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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill walks in. Ridge tells him he does not give a damn about Bill’s shares. He is there for Brooke. Downstairs they all prompt Donna to tell them who is upstairs delaying Brooke coming to her own wedding. She tells them Ridge. Maya tells Nicole that they do not want to cause her any stress at all about her being their surrogate again, but has she given it serious thought. She cannot tell Nicole how much this would mean to her. Nicole says she understands. She has that maternal instinct when she thinks of Lizzy and giving her a little brother or sister, but she is sorry she can’t do it. Zende tells Sasha that he does not care if Maya and Rick have a whole football team but not with Nicole. She would never do that again. Ridge says the shares do not matter. The marriage would have fallen apart anyway. Bill questions Brooke if that is the only reason she is marrying him, to get her hands on those shares so she could give them to Ridge. Brooke answers no, she is marrying Bill because she loves him; it has nothing to do with the shares. Bill says then why doesn’t he hear her tell Ridge to get lost. Brooke laments that of course she wanted to get the shares to give to Ridge to get rid of Quinn but that is not the reason she is marrying Bill now.

Maya is very disappointed but tries to hide it by saying they never truly felt she would say yes again. Maya goes and picks up Lizzy and brings her back to the kitchen and Nicole cannot help but go to her. Maya tells her not to feel badly; she has to do what is best for her. The minister is concerned if there will be a wedding today or not. Wyatt says they all wish they knew the answer to that. Upstairs Bill and Brooke continue to bicker. Bill says he suspects the whole reason she is saying yes is because of the shares so she can give them to that Bozo. She should have thrown his ass out as soon as Ridge came into the bedroom to delay the wedding. Bill says the wedding is off. Brooke begs him not to do this. They can go downstairs and pretend this never happened. Sasha tells Zende that this will all work out; Nicole will not let him down. Maya tells Nicole that she is in awe of her, being in her life as her sister and Nicole being their surrogate. She could not ask for any more. Nicole says it would be awesome if a little brother or sister could look up to Lizzy that way. Suddenly she says she will do it. Bill tells Brooke that she should have shut down Ridge immediately. It was a bad move and Ridge will never see those shares now. He charges off with Brooke right behind saying there is going to be a wedding today. So in front of the minister and all the guests Brooke continues to beg Bill to go ahead and have the wedding. All couples have fights and dissent, it is the way they handle it that counts. Ridge begins to speak and Brooke tells him just to go, they do not want him here. The minister isn’t sure they should proceed but finally does. He says “we are gathered”.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre decided to throw a fundraiser/Halloween party at the town square. Kayla wanted to find out what happened to the missing body at the hospital. Steve tried to let her feel at ease about it. Theo wasnít happy about Valerie being around Abe because he didnít trust her. Abe tried to make excuses for Theoís behavior. Valerie understood that Theo was worried about him. Ciara talked Theo into going to the party at the town square. Later, Andre met up with Theo and wanted to make sure that Ciara was going to be at the party. Theo wanted to know why Andre needed her there. Andre made up a lie about wanting Ciara to be in attendance. Hope talked to Ciara about the trust fund that Victor set up for her when she turned 21. Ciara didnít understand what was wrong with it. Hope told her that Bo wouldnít want her to take the money because part of it was blood money. They continued to talk about it until Ciara promised to think about it before she decided whether to take it. Orpheus ended up at the hospital dressed as a magician for the kids. Steve, Kayla, John, and Marlena didnít recognize Orpheus as the magician. Andre saw Rafe and Hope together at the park. They didnít see him because they were admiring each otherís costumes and kissing at the same time.

Abe continued to explain to Valerie that things have been difficult for Theo because of what happened with Lexie. Valerie understood and felt sorry for Theo. Abe wanted to show Valerie around Salem so she could reunite with her old friends and meet some new people in town. Andre approached Hope, Rafe, and Roman and wanted to thank them for everything that they did. They were suspicious of him. Andre wanted to let bygones be bygones. Roman and Rafe believed that he didnít have anything on them. Ciara met with Hope at the town square and told her that she decided not to take the money in order to make her father proud. Hope was happy about her decision. Claire talked to Theo and wanted to leave the party. Theo wanted to make Ciara happy, but Claire wanted to take him back to the hospital. Theo was willing to go with her. Andre wanted to start the ceremony even though Chad was going to be late for it. Orpheus wanted Kayla and Marlena to volunteer for his magic trick. He put them in boxes. The lights went out and Orpheus, Marlena, and Kayla disappeared. Steve got a note from a nurse that said that Orpheus was the missing body. Steve and John went to the boxes and saw that Marlena and Kayla were gone. Hope went up to the podium and was about to accept her award when her confession played to the audience. Everyone heard her say that she killed Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Many people are getting ready for Halloween although the spirits are not the same as previous years, given the tragic death of Morgan and many other things going on in Port Charles. Carly wants to bury herself in work at The Metro Court although her mom urges her to go home and get some rest. Nelle is acting very helpful and supportive to both Sonny and Carly and neither of them suspect anything about her. However, when Bobbie is alone with Nelle, she expresses her suspicions about how Nelle is making herself "indispensable" to Bobbie's daughter and how it's too convenient that Nelle seems to know everything about Carly's life. When Sonny is alone in the house and depressed, he envisions himself having a "do-over" with Morgan where he encourages his son not to give up and promises to be there for him, as he failed to do before it was too late. He "sees" Morgan feeling ok and not discouraged and they bond on a positive note. Yet, oddly, when he is awakened to the "here and now", he hears the doorbell ring, goes to open the door and sees Morgan at the door. We cannot tell, right now, if his son is really alive or if it's only an illusion. Alexis is also struggling while stuck at home with nothing to do, when Sam and Danny come to see her. They encourage her to join Laura at the party she is hosting at Wyndemere to celebrate being able to sell the property after her son has died. Kevin comes to join Laura and she's happy to see him. Lulu and Dante join them. They assume Kevin is still wearing his Halloween mask when "someone" enters through the door, says nothing and does not remove the mask to reveal who he really is. While Nathan is baffled about being unable to find out when, where, or how Claudette boarded the airplane flight to return to Canada, nor any information of the whereabouts of Valentin Cassadine, Maxie wants her fiancť to take a break and not worry about it. Dante is also not concerned and assuming that Valentin is far away, locked up and assures his partner they need not worry. At Wyndemere, Laura finds out she will not be able to sell the property, as she'd previously been assured by everyone. She demands to know why and finds out the property does not belong to Nikolas nor to Spencer. She asks whom it does belong to, and at that point, the guy with the mask removes it to reveal that he is Valentin Cassadine.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In his office at Jabot, Jack tells Phyllis his plans for Victor as long as she doesn't try to talk him out of it. Ashley interrupts them and tells Jack that was a poor performance on his part. Travis wants to see Victor but Natalie refuses to let him see. Abby comes out of Victor's office with two board members. Abby says she is in control of damage control. Chloe and Chelsea are at work and Chelsea is preoccupied. Chloe asks her what's wrong. Chelsea tells her that Connor asked her about Adam. Ashley finds Stitch at the Coffeehouse and they discuss his marriage to Abby which he thinks is over. Mariah tells Sharon that she has taken a job at GC Buzz but Sharon is against the idea. Mariah texts Kevin to meet her. After Ashley leaves, Phyllis assures Jack that she is not being followed.

Mariah tells Kevin that Natalie is working for Victor. Chloe overhears them. Chelsea visits Sharon to find out where Nick is. Chelsea reminds Sharon that this is the anniversary of Christian's death. Ashley confronts Jack over him and Phyllis and if it is really over. Jack shows her the signed divorce papers. Abby and Travis what Victor has in store for whomever is trying to sabotage Newman. Abby assures him she is not the mole. Stitch interferes and accuses Abby of finding another man and their marriage is not really over. Abby and Stitch have a heart to heart talk. Abby assures Travis she is not the mole. Kevin pays Natalie a visit at Newman, but she blows him off. Sharon and Chelsea start calling around to check on Nick. They finally find him at the Underground where he is busting up the place. Abby catches Phyllis giving a man a briefcase at the Athletic Club. Travis blasts Natalie for exposing his secret after he is caught red-handed by Jack at the park.

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