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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick can’t thank Nicole enough for her agreeing again to be their surrogate. They hug. She confides in him that Zende walked out and it was her fault. She had agreed with him she would not do this again but she changed her mind. She loves Zende and she knows he is upset right now. He loves her too and the woman he loves has to do this. He just needs to blow off some steam and he will return. Zende comes on strong to Sasha but she pulls away and says she cannot do this to her sister. He says Nicole does not care. Not only did she do this one time, but twice. He cannot keep waiting around for her to have kids for Rick and Maya. He is tired. It is time for him to be a man, a Forrester man. He makes a quick phone call and then tells Sasha that they are going to Hawaii. Eric is well enough to come downstairs and sits at the piano and starts tickling the keys. She tells him she knows he is going to come all the way back. Wyatt comes in and tells them there was no wedding. Eric says he knew Ridge was still in love with Brooke. Wyatt says there is more. He is not sure Eric should hear this but Eric insists. Wyatt says Ridge was planning a coup to take over FC. He fills them in on the plan with Bill giving Brooke his shares. Eric is livid that Ridge begged to be POA all the while knowing he was going to do this. Quinn says Ridge failed but maybe he learned something so Eric needs to take a breath. She says this is his CEO talking. She and Wyatt will handle this and Eric does not have to worry about it.

Rick and Nicole hug again and she says she is sure Zende will stay mad for a while, but he will come back to her. Sasha tells Zende that he knows how she feels about him, but she cannot be his rebound again. She cannot do this to her sister again. He says this time he is breaking up with Nicole, so it won’t be the same. Maybe Nicole is too serious for him. With Sasha there is no complications and all he is asking her to do is fly off to Hawaii with him, they can have fun. Quinn tells Wyatt they have a lot of work to do with a big fashion show coming up. Eric says he knows they can handle it. He is very grateful that Wyatt is here now. He needs him. Wyatt says for now he will stay and they will see how that goes. Eric tells Quinn that he knows Ridge will not stop and will keep trying this so Eric has to come back strong now and keep the company. Quinn says she is so looking forward to her husband doing just that. Sasha cannot get over that here she is on a jet, more than that…… a private Forrester jet. Nicole calls Zende and says she is home now and would like to talk. He says there is no reason. She is having another baby. She says they can work this out. He admits he loves her but hangs up. At the last minute Sasha says perhaps they should not go, it is not too late for him to go home and work this out. It is his decision as to what he wants to do.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope confessed to the prosecutor that she killed Stefano. Ms Trask wanted to see Rafe and Roman. Chad overheard Hope's confession. Chad went in the room and wanted an explanation from Hope. Steve wanted Roman's help with Marlena and Kayla when André arrived. André told him that Roman couldn't help him because Hope confessed to killing Stefano. Steve didn't believe it, but André said it was true. Later, André made some calls and found out where Marlena and Kayla were being held. Orpheus was ready to light Marlena and Kayla on fire. Steve decided to believe André's info and decided to check out the warehouse where Orpheus had Marlena and Kayla. Chad wanted answers from Hope about what she did to Stefano. She apologized for what she did, but he walked out on her. Rafe, Justin, and Roman saw Chad and wanted to know what Hope said to him. Chad told them that she didn't say anything that he could use against her. Chad let them know that none of them are better than the DiMeras. Roman wasn't sure how Hope could defend herself after confessing to murder. Justin said he knew what to do to help her.

Justin told Hope what to plead, but she decided to plead guilty. She made a deal with André to plead guilty. She made a deal with André to plead guilty and Rafe and Roman would be kept out of it. Hope told Justin that Rafe and Roman helped her. Rafe and Chad talked about Hope. Paul and Derrick went to Sonny to find out if something happened at warehouse 67. Kayla called out to Marlena, but Marlena was losing consciousness. Rafe compared Hope's situation to Abby's to try and get through to Chad. Paul told John that someone saw two coffins at the warehouse. Orpheus and Lazlo were preparing to leave Salem. Orpheus lit the coffins on fire. Justin told Rafe and Roman about the deal that Hope made with André. They didn't want her to do that. Steve saw the fire so he and John burst into the warehouse. Steve fought Orpheus off while John freed the women. Steve and Orpheus fought over a gun and Orpheus was shot. He ended up passing out. Marlena and Kayla got out of the coffins. The paramedics told Steve that Orpheus was dead. Chad wanted to know how André got the recording, but he didn't tell him. Rafe wanted to tell what he did to help Hope, but she didn't want his help. Rafe refused to give up on her or them. Roman placed Hope under arrest.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nelle stays alone in Carly's office snooping in her desk when Michael shows up and asks her what she's worried about. After Valentin has made his presence known in Port Charles and made it clear to everyone he is freed from prison, free to roam the streets and has legal ownership of Wyndemere, all the people affected by it are spooked. Sam and Alexis inform Jason who wants to go find Valentin himself. Sam get upset and doubles over in pain. Jason picks her up and rushes her to the hospital. It does not seem there's any cause for worry about her or the baby although the staff want her to stay overnight. Alexis leaves them alone and returns home. She is alone in her house, unable to contact either Molly or Kristina and finally succumbs to the urge to drink. She polishes off one bottle then opens another. Ava goes to find Julian and expresses her fear of Valentin, reminding her brother that this man killed her friend, Nikolas and got away with it. She reflects what might have been if Nikolas had lived, given that they got to be friends and it could have developed into more. Julian admits to his sister his own despair over the loss of his marriage to Alexis as well as the fact that he still has his estranged wife on his mind. Finding out that Valentin knows where to find Alexis, Julian senses that she could be in danger and she might need him. Alexis is passed out on her couch as Jason tries to call her. While Anna is alone in her house with Robin who has traveled to visit her mom, Griffin comes by with Charlotte, admitting that he and his daughter need Anna's help, because Valentin is in town, knowing that Claudette has informed him that he's been in her life and threatened both her and the girl. Anna immediately knows she has to take drastic action on this matter and calls Robert so she can take the case as a WSB agent. Valentin goes to find Nina and seems very confident and smug, reminding her of the night they spent together and his memories of her, although she lets him know she is not interested in him and wants him out of her office and out of her life. Feeling sure that she has feelings for him, Valentin tells Nina to look up his name in her baby book. Jason is worried as he sits by Sam's bed watching her sleep.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick is in his office at the Underground when he receives a call from Patty, who lets him know that Christian is alive and Sharon has him. Nick tells Chelsea the news, but she tells him not to pay any attention to Patty. Nick vows to find out the truth from Sharon. Dylan and Sharon spend quality together until he receives a call from Ben. Victor finds Abby on the floor of Newman Enterprises crying over what could have been. Patty is happy since she has exposed Sharon's secret. Ben tells Dylan that his marriage to Abby is over.

Nick visits Sharon to find out the truth about Sully being Christian. Sharon begins to cry and confesses everything to Nick about Sage's son's identity. Chelsea remembers her conversation with Adam that Christian is really his. Victor gives Abby helpful advice concerning her marriage. Patty asks to talk to Paul. Chelsea visits Victor to tell him about Christian being alive. Abby tells Ben it is time to file for divorce. Nick wants to take Christian home, but Sharon begs him for one more night. Sharon tells Dylan that Sully is not his.

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