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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nicole tells Maya that she is proud of what they are doing so Maya can take all the selfies she wants to. Meanwhile in Hawaii, Zende is moping but Sasha is trying to get him interested in some tours of the island. She tells him she will be on her best behavior when she licks the passion fruit on his table. Liam tells Steffy that the last thing he thought Wyatt would do is live with his mother again. A doctor comes in and she tells Liam there is one other thing she needs to do before she moves in with him. She holds up her hand with the wedding tattoo. He laughs that he did not know there was such a thing as a mobile tattoo remover doctor in this world. Wyatt catches Ivy doing her exercise on the floor. She tells him that Eric’s therapist is already upstairs and he is continuing to make more progress. Zende continues to bemoan why Nicole is willing to put her body through this again. She has to be better than him and even Sasha.

Nicole wants to get going after eating a good healthy breakfast for her first procedure. Rick tells her they do not have to be this fast. She still has time to change her mind. They were there when she got the phone call from Zende and they know how she feels. Nicole says no, she has made up her mind and she won’t change it again. Ivy tells Wyatt that is has been so crazy around here with Eric and everything but she has not addressed how badly she treated him before. He deserves a wife that treats him better than Steffy did. She notices his tattoo ring and asks what he intends to do about that. Before he starts the procedure the doctor tells Steffy that there will be some pain but she needs to concentrate on what she hopes to lose by doing this and what she hopes to gain. Liam holds her other hand. Nicole’s doctor starts her procedure and says this will be easier the second time around. Nicole tells Maya that she could never marry a man that holds her back and does not respect her decisions like her own dad did. Wyatt tells Ivy that he does not want to believe his marriage is over but it seems to have gone belly up despite all he tried to do to preserve it. Steffy endures the pain and tells the doctor to continue. Sasha tries to get Zende to go out for lunch but he is a no go. He keeps looking at his phone to see if Nicole might call. When she doesn’t he calls her. She says it is not a good time. He says it is the only one they have. He knows where she is as Maya is telling the whole world on her blog. They argue who is more important to each other. She points out he is in Hawaii with a girl who is not her. He bemoans that he was an orphan and he cannot go through that again and be all alone. He begs her not to do this. They can get back to where they were.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa was worried that Mateo did something to Brady and Tate. Brady and Tate were at the park. Theresa noticed a strange card in Tateís stroller and figured it was from Mateo. Deimos asked Maggie to help him use Parker to find Chloe. Maggie refused to help him find Chloe. Nicole got through to Chloe and wanted to know why she lied to her. Chloe told Nicole that she had a one-night stand with someone before she was with Deimos. Nicole wanted Chloe to stay with her, but she hung up on her. Chloe hope that Nicole bought her story. Maggie tried to get through to Deimos about Nicole. Deimos was still upset with Nicole for what she did. Maggie advised him to think about whether he wanted her back. Chloe thought about a conversation with Nicole about being a surrogate for her and Daniel. Chloe wished it were that simple.

Justin went to see Adrienne and he was upset with her. Theresa met with Victor at the church. She told him that Brady and Tate were in danger and she needed his help. Chloe and Nicole convinced Daniel to let Chloe be the surrogate. Chloe thought about a nurse/doctor telling her as well as Daniel and Nicole that Chloe didnít get pregnant. Theresa explained to Victor what happened. Justin was upset that Adrienne bought the Spectator from the Kiriakis family. Chloe recalled going back to the clinic to talk to Dr. Lee about getting pregnant again. Theresa wanted Victor to take care of Mateo, but he couldnít do it. He advised Theresa to listen to her father. Theresa didnít want to leave Brady and Tate. She didnít know what to do. Jennifer explained to Justin that she and Adrienne bought the paper fair and square. Adrienne wanted Justin to leave because he was upset with her. Deimos called Nicole and apologized to her for everything. Chloe realized that Nicole and Daniel were the parents of her parents.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny reveals to Carly that he is setting up a foundation in Morgan's name. She notices that he's donating an extremely large amount of money and warns him it's more than he can afford, expressing her concerns that he's only doing that out of guilt and reminds him it will not bring Morgan back. Jason later goes to talk to her and she expresses concerns about Sonny doing this, revealing that her estranged husband might be having a manic episode for which he needs help although she cannot get involved in Sonny's issues. Nelle then goes to check on Sonny and overhears that he might have plans to move, or to take his own life, although she sounds like she is staying out of his business and Sonny suspects nothing of her. Everybody is mindful and suspicious of Valentin suddenly free and back in town. Many are trying to unravel the mystery of why he's in town and what secret he may be hiding from everyone. Right at that point, Dante and Lulu are able to find out that the woman they met on the island in Greece, identified as Daphne, has been put into custody. Knowing it's timed perfectly with Valentin's sudden reappearance, they assume Daphne lied and scammed them and must be working for Valentin. She sounds courteous as she informs them she's had no dealings with Valentin although Helena paid her to produce an heir with a preserved embryo. Hearing that, Lulu informs her that embryo was supposed to be for her and Dante and at that point, they learn that the embryo was not viable and Helena and Stavros failed to produce the Cassadine heir they wanted. Lulu concludes Helena used that against her so that if she could not have the embryo, neither could Lulu. Nina meets with Maxie asking why nobody told her that Charlotte is not her brother's child and instead the daughter of Griffin. Maxie is shocked to find out that Valentin is back in town, that he's gone to find Nina knowing that she had him put away and warns Nina that he may be out for revenge. Yet Nina does not seem to suspect that. Anna goes to find Valentin and warns him not to mess with anybody in Port Charles or else he will regret it. He seems very calm until she rattles him. As soon as he is alone in his hotel room, he pulls a secret box out of a secret safe. Griffin goes through with a paternity test where he swabs his cheek at the hospital, in order to prove he's Charlotte's father. At the same point, we see Valentin accessing a plastic bag, from the box, which may have significant meaning and relevance to his secret.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jack hired a forensic accountant to authenticate the new stolen Newman documents. Phyllis tried to talk Jack out of releasing the documents, but he wasn't interested in her advice. Billy found Natalie drowning her sorrows at the bar. She was upset that she was working for Victor. Billy was intrigued when Natalie mentioned that Travis was having a hard time at Newman. He prodded her for information and she told him that Victor set Travis up. Billy warned Phyllis that Victor was on to her and Jack. Phyllis was skeptical of Billy's motives, but he swore that he was just trying to look out for her and Jack. Phyllis warned Jack that Victor was setting him up, but she was too late – he'd already anonymously dropped the documents off at GC Buzz. Chloe and Chelsea talked about the Christian situation and the pain that was in store for Nick and Dylan. Chelsea worried that Nick would lash out instead of handling things calmly for Christian and Faith's sake. At Chloe's insistence, Chelsea went to be with Nick.

Nick came to pick up Christian, and tempers flared when Dylan wouldn't let him take the baby. Dylan felt that they should work together and talk things out. Nick told Dylan to arrest Sharon for kidnapping. Dylan refused. Faith came downstairs and said that Sully was crying, then she went back to bed. Chelsea arrived, just after Nick came downstairs with Christian in his arms. Chelsea, Sharon and Dylan tried to convince Nick not to abruptly rip Christian from the house. Nick relented. He gave Christian to Dylan and said he'd come back in the morning. After Chelsea and Nick left, Sharon wanted to talk to Dylan, but he rebuffed her. He told her he'd be sleeping in the nursery with Sully. Sharon listened to Dylan on the baby monitor, and she cried when she heard him promise the baby that he would stay with him all night. Nick took Chelsea home. He was embarrassed about the way he'd acted at Sharon's, because he realized he'd been thinking about himself instead of putting Christian. Chelsea invited him to stay, but he wanted to be alone. Billy and Chloe reminisced about Delia, and she told him that Kevin asked her to move in. Chloe asked if Billy's advice had something to do with what he'd been through with Phyllis, but he didn't want to talk about it. Billy wondered if Chloe was hesitant about moving in with Kevin because she was afraid Bella's dad would show up and come between her and Kevin. Chloe agreed that Billy might be right.

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