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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt welcomes the caterers and florist into Bill’s home for them to set up. Bill says he is asking Wyatt to be his best man……as he is here unlike a few others who are not showing up. Wyatt says he will be honored. It’s been a long road for Bill but they are back together. Ridge calls Brooke saying he wanted to catch her before she went to Bill. He wants to get those shares and give to Quinn but the thought of her marrying Bill sickens him. Brooke asks RJ if he has changed his mind and will go. He says only if it were his dad. He knows they still love each other. He doesn’t know why his dad is not putting up more of a fight to give her over to Bill. Rick is not attending either. He says his mother wanted a very intimate ceremony. Bill tells Wyatt to chill out; everything is under control. Wyatt calls him a lucky man, Mr. Calm, Cool and Collected. Rick is short with Ridge but Ridge says all is under control. Rick says whether Ridge believes it or not his mom is very much in love with Spencer so they could have a long happy life together and nothing Ridge can do about it.

When Donna shows up for Brooke, RJ tells his mother one last time that she is making a big mistake. Bill tells Justin and Wyatt that he is Super Mr. Cool, Mr. Ice Spencer. Now all he needs is his bride to get here. Rick tells Ridge that he does not like him or Bill either but between the two of them he would choose Ridge again. Unfortunately RJ shows up to see his dad so the conversation is over. Brooke tells Donna to forget those stupid superstitions, she is ready to go to Bill before the wedding and get dressed there. Justin and Donna seem excited to see each other again. Brooke tells Bill that all is breathtaking. Bill says everything is good and he is not going to let the minister leave until they all sign the marriage license. He is taking no chances. They will spend the rest of their lives together…..now and forever. RJ asks his dad why he let it go this far. There is no time to lose. He is letting her go to Spencer like he is not old enough to understand. Ridge says he is frustrated too. He still loves her. He is not letting her do anything. She wants this. RJ says they cannot stand by. Ridge has to stop this wedding.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole went to the cemetery and ran into Maggie. She told Maggie what happened with Deimos. Maggie tried to make Nicole feel better about what happened. Victor told Deimos that he planned on retiring so he could spend more time with Maggie. Deimos told Victor about Chloe having his child. Deimos filled Victor in on what happened with Nicole. Victor advised Deimos to take the baby from Chloe as soon as it's born. Rafe and Roman planned on how Rafe would take the fall for Hope's crime. Hope stood up to Aiden, but he told her that he wouldn't hurt her because he loved her. Kayla brought Valerie to Salem to help Abe. Nicole and Deimos ran into each other and she tried again to make things right with him. Aiden talked to Hope about how his life was before he met her. He wished that he met her back then instead of later. He apologized for making her wear the dress and for everything. He wanted to prove to Hope how much he loved her. Aiden gave her the only copy of her confession.

Roman and Rafe started talking to the deputy mayor. Abe was surprised to see Valerie. They were happy to see each other. They talked about how they used to date each other and how he broke up with her. Abe let Valerie know how much he loved Theo and didn't want to leave him. Valerie promised that he wouldn't die on her table. Hope and Aiden showed up at the police station just as Rafe was about to confess to Stefano's murder. Aiden told the deputy mayor that he was resigning as district attorney. The mayor didn't want Aiden to resign because he was losing too many people. Aiden told him that he was moving to Portland to be with his son. They left to talk in private. Hope was surprised that Rafe and Roman were going to take the blame for what she did. She wasn't going to let them do that. Roman walked away from Hope and Rafe. They talked privately about the nightmare being over. She asked Rafe if he would take her back. He thought about it for a second before he grabbed her and hugged her. Deimos asked Nicole to tell him what happened in 2012. Nicole explained what happened when she lost her son. She wanted to help Deimos and Chloe work things out with the baby. Nicole didn't want to risk losing him and Chloe because of what she did. Deimos was surprised that she didn't hear from Chloe. Deimos got a call about Chloe being missing. He realized that Nicole tipped Chloe off. Aiden found Hope again and reminded her that they were technically still married. He agreed to send her divorce papers. Kayla told Theo that the surgery went well. Abe ended up flat lining. Deimos was upset when Nicole admitted that she did warn Chloe about him coming after her. Deimos told her that he wouldn't forgive her if Chloe got away. Hope explained to Rafe that Aiden gave her the recording of her confessing to kill Stefano. Andre was shown listening to Hope's confession. He has a copy of it too.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis finds Sonny outside the Haunted Star and offers her condolence for the loss of Morgan while she urges him not to blame himself and assures him she and Kristina there there for him. She later goes to The Metro Court and finds Julian, coldly letting him know that she is aware and could care less that the bomb was installed in his car with the intend to kill him although she regrets that Morgan had to pay with his life because of Julian. Hayden and FInn are happily together ready to sleep together when Tracy comes to his hotel room, interrupting them and reveals that while Hayden was sleeping and unaware, Finn made a call on her behalf to ask Tracy to give Hayden a job with ELQ. Tracy assumes that it can only mean that Hayden seduced Finn in order to get him to do that although Hayden is completely unaware that he made the call. She angrily tells Tracy she does not want her job and Tracy angrily tells Hayden she would not hire her. Hayden then concludes to FInn that this had to have been his way of getting rid of her. She assesses to him she can see he does not want to get close to anyone because of the loss of his wife and he admits that may be true. Franco is able to successfully obtain conclusive evidence to give to the cops that it was his mom who attempted to kill Lucas and Bobbie. She examines it and admits that he is correct and it's no longer a safety liability to have GH running and it can re-open. Tracy later comes by and finds out the positive news, asking the police commissioner whom the honorable member of the community is that saved her family's hospital. Jordan replies it was Franco which shocks Tracy. Ava is alone with Scott Baldwin when they run into Sonny who is on the brink of losing it and having a break down after losing not only Morgan but Carly and Michael, and feeling responsible for his son's death. Max discusses his concerns about Sonny's state of mind with Jason. Sam also agrees that Jason needs to be there for Sonny and maybe they should postpone their plans to leave town in order to be there for Morgan's family.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon gets another phone call from Patty, who wants her to help her escape, but Sharon acts as though she is a roofer and she blows her off. Dylan tries to take the phone, but Sharon has already hung up. At the Athletic Club, Lily, Neil, Maddie, and Charlie have just come from a Halloween show when Charlie sees Cane with another woman. Paul visits Patty in the psych hospital but she pretends she doesn't know what Paul is saying to her. Kevin and Chloe have made love and are just talking lying in bed. Kevin goes downstairs for a bottle of wine when he is caught in a compromising situation by Chelsea, who has just come home. Both Chelsea and Kevin feel awkward. Dylan begins to question Mariah about what she knows about this Patty situation, but Mariah acts as though she doesn't really know anything else than what she has told him. Cane introduces Renee to Lily, who is angry with him that he hadn't attended the Halloween party with them.

Paul questions Patty about her paintings, but she doesn't want to discuss them. Paul and the doctor discuss moving Patty to a new facility. Patty is thrilled. Sharon worries that Sully will be taken away from her. Chloe and Chelsea discuss Kevin and her feelings for him. Chloe tries to get Chelsea to find someone new which irritates her. Chloe apologizes to her for her harsh remarks. Kevin tells Mariah that he and Chloe have made love. Paul comes to see Sharon and Dylan to let them know that Patty is being moved.

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