is asinine and will not be able to look at people and keep a straight face. She asks the others to leave and wants to speak to Ridge. She tells him she knows he does not like her here but he can hold his nose and go along. He tells her he appreciates her sitting in that chair and keeping it warm but he will be back in it soon. She soon will just be another bad chapter in his dad’s life of failed relationships. There is only one love of his life and she is not here. Bill tells Brooke that he is only going to ask her one more time……does she still have feelings for Ridge. She says her love for Bill has never wavered but she can’t answer the question of how she feels about Ridge. Bill says they have waited long enough…..he has waited long enough so he leaves and Ridge just happens to walk into her office the next instant. She tells him Bill came to whisk her away and Ridge wants to know why then is she still here. She says they both left each other at the altar and it was Ridge’s fault. He says he is not apologizing. And if Bill is pressuring her just let him know. Maybe that is why Bill just rushed out. Maybe she will change her mind and come back to him and RJ and they will be a family again. He informs her that RJ wants a steak tonight and since Quinn is still at the mansion he expects to do it in Brooke’s kitchen, so be ready tonight. Quinn tells Wyatt that Ridge can be gruff at times but she too can be relentless so they should all hang in there. She practices her little speech which Wyatt tells her she must make….Ridge is spying behind the curtain.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

André overheard Steve and Kayla talking about Hope getting away with killing Stefano. André thought they were being hypocrites because they believed that Hope was innocent. Vicky was suspicious of Gabi kissing Chad. Gabi lied and said they were seeing each other in private. Theresa pretended to be drunk and so Brady would think she changed back to her old ways. Brady was confused by her behavior. Jennifer advised JJ to tell Gabi the truth, but he didn’t want to lose her. Bradley overheard Vicky tell Chad and Gabi that she couldn’t tell him about them. He demanded to know what they were discussing so Vicky told him that they were a couple. Brady agreed that Theresa couldn’t have fun since he was hurt. He wanted to make things up to her, but she didn’t want to hear it. She told him she was bored with him. She wanted to feel alive again and left the mansion. Bradley and Vicky grilled Chad and Gabi about their relationship. Vicky slipped her foot up Chad’s leg under the table.

Steve proposed to Kayla and she said yes. Jennifer told JJ about buying the Spectator and how she fell in love with Jack there. JJ was determined to have that type of love with Gabi. Bradley left the table so Chad and Gabi warned Vicky to stop flirting with him. Gabi threatened to tell Bradley that Vicky flirts with his clients if she didn’t leave Chad alone. Bradley came back to the table and gave Chad his decision. He decided to be an investor at DiMera Enterprises. Brady talked to Victor about Theresa’s behavior. Chad told André about how Gabi helped him close the deal with Bradley. Steve took Kayla to ha hotel for a romantic evening. Brady continued to confide in Victor about Theresa. Victor apologized to Brady about what Theresa’s doing to him. He gave Brady a hug. André called Laura to find out if she’s taking care of Abby. Laura told him that Abby was gone.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Finn is back in the GH lab obsessed about completing his research and finding a cure for the disease that killed his wife and is now killing him. He is determined to stop at nothing until it's done while he reports that he's been trying and failing. He's mixing and heating liquid chemical compounds when Brad Cooper enters the lab and asks if he's doing something potentially dangerous. When Finn admits that he is, Brad goes to find Tracy and expresses his concerns, stating that if she allows Finn to continue with this, he cannot go near the lab for fear of exposing himself to the pathogens Finn is using, which could risk his life. Hayden is nearby trying to get the hospital's budget back on track although Tracy is worried about the debt that could make her family's hospital have to close down. At the Metro Court, Julian meets with Curtis reminding him he is paying him to find out if Sonny tried to kill him by placing the bomb in his car. When the bartender refuses to serve Julian, on Carly's orders, Curtis defuses the situation by ordering Julian's drink for him. Alexis and Diane are meeting nearby after Valentin has shown Alexis the legal documents naming him the sole heir of the Cassadine estate after Nikolas' death. Diane confirms that it appears Alexis' and Valentin's mutual father left everything to his son and none to her. She is very upset to hear that and further rattled when she notices Julian not far away. Alexis takes a cab home and acts like everything is ok while with Danny, baking cookies with her grandson while continuing drinking. While Danny watches a video, she passes out on the couch and is awakened by the smoke alarm after the cookies burned. In a panic, she rushes to find Danny in the smoke-filled kitchen. Hayden goes looking for Finn in the lab after he's broken a beaker on the floor. When he returns with the cleaning supplies, he notices that she's stepped in it and may have gotten it on her hands. He is horrified and inspects her hands for any open wounds. Earlier she'd gotten a paper cut. After Curtis leaves Julian at the bar, one of the hospital board members joins him confirming that he knows all too well that nothing short of a miracle will get GH out from under their financial debt. And at that point, they confirm they are in on a real estate deal to buy out the property and convert it into luxury condos.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Chelsea bring Christian home for good. Chelsea keeps quiet about him being Adam's son. Dylan goes into Sully's room and begins to pack up all of his things, but Sharon tries to stop him. Dylan tells her to go back downstairs if she isn't going to help. Faith yells for Sharon. At GC Buzz, Hilary gets the lead on a new story involving Newman Enterprises. Devon walks up and asks what she is doing. Hilary tells him about the story, but Devon puts a lid on it and won't allow to let it be published. Sharon and Dylan begin to explain things to Faith about Sully not really being theirs but Nick's and Sage's. Nick marvels at Christian and the fact that he is really alive. Hilary tries to get Devon to change his mind about the story but he refuses. Faith gets so upset over the fact that Sully is really Christian that she runs out to go and see Nick. Dylan also leaves Sharon alone. Kevin and Chloe have a talk about Sharon and what Mariah has been hiding from him. Kevin begs Chloe to open up to him and let him know the truth about what is going on. Chloe tells him all about Sharon and what she has been hiding. Kevin hurries out to talk to Mariah. Dylan goes to the batting range to hit some balls. Kevin visits Mariah at GC Buzz to confront her about what's going on. Hilary watches them but cannot hear what they are saying. Faith asks Nick if he hates Sharon for what she did, but he says that he cannot ever hate Sharon.

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