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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

RJ insists to his father that Brooke is getting married today – they have to stop her. Ridge says she is an adult, there is nothing they can do. RJ repeats that Ridge stopped her once before when Bill was not right for her and he is still not right for her now. RJ is dumbfounded to hear that Ridge and Brooke have a plan, so there is more to it than RJ thinks. Ridge fills him in about the shares they need from Bill. RJ thinks that is stupid for even letting his mom be near that man for one more day. Ridge tells him eventually he and Brooke will be back together but they need to get Quinn out of the company now to save the legacy that he wants RJ to get. RJ asks if he really wants to play this game. He knows about the shares now but what about Brooke. She will be marrying Bill for what she thinks is life, not just for a day to get back the shares. That is risking the life of the woman he loves. He says this is Ridge’s last chance and if he does nothing he could lose her for good. He keeps hammering away at his dad that all the gold in the world is not worth this trying to keep Quinn out and giving his mom over to Bill. Ridge says he is sick of it just like RJ is so he admits he is right.

Donna feels Brooke is being distracted and asks if anything is wrong. Brooke finally says it is Ridge. He has a plan. She swears her to secrecy. She fills her in on the shares at FC and that Ridge even kissed her. Donna reminds her that she loves Bill and they have taken a long while to get to this point so all she needs to do is focus on Bill and not Ridge. Wyatt tells Bill that he will be the best man he ever had. Bill says he only wants the last one as this is his last wedding. It means a lot to him for Wyatt to be there at the altar with him. Wyatt assures him that he will take care of everything so Bill just needs to focus on his bride, he will take care of everything else. Bill says good. He only has one thing on his mind and that is to get Brooke to be his wife. Donna tells Brooke that she will say those vows and they will last the rest of her life so do not even think about Ridge and his kiss. She starts to leave when Ridge bursts in the door and practically throws Donna aside. He tells a surprised Brooke that he loves her…..come home with him…..and do not marry that guy. He loves her and they can be a family again. He knows he has made some monumental mistakes but he wants her and he knows she still is in love with him too….so go get rid of Bill right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe surprised Hope with a camping trip. They had a romantic time together. Theo was worried when he saw that Abe flatlined in his room. Valerie and Kayla worked hard to revive Abe. Victor announced to his family that Deimos was going to be in charge and the others would run other parts of the company. Philip was not happy with Victorís decision. Victor tried to explain why he made his decision. Victor wanted to work on his relationship with Philip. Sonny wasnít happy with the decision either. Deimos wanted the family to be at peace. Philip had a change of heart and hugged Victor. Victor wanted everyone to stay at the mansion.

Rafe and Hope continued to have their romantic evening. Kayla and Valerie saw Abeís records and realized he hadnít been to a doctor in years. Valerie wanted to perform more surgery. Theo went to Abeís room to see him. Abe promised not to leave Theo. Theo promised not to leave Abe too. Deimos wanted Brady to forgive him. He wanted Brady to be on his side with the business. Victor talked to Justin about keeping the family together. Hope talked to Rafe about his dreams. Ciara tried to make Theo feel better about whatís happening with Abe. Valerie wanted Abe to sign a consent form so she could perform more surgery. Theo overheard Valerie and stopped Abe from signing the form. Theo yelled at Valerie because he thought she almost killed him. Abe told Theo that Valerie did everything right and that he flatlined because he didnít take care of himself. Theo thought Abe needed a better doctor, but Abe trusted Valerie. Justin and Deimos tried to convince Brady, Sonny, and Philip to stay with the company and for them to work as a family. Sonny, Brady, and Philip decided to sign the contract. The guy who worked with Orpheus showed up at the hospital. He wanted to go to the morgue.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny engages in a brawl with Scott Baldwin at The Haunted Star when Scott blames Sonny for his daughter, Karen's death as well as for Morgan's death. Sonny lashes out at Scott and blames him for getting Julian acquitted, which caused Morgan's death. Jason goes to intervene and attempts to reach Sonny yet Sonny admits to Jason that he has nothing left in his life, with Morgan dead, Carly and Michael both abandoning him, as well as declaring to Jason that he's not the same friend he once counted on. Sonny admits to Jason that the "old Jason" would have eliminated Julian in order not to cause all the things that have happened, and he can no longer count on Jason to be there for him. He admits he wants nothing more to do with Jason because all he can think of is all the things he's lost. Meanwhile, Michael goes to the railroad bridge with Nelle who listens to him reminisce about his life with Morgan, how things will never be the same, and how he cannot forgive his father for what caused Morgan's death. Meanwhile, Carly is alone at The Metro Court. Alexis is also there, drinking and upset and they both confront Julian when he enters. Carly furiously runs Julian out of her hotel. Alexis calls Michael to come see his mom. Curtis reveals to Jordan that he is conducting a private investigation on his own that is none of hers nor the PCPD's business, especially after she's refused to give him a job on the police force. At first, she assumes he may be working for Sonny and warns him not to do that. Yet she then realizes he's working for Julian and clearly expresses her concerns about that. He reminds her, however, that the cops have done nothing. He might succeed where they fail, he declares, although he has yet to prove that Sonny tried to kill Julian with the car bomb. Claudette has fled and left Charlotte with Griffin. Yet he has doubts that he is fit to take care of a child, reminding Anna of the very mistake he and Claudette made that conceived Charlotte in the first place. Nathan later obtains information that although Claudette boarded a flight back to Canada, she did not get off the plane. Maxie admits to Nathan that although she does not care for Claudette, she does not wish harm on her, given that Valentin is apparently after her along with the anonymous guy who kidnapped Maxie. When Ava is alone, she gets an incoming call from an unknown number, and it appears Nikolas Cassadine is calling her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren is upset because Brash and Sassy broke the exclusive deal with Fenmore, but Jill and Victoria smooth things over and avoid a lawsuit.  Jill tells Cane he can't make anymore decisions without consulting the other company leaders.  Jill also advises Cane to balance work with family life. Travis suspects the Newman board members of leaking information to GC Buzz, so he tells Natalie to investigate them without telling Victor, but she tells Victor everything Travis told her to do.  Jack tells his informant that he will get more money when he gets him information that will make Victor suffer. Phyllis and Jack sign divorce papers, but she is determined to get back together with Jack, so she asks Billy to leave her alone. 

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