Wednesday 11/2/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 11/2/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam serves coffee to Steffy and Ridge when Quinn and Wyatt lead Eric down the stairs. Steffy says she knew he was making progress but she was not expecting this. Ridge wants to help but Eric says he can manage. Pam says with him up on his feet and Thanksgiving just right around the corner makes them even more thankful this year. Steffy speaks up and asks why did Eric want them here. Slowly he says they boycotted the wedding and now this latest insult to stage a takeover, a coup, and they have to ask? Nicole tells Maya and Rick that she knows how badly they want to give Lizzy a little brother or sister and she has already had the paperwork once so there is no reason now to delay. They want to make sure she has told Zende now that she has made this decision. She nods yes for all the good it did. But that was last night. Maybe he will feel differently today. Sasha tries to get Mr. Rise and Shine to get up but he does not even know where he is. She makes light of it that maybe it was all the mai tais they had on the plane or even those shots of tequila that he had. She laughs and asks how does he say hung over in Hawaiian. Then she addresses him as Dracula and says she knows vampires do not dig sunlight but they are in Hawaii and she wants to take advantage of it. He apologizes and says he knows he promised her a good time with a lot of partying but he just is not in the mood. Disappointed, she says she gets it. He is still thinking about Nic and her decision to be a surrogate again. And frankly she does not blame him for feeling this way. Quinn tells Eric maybe this is not the time to be doing this. Wyatt says just maybe it is. Ridge wants to know why Wyatt is even there and speaking. Eric says Wyatt is part of the family now and is moving in with his blessing as he thinks of him as another son. They still do not accept how Quinn makes him feel and Wyatt has. He is capable and supportive. And he is loyal unlike Ridge. Ridge says he is sorry that his dad is questioning his loyalty. Quinn says it is hard not to with what he has been planning on doing behind his father’s back, not once but twice. Ridge says and yes Wyatt felt like he had to bring that to Eric’s attention. Wyatt says yes it needed to be said. Ridge says leave Brooke out of this. But Eric says she was just as involved as they all were to get those shares from Bill. And he thought he used to be able to count on Pam but even she turned against him on this while she was not personally involved and….Ridge and Steffy were the ringleaders in manipulating everyone to think it was a good idea to boycott the wedding. They came up with this scheme to steal the company and then lied to everybody about his POA. So do they think he should forgive them, Brooke, Thomas, Maya, Rick, Pam and Zende for having no respect for him. What do they expect from him, his own family. He mentions the fashion show is coming up and Quinn is in charge of everything. Quinn is the one he trusts. He is not asking this of them; he expects it of them for everyone to trust and accept. It will be Quinn and Wyatt. The fashion show is very important. Ridge says he knows. He has poured his heart and soul into the showstopper but…Eric says he has made his intentions clear. This is not a game they are playing. He dismisses them all but when Ridge starts to leave Eric says not him; there is more he wants to say to him. Maya suggests that Nicole call Zende again and Rick agrees, they do not want to jeopardize what she and Zende have. Sasha tells Zende that any woman who would not listen to her man in a situation as important as this, she does not think he would want to be in that relationship. Eric tells Ridge that his coup failed and his threats to Quinn were empty. It is now time for him to get on board with the way things are now. Eric puts his arms around Quinn and looks at Ridge and says he loves her. She has changed his life. So Ridge needs to turn the page now and accept who is head of this family.

Steffy catches up with Wyatt and says she did not know that he was living here now. He says he assumed she did but then she had been awfully busy with his brother, pretty much out of touch. She sighs and asks if he is doing this because of her…..because she ended their marriage. He replies no and wrong for her to even think that. She says she does not know what to think now. She accuses him of telling her that his mom would not be in their lives but she is constantly front and center. He claims he tried his damnest to stop her but she and Eric cannot be stopped. They love each other and Wyatt says he did everything he could for him and Steffy. He says he followed all of her demands, even asked his mom to move away and he did not even go to her wedding in respect for Steffy and her position. He did that for Steffy because he loves her. Now shock of all shocks, his mom fell in love with Eric so he is doing this for them now. Steffy argues that Quinn took advantage of Eric’s vulnerabilities and made a fool of Wyatt in thinking she could change. She says Wyatt really let her down. He charges back that she let him down. She walked away from him. She is the one who walked away from their marriage. He did nothing wrong there. She argues back that the marriage was doomed from the start because of his mom. Now just look at all the devastation she has caused. Sasha tells Zende that she would love to be doing more than just talking right now but she gets it; he is a deep guy and wants to do more than just jump in the sack with her. His phone rings and it is Nicole. Sasha tells him he should get that. Nicole tells Zende that she needs to talk to him about this. He says he is not in LA so now is not a good time. She asks him where he is and is surprised when he says in Hawaii. He just got drunk and took off. She asks who he is with. Again a surprise when he says Sasha but if Nicole has changed his mind he will come straight home….otherwise all bets are off. She curtly tells him bye. Then tells Maya that Zende made his decision and she made hers. She still wants to be the surrogate. And she wants to do it right away. Wyatt tells Steffy that he is here for one reason only and maybe she thinks he is an idiot but he sees what she won’t allow herself to see…..they are good together and make each other happy. He would do anything he could to get their marriage back, her back. He meant every word of his vows and despite Quinn he believes Steffy did too. But he will give her the divorce as long as she knows that he will always love her. Quinn asks Ridge if he needs help in finding his way out. He says no he is just peachy. She says he is a great liar. He retorts that she is a greater liar and that is why Eric is where he is now. His dad doesn’t see a lot of things like how Quinn really is. He tells her do not take this wrong but how does this miserable, horrible person just breeze in here and take over and know all the right things to do when apparently the rest of the family does not know how to. She thinks for a minute and says in the past she might have used a lot of four letter words but she will just use one now – love. She says she finally found love. He says that makes him want to throw up in his mouth. She says as corny as that may sound she will do anything for their love and to protect Eric. He claims that she is keeping Eric away from his family. Quinn says family – ah there it is. But his mother is gone and she is sorry about that but it is the truth and Ridge needs to accept that she is now the Forrester matriarch. They are having a big fashion show and Eric wants her and Ridge and all of them to work together. And she intends to meet Ridge half way for the sake of the family now, her family now. She just needs to know he will do the same.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Theresa was surprised when she saw Shane at the church. He let her know that she was in danger. Nicole told Brady about Chloeís secret. Brady advised Nicole to stay out of Deimos and Chloeís situation. Nicole didnít know how she would forgive herself for hurting Deimos. Philip visited Nancy to find Chloe. Nancy didnít know where Chloe was. She and Philip agreed to tell each other when they get in touch with Chloe. Shane told Theresa that someone was after her. Marlena told Roman about what happened at the warehouse. Theresa couldnít believe that her life was over. She thought that Shane could help her. Shane told her he couldnít stop Mateo from going after her. Shane had a place for her to hide, but she didnít want to leave Brady and Tate. Theresa walked out on Shane and ran into Brady. He wanted to know what happened.

Jennifer was appalled by the way the newspaper trashed Hope. Jennifer wanted to buy the Spectator if she had the money. Brady and Theresa went to eat and he wanted to do something fun. Adrienne called her bank and she had the money to help Jennifer buy the Spectator. Brady wanted to move out of the mansion. Someone was watching Theresa and Brady while they were at the town square. Jennifer and Adrienne were excited about working together. Mateo found Theresa at the park. Deimos found Nancy in New York City. Nancy didnít like Deimosí attitude towards her and warned him to stay away from Chloe. Philip ran into Nicole and she told him that she told Deimos the truth about the baby. Philip let her know that Deimos isnít the father and that he didnít know who the father was.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The hospital has officially re-opened. Elizabeth and Franco enter together and are happy to have their old jobs back as well as their relationship moving forward. She sees him as the hero who turned in his mom to the cops, tells him she believes he should be credited for the hospital re-opening and hopes Monica will acknowledge him for that. Yet she does not and although Franco has his old job back and Elizabeth is with him, he makes it clear that he is not comfortable nor feels welcome among his fellow staff members. He talks privately to Dr. Obrecht who indicates to him she can clearly see his insecurity and jealousy whenever he notices Elizabeth talking to Dr. Griffin Munro. She further informs him that if a woman loves him and he's confident of their relationship, she will accept him for who he is and he will not have to hide anything. He then goes to make it clear to Griffin that Elizabeth is taken and inquires about Griffin's very odd past with being a priest yet fathering a daughter with a married woman while wearing the collar. Hayden reveals that she has been offered a job as GH's financial manager. Finn makes it clear he has feelings for her, which Tracy indicates she can clearly see although he does not want to admit to that. Meanwhile, as Griffin and Charlotte stay at Anna's house, she welcomes and assures him they may stay there, and his daughter can be safe until she gets some answers about Valentin's sudden arrival into Port Charles. She asks Dante if he can brainstorm or give her any information about what he may remember from himself and others being held hostage by Valentin in Greece. Dante admits some noteworthy things that Valentin revealed when he last spoke to him. Meanwhile, Valentin goes to visit Alexis, reminding her whether she likes it or not, they are siblings and both Mikkos' "little bastards". He further informs her if she can use her legal expertise in order to help him (although he does not specifically reveal what it is he wants her to do), he will leave town and never again bother any of the people in her life. While he's there, Sam and Jason walk into the house and express their concerns as well as questions about what Valentin was doing there and what they were discussing. Curtis and Valerie are ready to spend time together and she suspects nothing until she notices on his phone that he's taken pictures of the police investigation of Morgan's death. Right away, she knows that he's lied to her about cancelling working for Julian and informing her that some jobs are not worth the money. He protests to her that he had every intention of ending his dealings with Julian but when he saw the file, which she left unattended, when they last spoke at the PCPD, he could not "help himself". At that point, she concludes to him that their relationship is over since she cannot trust him to be honest to her with what he just did and she now has to figure out whether to turn him in for illegally tampering with police evidence.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Patty's doctor tells Paul that Patty is delusional because she claims she killed Dr. Anderson in self-defense because Patty was going to reveal a secret that Dr. Anderson wanted to keep secret. Paul talks to Patty later and she tells him that she killed Dr. Anderson in self-defense and that Dylan will need soon need moral support from his father. Paul questions Mariah, but she tells him he should wait until tomorrow to talk to Dylan and Sharon. Nick talks to Chelsea and tells her that Sharon told him the truth about what Dr. Anderson did, and he feels that he shouldn't have given Sharon one more night with the baby, because Dylan may run away with Sully just like he did with Connor when he found out Adam was Connor's father. Chelsea assures Nick that Dylan will do the right thing and return Christian to him.

Kevin asks Chloe to move in with him, but Chloe wants to wait a while though she does tell Kevin she sees a future with him. Sharon cries as she tells Dylan the truth about what happened at Fairview and breaks Dylan's heart. Dylan is upset when he finds out that Mariah knew the truth and also lied to him. Dylan says an emotional goodbye to Sully just before Nick arrives to take Christian home. Sharon begs Nick to allow Dylan to say a proper goodbye to Sully, but Nick wants to take Christian home. Nick starts upstairs as Dylan comes downstairs and tells Nick he isn't taking Sully anywhere.

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