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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy moves into Liam’s and they toast to the occasion of her being a free woman. He tells her that although they are very good at this getting back together perhaps this time they should just skip that and focus on staying together. They remember their first kiss and times together. Nicole tells Maya and Rick that she feels badly that she promised them a baby and now she is backing out. She really loves Zende and she knows she should have told him her decision first. He is in Hawaii with Sasha but she hopes he is heading home and will understand. There has been no word from him and she does not know how he could do that just run away with Sasha….even though he said they have not slept together.

Sasha convinces Zende to at least try to go lie down and rest even if he cannot sleep. She peeks in later on him shirtless, and she cannot resist. She goes to him and kisses him and he awakes and wants her too. Nicole rushes off to meet Zende at the plane. She comes abroad and the captain says he and Sasha have not departed yet. She sees a closed door, no Sasha or Zende in sight so of course she cannot help herself and she opens the door. After lovemaking Steffy tells Liam this is where she knows she belongs. Maya tells Rick that Zende is not acting like himself right now but she thinks Nicole and Zende belong together. Nicole is shocked and disappointed when she finds Sasha and Zende all wrapped up in the tangled sheets on the bed. She rushes out with him right behind trying to explain. He thought she had the procedure and would be home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ was home from the hospital. Jennifer asked him what he meant when he was apologizing at the hospital. Nicole, Chloe, and Deimos were at the doctor's office waiting for the paternity test results. JJ tried to downplay what he said while he was in a coma, but Jennifer didn't believe him. JJ finally confessed that he cheated on Gabi. JJ explained when he cheated on Gabi. Nicole wanted Chloe to tell her about the father of her baby. Nicole reminded Chloe that Deimos wanted to be a father and that he's changed. Chloe wanted to know if Nicole loved him. Chloe tried to convince Nicole that he hasn't changed, but she didn't believe it. Deimos found out that he's not the father of Chloe's baby. Deimos felt sorry for the baby and the father because Chloe wasn't going to let them spend time together. Deimos asked Nicole to go with him and she left the office with him. Chloe called Philip so he could meet her.

Jennifer tried to make JJ feel better about what he did to Gabi. She thought he should tell the truth. Chad and Gabi met with Bradley and his wife Vicky for a business lunch. Vicky seemed too interested in Chad's personal life. Nicole told Deimos about the argument she had with Chloe about him. Deimos loved the fact that Nicole chose him. Philip met Chloe because she needed his advice. Chloe told Philip that Nicole is the mother of the baby she's carrying. Jennifer told JJ that he should tell Gabi what he did. She was convince they could work things out. JJ didn't think he deserved a woman like Gabi. Bradley suggested that Chad and Gabi spend the weekend with him and Vicky. Vicky got Bradley out of the room so she could be alone with Chad. She started flirting with him. Deimos believed he could be with a woman he could trust (Nicole). He was lucky to have her. Deimos apologized to Nicole for hurting her. Chloe told Philip about the arrangement she made with Nicole and Daniel. She explained how she was able to get pregnant after all. Chloe contemplated keeping the baby from Nicole. Philip told her that Nicole was the mother. Deimos wanted Nicole to trust him. Philip thought Chloe should tell Nicole the truth. Chloe asked Philip to keep her secret. Philip admitted to Chloe that he fell in love with her again. Vicky told Chad that he had to be with her or he had to find another investor. Gabi told her that Chad belongs to her and she kissed him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After exchanging heated words with Curtis, Jordan tells André that he is interfering in a police investigation and never misses a chance to push her buttons and upset her. André doesn't like how Curtis diminishes her and assures her she's pretty great just as she is. While she gets her coat to go to dinner, André answers her phone and tells Curtis to leave Jordan alone. Jason confronts Pete in the parking lot and asks why he left Julian's car unattended with the keys right before Morgan got in it and it exploded. Before Pete has a chance to answer, someone shoots and kills him right in front of Jason. He ducks and doesn't see the culprit. He then calls 911 for an ambulance and wastes no time removing Pete's phone out of his pocket. Curtis comes along and catches Jason red-handed and makes a deal that he will not report him if Jason shares with him what's on the phone.

Carly goes to show Sonny all of the entries in Morgan's diary, which indicate to her that their son always took his meds but something in late August, they stopped working. Sonny still believes that the only explanation was their son chose not to take the meds. yet she believes otherwise. Sonny goes upstairs and only finds one medication in Morgan's room, the lithium is missing. Ava gets an anonymous text informing her that "someone" saw what she did to Morgan. She finds out it was Lucy Coe who saw her leave Sonny and Carly's home and throw Morgan's meds in the trash not long ago, and she shows Ava the proof she has in her pocket of the bottle with Morgan's name. Lucy concludes that Ava had gotten back with Morgan and wants to tell his parents, but Ava urges her not to hurt them again, because it would also hurt Kiki too much. Lucy agrees not to inform Sonny and Carly. However, she will keep the bottle in her possession just in case. She also suggests to Ava that if Lucy saw what she did, someone else may have also.

While eating some of Rocco's Halloween candy, Dante returns Lulu's engagement ring to her and asks her to marry him again. She happily agrees. Elizabeth and Franco are happily together while she shows him her art and starts to do a portrait of him. Just as they're going upstairs, she receives a call that her rapist is up for parole and she must write a victim impact statement before the morning. As she sits at her laptop crying, Franco hugs her. Valentin sees Griffin, Anna and Charlotte in the Metro Court restaurant and drops the bombshell upon them that he is Charlotte's father. They do not want to believe it but he shows them the birth certificate and is ready to run a DNA test to prove it. Charlotte indicates that she knows and is very close to Valentin and neither Anna nor Griffin know what to say or do and are both very worried.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane tears a ligament in his knee playing basketball with his twins and must have surgery; but without Lily's knowledge, he tells Stitch that he can't have surgery now because he can't take time off work. Ashley launches a new app called Jabot Go that allows customers to see how makeup will look on them before they buy it. Chelsea thinks that they should tell Nick that Adam is Christian's father, but Victor persuades her not to say anything, because Adam wanted Nick to raise Christian. Victor persuades Curtis Fielding to tell GC Buzz he was the mole that passed the show false information, and everyone is shocked. Dylan wants to share custody of Christian, but Nick tells Dylan and Sharon that if they don't let him take Christian home, he will call the police and accuse them of kidnapping. Dylan and Sharon say an emotional goodbye to Christian.

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