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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she cannot believe he is doing this on her wedding day. He asks Donna for time alone with Brooke and then tells Brooke not to do this. RJ tells Rick that he knows all about the shares now and this is not going to happen, just trust him. She is not coming home as Mrs. Bill Spencer. Bill is worried but Donna tells him that Brooke just needs a few more minutes, a few more finishing touches. Zende tries to convince Nicole that she is the Dracula type with this sexy costume for Halloween. She has a banging body and now Maya wants her to have another baby. But he says he has plans for them…..see the world and make love in different cities. And they can start right now. Zende just gets started when Nicole gets a phone call from Maya and she splits off. Donna stops Bill from going upstairs to check on Brooke. She says he has already seen her on her wedding day, do not tempt fate. Donna says it is not RJ that is trying to talk her out of the wedding. He says he is sorry he is impatient but he guesses they will just wait. Ridge tells Brooke that she cannot do this. He had a temporary lapse in judgment but he does not want her marrying Bill or any other man. He is trying to be fair but now he needs to tell her how he feels. They have always been there for each other and it will always be that way. He does not want her to marry Bill and he does not care about Quinn or the shares.

RJ tells Rick that he knows his mother and dad love each other so she is not going to marry Bill. Rick warns him not to be disappointed if he does not get his way. Brooke tells Ridge that he does not know her if she thinks she takes her vows that lightly. She is going to be Bill’s wife. Ridge keeps reminding her they have been each other’s destiny since the moment their eyes locked across the room years and years ago. She still holds tight that he is going downstairs and will forget this and she is going to marry Bill. Alison is listening at the door. Maya tells Nicole that her heart is so full and she does not want to pressure Nicole but she wonders if she has given serious thought to giving them another baby. Bill is upset when he finds that Alison did not see Brooke – she had a man in her room. Bill charges off. Ridge is sitting on the bed with Brooke trying to explain how he feels. RH shook him and made him accept how he feels. He does not care if the company goes under and if he loses anything else but he cannot lose her. She says he wanted her to do this. He says he was an idiot, tomorrow he will still be an idiot but she will be with him. They never should have separated. There is only one true love and that has always been her. He has not always fought for her and he is sorry that he has put her in this situation and he will try to make it up to her. He wants her to stop the wedding and go home with him. Bill opens the door and stands there with disgust on his face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eduardo offered Kate a job working for him. Chad told Jennifer that he was going to be taking care of Thomas without Lucas and Adrienne. Eduardo met with Dario and told him about his new business. Dario realized that his business wasn’t legit. Jennifer was okay with Chad taking care of Thomas. She wanted to spend more time with Thomas, but she had to earn that. Chad thought she was doing a good job so far. Gabi visited JJ at the hospital. He apologized to her for something. Dario advised Eduardo that they should work with the Kiriakis family so they could get a deal with their business.

Chad ran into Andre at the mansion. They got into an argument over how they should run the business. Chad reminded Andre that he was in charge of the business. Andre reminded him that he helped capture Clyde. Chad wondered if something was going on between Andre and Clyde. Steve and Kayla talked about how important they were to each other. Chad believed that Andre had secrets with Clyde. Andre denied working with Clyde. Chad warned Andre that he wouldn’t help him if he got in trouble. Steve and Kayla were about to make out, but she had an emergency. Kate thought about Eduardo’s job offer. Gabi let JJ know how much he was worried about him and that she loved him. JJ told her that he loved her too. A nurse told Kayla that a body was missing from the morgue. Orpheus ended up being alive after all.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny is alone in the dark on the railroad bridge, with a gun in his hand, ready to end it all when Robin Scorpio-Drake finds him. She remembers also wanting to end her life when she thought she'd die of AIDS, but Jason saved her and now she has a future. He protests that after Morgan's death, which he caused, as well as losing Carly and Michael from his life, maybe the world will be safer without him. Yet she manages to convince him not to be a coward and face his responsibilities. Putting his gun away, Sonny vows to do right by Morgan. Carly and Michael discuss how things will never be the same without Morgan and with their knowing what Sonny is responsible for his death. Curtis goes on his mission, for Julian, and searches Sonny's office. Jason catches him red-handed, asking Curtis why he would want to help Julian. Curtis protests that this is more than just Julian, reminding him that Sonny has had a history of violence. This time, his actions killed Morgan. The next time, his actions could cost more people their lives. He manages to motivate Jason to listen to his point and Curtis concludes he is not about to do any work for Julian. Back at the station, Jordan warns Valerie that Curtis cannot be trusted. Valerie confronts Curtis who insists that he's done helping Julian. Once he's alone in the squad room, Curtis sees a file of Forensics evidence regarding the bomb that killed Morgan and takes pictures of it. Jordan goes to warn Jason of what will happen to Sonny, as well as what he could risk if he continues to do Sonny's bidding for him. Jason immediately gets in contact with Spinelli to get Sonny's phone records.

Anna talks to a doubtful Griffin who wonders how he could possibly be a father or give Charlotte what she needs, given his serious mistake and broken vows. She suggests that he has the option of placing the girl in foster care if he believes she's safer without him and she shares with him her own regrets of giving her daughter up shortly after she was born to keep her safe. She does believe that Griffin could be a good father. Griffin helps calm Charlotte when she asks about her mom and reads her to sleep. After Anna leaves, Charlotte wakes up again, so Griffin assures her that her mom will always love her and gives her Claudette's locket. Charlotte promises to take care of it just like he's now taking care of her. Anna & Robin run into each other at the bar.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki helped Neil plan a charity luncheon for the Winters Foundation. Hilary tried to get Nikki to give an on the record comment about the story on Victor. Nikki said that Victor had been accused of many things because he was successful. Hilary kept pressing, and Neil shooed her. Devon asked Leslie for legal advice about Victor's lawsuit. Leslie said that Victor was suing for everything, and Devon was in danger of losing his inheritance. She advised him to make a deal with Victor. Devon and Leslie found out about Hilary's run in with Nikki. They told Hilary it was a bad idea to harass the plaintiff's wife. Hilary insisted that her actions didn't cross the line. Patty was extremely agitated after being moved to the new facility. She told Paul that she was thinking of exposing the secret, then she insisted that she had to see Sharon. Dylan told Sharon and Mariah that Patty's transfer didn't go well. Sharon wanted to come up with a new plan to keep Patty from telling the truth. Mariah was guilt-ridden and overwhelmed by the lies, so she refused to help Sharon scheme anymore. Dylan discussed plans for Sully's birthday party and he told Sharon how happy he (Dylan) was, thanks to her. Paul told Sharon and Dylan about Patty's request. Dylan decided to go see Patty and settle everything. Sharon went with him. Patty called Sharon a liar and she told Dylan that Sharon had done something to him. Patty talked in riddles. Dylan left to get her doctor. Sharon promised to get Patty her freedom. Dylan secretly watched them talking. Patty calmed down and Dylan and Sharon left. Patty told the doctor that Sharon was her ticket out of the facility. Dylan wondered why Sharon was so tense after the visit. She went on a tirade about the visit dredging up memories from her time at Fairview. Dylan comforted her. Victor told Natalie to leave some vulnerable files on the Newman server in order to set a trap for the mole. Natalie assumed they'd turn the culprit over to the police, but Victor said he planned to deal with him or her personally.

Mariah ran into Natalie and learned that Natalie was Victor's assistant. Natalie admitted she made a bad investment and lost her Pass Key fortune. Mariah told Hilary that she had dirt on Newman, which she'd tell Hilary, in exchange for a job at GC Buzz. Hilary hired Mariah as a gofer. Mariah told her that Victor hired a hacker as a personal assistant. Hilary realized that Victor was having Natalie get rid of incriminating files. Neil was concerned about Victor's latest scandal's affect on Nikki. Neil told Nikki about reuniting with his mother and how it spurred him to think about his legacy. Neil asked Nikki if she wanted her legacy to the world to be that she was always defending Victor. Paul joined them and took Neil's side. Nikki assured them that she was happy and in no danger of losing her sobriety. After Nikki left, Neil and Paul noted that she never said Victor was innocent. Devon met with Victor and revealed that he'd hired team to investigate Victor, in hopes of either validating or invalidating the information in the leaked documents. Devon noted that the investigator might turn up things that Victor wanted to keep private, and he promised to call them off if Victor dropped the lawsuit. Victor said that threatening him was a bad idea. Victor implored Devon to think about what Katherine would say. Devon wanted GC Buzz to be something she'd be proud of. Devon swore he wasn't making a threat, and he promised that GC Buzz would print a full retraction if Victor dropped the suit. Devon got a phone alert. He apologized profusely about something, then he rushed out. Devon had learned that Hilary posted a blind item about Victor hiring a hacker to cover up his criminal activities. Devon confronted her about crushing his chances of settling with Victor. Hilary wasn't worried because she was sure they could get Natalie to admit that Victor was guilty. Natalie was alarmed by the blind item and frantically told Victor that the two of them were about to be arrested. Victor assured her that everything would be fine. Nikki privately met with Victor. She asked if Natalie was helping him with the documents. Victor tensed, thinking she was about to make an accusation. Nikki smiled and assured him that she'd never tell anyone. They hugged.

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