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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick and Maya hug and he says this is really happening. He is ready for his part in the procedure. Sasha tells Zende that she has not given up on him yet. There is something special coming up tonight here in Hawaii. Sadly he says he can’t. He has to get back to LA tonight. He tells her that he knows it is not fair to her and he is crazy but he cannot stay here moping over Nicole. She says he is crazy if he thinks he can leave her here all alone. Nothing this good is worth separating from him so she will be returning with him. But Hawaii has not seen the last of her. The doctor gives Steffy some instructions and tells her to stay out of the sun as much as possible and he will see her on her next visit. She tells Liam that she is erasing this ring as well as her marriage to Wyatt. He makes her sit down and insists on her drinking more water like the doctor said. She keeps wanting to talk about Wyatt. He says it was as much his fault as he made her think he did not want her in his life anymore. Now he wants to get her home and her leave one home and into his. Zende tells Sasha maybe there is still hope. Maybe Nicole has changed her mind, but they do need to go back to LA. Then Maya posts and Sasha tells Zende that the procedure will begin soon. Nicole tells Maya that she keeps hoping this whole Hawaii thing is a joke and when she has another baby that Zende will be there like he was for her first.

Nothing Sasha can do will cheer Zende up. He says there must be something wrong with him if he cannot see the goodness in all of this. Liam drags in boxes and boxes of Steffy’s stuff. He’s pretty excited as this is her house. He announces this to the house…, this is Steffy….patio this is Steffy, neighbors this is Steffy. She’s back! As the procedure is about to begin Nicole suddenly says she cannot do this. She cannot lose Zende. It is wrong and she should not have let it get this far. Maya says no need to apologize; they understand. She needs to call Zende as soon as possible and let him know. Sasha tells Zende that Nicole signed up for this as she thinks it is a gift. Nicole is a saint but they cannot all feel that way. And if she will ask this of him what else might she ask. She is taking him for granted. And if he were her man she would be thanking him every damn day of her life. She kisses him…..and then again. Nicole calls Zende but only gets voice mail. She says she has a lot to tell him so just call as soon as he can. Liam drags Steffy back into the house after telling the sand that Steffy is home and now he is going to put a real ring on her finger.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kimberly met Theresa at the pub. She wanted Theresa to go through with Shaneís plan and leave town. Kimberly thought Brady would understand if she did Shaneís plan. Deimos wanted to make things right with Nicole. Nicole talked to Chloe and Chloe wanted to meet with her at a cafť. Deimos overheard Nicoleís conversation and demanded to know how long he was talking to her. Nicole let Deimos know that Chloe wasnít having his baby. Deimos wanted to go with Nicole to meet with Chloe. Theresa told Shane and Kimberly that Mateo got to Tate. She told them how he left his calling card in his stroller. She decided to give Mateo what he wants and go back to him. Ciara went to see Hope at the station. She wanted to know why Hope killed Stefano. Rafe tried to defend Hope, but Ciara didnít want to hear what he had to say. Rafe left and Hope told Ciara that she had no excuse for what she did.

Ciara threw up in Hopeís face how she expected her to live the straight and narrow, but she was a murderer. Hope explained how she felt after Bo died and that Stefano taunted her before she killed him. Theresa told her parents how she planned on being with Mateo. She wanted to take Mateo down. Ciara decided to forgive Hope and wanted to stand by her. Chloe was upset with Nicole for bringing Deimos with her. Nicole knew that she was hiding from Deimos so she didnít understand why she brought him. Deimos told Chloe he wanted another paternity test done. Ciara thought that Hope could use what Stefano did to her as a defense. Hope believed that Justin would help her. Kimberly wanted to help Theresa, but she was afraid that she would have to sleep with Mateo. Theresa was hoping that she didnít have to do that. She thought she would be able to bring down the cartel by being with him. Shane didnít want her to do that. Theresa had to convince everyone that sheís back to her old ways so she could be with him without Brady going after Mateo. Nicole thought everything would be okay, but Chloe didnít agree with her. Deimos wanted to make sure that the paternity test was done right this time.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nelle uncovers a private diary of Morgan's and brings it to Carly who is fascinated to read and discover her deceased son's thoughts, feelings and actions before he died. They both attentively notice Morgan had expressed his interest, desire and full intent to live a positive life, take his meds and accept responsibility for his situation and what he needed to do realizing he was bi polar. Carly remembers that her son was taking the correct dose of the correct meds right up until a certain point, which she is unaware and is then certain he never stopped taking them. She concludes the only possible cause of Morgan losing it shortly before he died was that the dosage was somehow incorrect without his knowing. Meanwhile, Ava meets with Kiki and encourages her daughter not to be intimidated or feel unwelcome at Morgan's funeral or with working for Carly at The Metro Court, nor should Kiki blame herself for what happened to Morgan. She remembers what she did to mess with Morgan's meds while she urges Kiki not to believe she did anything wrong. Right when Carly and Nelle conclude that Morgan was not refusing to take his meds and there's only one explanation for what caused his negative behavior before he died, Ava is alone and notices an incoming text on her phone from an unidentified source that says: "I know what you did to Morgan. I am onto you." She is horrified to learn that somebody may know her secret. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam go to find the guy whom Julian hired to drive his car and who left it unattended with the keys so that Morgan was able to steal it. Jason knows that something does not add up, given that this guy was so careless and the fact that Sonny asked to cancel the hit on Julian yet the bomb went off in his car that killed Morgan. Julian's former employee named Pete, finally shows up and Jason grills him, determined to get to the truth about all that happened the night in question. Valentin goes to Alexis' home and she coldly informs him she will not trust or put up with him and she is merely agreeing to do the business deal he's asked because he's promised to leave town and get out of everyone's lives forever if she does what he asks. He makes it clear that he has a secret for which he's not afraid of anything. Anna and Griffin are determined to keep Charlotte safe from Valentin. Yet they go with her to The Metro Court and Valentin shows up not far away. Griffin confronts him and tells him he better leave Griffin's daughter alone. At that point, Valentin reveals to Griffin that Charlotte is his (Valentin's) daughter.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane and Lily tell Charlie and Mattie how much he loves them but he has to go to work. Lily promises to go and give them some pointers on basketball. Mariah begs the coffeemaker to make coffee while Hilary yells at her for coffee. Kevin interrupts and wants to know what is going on but Hilary keeps yelling at her for coffee. Jack comes up with a plan to get the documents back from Hilary by sweet talking her. Phyllis has her own plan but Jack doesn't want to hear it. At Jabot, Victoria and Billy discuss Travis and how he is investigating her family. Victoria wonders why he cares so much.

Kevin is leaving GC Buzz when Jack walks in. Jack fingers the papers on the desk when Hilary interrupts him. Hilary wants to know what he wants but he makes up an excuse that it is about the foundation board meetings. Hilary reminds him that he hasn't been there either. Jack spies the blue envelope in Hilary's hand when the smoke alarm goes off and everyone has to evacuate the building. Jack is upset that he didn't get the envelope but Phyllis surprises him by showing that she managed to get the documents while everyone was out of the building. Jack is thrilled and starts to hug her but he draws away suddenly. Victoria meets Travis in the park to discuss Billy's involvement in their lives. Victoria defends Billy and his actions. At Newman, Travis wants to see Victor but Natalie refuses to let him. Travis gets a message from Michelle. Phyllis gets hot coffee spilled on her and it is burning so Jack rips off her blouse.

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