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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The minister asks if he should proceed. Brooke answers yes. Maya is besides herself when Nicole says yes she will give her another brother or sister for Lizzy. Their bond is so strong and she wants that for Lizzy too. She is sure Zende will see that again this time as he did the first. A Halloween party is under way and Caroline thanks Thomas for inviting her. Zende is waiting on Nicole to show up. But Nicole calls him upstairs and he asks what is going on. She says they need to talk…..she told Maya she would be the surrogate again. Zende is devastated and says this can’t be. He tells her it is not her job to have babies for them. His disgust turns to anger. She keeps saying she doesn’t want them just to have some baby, but a real family. It has already been decided. She is going to do it. She says she knows it is a lot to ask but they are so committed and they made it through before and they will again. She will not lose him. He storms out. Maya tells Rick the good news. The minister says love never fails so speak now or forever hold his peace. He continues on about the journey and finally Bill stays stop. He will not look back on his wedding day and see Ridge standing there begging her not to go through with this. They will be married but certainly not today. Brooke begs him to reconsider but he walks out. She goes home and has to explain to RJ why she is home now and not on her honeymoon…..Bill walked out on her at the altar.

Zende goes back to the party and Thomas tries to get him to take it slow on the drinks but Zende will not slow down. He grabs Sasha who is his Dracula twin in her sexy outfit, great minds think alike. RJ tells Brooke that this is the best thing for her and his dad. He tries to get her to go to the Halloween party but she says it has been a long day and begs off and says she is too exhausted. Ridge waltzes in and is surprised to see RJ. He tells Ridge that Bill pulled the plug so Brooke is home upstairs. Zende tells Sasha that he has been patient but he walked out and cannot do this a second time; he is done. He kisses her for emphasis. Ridge tells RJ he cannot believe he almost let Brooke marry that guy. She is priceless and deserves more than this. RJ says she is okay so Ridge should not give up on her. He promises he will bring the family back together. They hug; it is all RJ wants to hear. Both Bill and Brooke separately think of each other. Her tears fall as she looks at her ring.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus had Marlena and Kayla locked in a room. He explained to them how he was able to fake his death. Everyone at the town square was shocked to Hope confess to killing Stefano. They didnít want to believe that it was true. Rafe attempted to punch Andre, but Roman stopped him. Ciara asked Hope what happened. Hope wanted Doug and Julie to take Ciara home. John and Steve tried to get information on where to find Marlena and Kayla. Steve remembered bumping into Laslo (the man who helped Orpheus) at the police station. Hope and Rafe were at the police station. Rafe questioned why Hope trusted Aiden. Hope told Rafe how she believed that Aiden meant what he said when he gave her the recording. Rafe wanted to know how Andre got the recording if Aiden didnít do it. Hope wanted to talk to Andre, but Rafe advised her to just talk to Justin. Andre let Roman and the deputy mayor that he had more copies of the confession and that there was more on the recording than just Hope confessing to killing Stefano.

Hope went to talk to Andre. Andre told Hope how he got the recording from Aiden. Andre broke into Aidenís place and got the recording. He let her know that he wanted to get revenge on her. Chad was shocked that Hope killed his father. Gabi tried to make Chad feel better about it, but it didnít work. Steve and John continued to look for Marlena and Kayla. Orpheus let Marlena and Kayla know that he had more plans for them. He had to leave, but he promised they would do more when he returned. Doug, Julie, Lucas, Adrienne, and Ciara were at Jenniferís house. Jennifer wanted to be at the ceremony, but wanted to stay by JJís side. Jennifer wanted to know what happened, but Julie was too upset to talk about it. Hope wanted to know what Andre wanted from her. Andre didnít come out and say what he wanted from her. John and Steve thought they had Orpheus, but there was another man on the pier. Orpheus planned on putting Marlena and Kayla in coffins. Ciara talked to Jennifer about Hopeís confession and couldnít believe that it was true. Ciara looked at Jennifer and realized that she knew and that her mother killed Stefano. Justin advised Hope not to talk to the district attorney (Trask). Hope ended up telling Ms. Trask that she was the one on the recording and that she did kill Stefano. Chad overheard what Hope said. Orpheus put Marlena and Kayla in the coffins. Marlena and Kayla begged Orpheus not to leave them in the coffins.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

There's a Halloween party underway at The Metro Court. Franco goes there alone and talks to Kiki about her prospects with Dillon as well as his with Elizabeth. He is clearly discontented when he sees Elizabeth enter with Jason as they both accompany Jake trick or treating, Elizabeth assures him she is long over Jason and they are simply co-parents to Jake. Right then, Griffin is having challenges with his new and unexpected single parenthood of Charlotte. She runs into Nina's office and Nina has a moment where she hopes she might be able to adopt an abandoned child, until she finds out this is Claudette's daughter with her biological father after they found out Nathan was not Charlotte's father (nor Nina her aunt). Charlotte then runs, while Griffin chases her, down to the Halloween party where Elizabeth meets Charlotte for the first time and happily engages with Griffin. Kiki and Franco overhear. He expresses his discontentment watching Elizabeth happily interacting with other men. Kiki warns him that jealousy and insecurity on the part of a man can turn a woman off, remembering all too well, Morgan's neediness and insecurity with her, in relation to Dillon. Shortly thereafter, Dillon comes down to talk to Kiki, hoping she will reconsider what she previously told him about not wanting to see him after what has happened to Morgan. While Sonny is alone in his house, he sees a young man at the door, whom he believes is Morgan. He happily welcomes his son back, expressing that it was all a terrible nightmare he had that Morgan died, and promises he will never neglect his son again. The kid, however, reveals to Sonny that he's a stranger who was merely celebrating Halloween. Sonny is startled and horrified, lashes out at the kid, scares and almost hurts him when Jason comes by to intervene and prevent a situation from spiraling out of control. Sonny, however, continues to see and hear the ghost of Morgan urging him to face up to what he did and not be a coward. He assures Jason he will be alright alone in the house and that he may go. As soon as Jason leaves and Sonny is alone in the house, he faces his demons when he continues to see and hear the ghost of Morgan in his house.

Valentin Cassadine finds his way to Wyndemere and declares to everyone that the house is not for Laura or Spencer to sell. He is able to prove, with legal documents, that he was acquitted for the murder of Nikolas because it was ruled self defense. He also shows them proof that he has the legal ownership of the Wyndemere property and wants all the people to join him at his house. Laura, as well as Kevin, Lulu, Dante, Sam, and Ava are all there to relive being held hostage by him, while in Greece, not long ago, as well as watching him murder Nikolas. They are all clearly not ok with what has just happened.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The children of Genoa City go out trick or treating while Nick is at the Underground smashing everything in sight to help him deal with the anniversary of Christian's death. Chelsea is there to offer support and Nick admits to her that he has been putting on a brave face but the truth is he really misses Sage and Christian. Dylan visits Patty who tells him that she and Sharon were talking about secrets and lies the last time Sharon visited, and she would tell him the truth but she doesn't want to hurt him. Phyllis admits to Summer that she is making Jack think she is helping him with his plan against Victor, but what she is really doing is protecting Jack from what Victor may do to him. Victor tells Abby that he has known that Curtis Fielding, his head of security, is responsible for the information leak so he has been planning information for Curtis to give to Jack. Victor also tells Abby that she asked Travis to look for the mole in the company to test her and Travis, and she passed the test because she discovered Curtis and Travis failed, because he didn't find the mole and suspected the Newman family. Victor tells Travis he failed the test, and he will have to work much harder to prove himself trustworthy. Dylan tells Patty that she will never get out of the institution, because she killed Dr. Anderson, so Patty calls Nick to tell him Christian is alive and Sharon has him.

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