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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Justin gives Bill a present. Bill says he is getting married tomorrow. He does not want to spoil that. It’s a large provocative portrait of Brooke from the bedroom line. It’s for the man who has everything. Bill says au contraire; he does not have everything but tomorrow he will. The wedding planner drops in for last minute plans. Bill says he already has Brooke’s wedding present – Forrester shares. Justin says how romantic! That's as good as a vacuum cleaner. But it is time for Brooke to become Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer. Ivy sits with Eric. She tells him that Quinn has asked those people who upset him to come back later. He says he wants to be a real husband to his wife, not this. She assures him that he has given everything to Quinn. Eric tells her that he is so lucky to have Ivy in his corner. The office all question Quinn and why she is holding Eric captive the way she did Liam. Quinn says Eric needs his rest and they can’t all come at once and stay too long. She reminds him that she is legally on hand to supply what Eric needs when papers needs a signature. She will go home when Eric needs her. In the meantime she will be here and they will be working for her.

Thomas tells Quinn that they may answer to her but not to Wyatt. He must have been just sitting and waiting for this to happen. Wyatt says they should just open their eyes and see how good Quinn is to and for Eric. Thomas tells him to get off his high horse. She says she spent so many years faking being tough and strong and she forgot she was faking until Eric came into her life. Brooke speaks and says she knows Quinn has the legal right to sign checks and things but Quinn should check with others around her that have been there for him before. Quinn says they all need to overcome all these old hostilities. But Ridge still says he intends to get her out of Eric’s life and their lives. Quinn comes home to find Eric daydreaming. She sits on the bed with him and he asks her to tell him how it went at FC. She says he knows she does not have many fans there….except now for Wyatt. And he told her that Brooke is marrying his father tomorrow. Eric jokes that Brooke likes to be married. Bill asks Alison and Justin to toast to his happiness. Brooke rails at Ridge that he has to stop kissing her in the office. He is not taking into consideration that she loves Bill. They support each other and he makes her feel like she can do anything. She knows what she wants. Now she wants to know what Ridge wants.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden reminded Hope about meeting him in his hotel room. He also reminded her that she, Rafe, and Roman would go to jail if she didn’t meet him. Rafe saw Aiden and threatened him. Kayla wanted Marlena’s help to plan a romantic getaway with Steve. John and Steve were looking for office space when he received a mysterious text from Kayla. Steve went running after her. Marlena saw Andre and thanked him for helping with Clyde. Kayla met Steve at the pier. Rafe was upset that Aiden bought her a dress to be with him. Rafe wanted to help Hope, but she was determined to handle it by herself. Steve and Kayla talked about spending their lives together. Hope met Aiden at the hotel. He wanted to romance her, but she wanted to hurry up and get through it. Rafe told Roman about Aiden blackmailing Hope.

Aiden went down memory lane with Hope, but she didn’t fall for it. Rafe told Roman that Aiden figured out that she killed Stefano and they helped cover it up. Roman wanted to beat Aiden up. Rafe decided to confess to killing Stefano. Eduardo met with Kate at the Martin house. Kate wanted to get to know Eduardo again. He wanted to do the same thing. Steve told Kayla that he wanted to keep going to therapy so he wouldn’t screw up their relationship again. Kayla wanted Steve to move back home. Roman talked Rafe out of confessing to Hope’s crime. Aiden wanted to move on from what happened between him and Hope. Hope would never get over what Aiden did. Aiden wanted to dance with Hope. She refused to dance with him, but he played her confession. Needless to say, she changed her mind.  Steve and Kayla danced on the pier until her phone went off. Kate and Eduardo flirted with each other. Aiden tried to make a move on Hope, but she wouldn’t let him. She warned him that he wouldn’t do to her what Chase did to Ciara.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna notices a photo and notification about Valentin Cassadine and admits to Griffin that she knows she's seen or heard Valentin somewhere although she realizes nobody heard of him until the people met him at Cassadine Island not long ago. Laura overhears their conversation and warns them about how dangerous Valentin is, from her experience on Cassadine Island. While she has dinner with Kevin, they both conclude they need not be afraid of Valentin since he's probably out of their lives and detained in prison. We do not find out how or why Maxie got held captive nor whom the guy is who did it by first mistaking her for Claudette. She manages to break free, calls Nathan, he goes to rescue her and she appears to be ok. We do not see or hear what has happened to her captor. Meanwhile, Claudette has left Charlotte with Griffin, now concluding she will be safe with him. She gets on her flight, without her daughter, to return to Canada after knocking Griffin out, so he cannot prevent her from doing so. And as soon as she's on the plane, a man sits beside her whom she identifies as Valentin Cassadine. Carly is still distraught and not knowing how to cope with the loss of Morgan. She finds out that Kiki was with Dillon and gave Morgan good reason to believe she bailed on him, and so she lashes out at Kiki, blaming her for what happened to her son. Sonny is calmer and supportive to Kiki, assuring her this is not her fault and reminds Carly she needs to know the only person she blames is him. She admits she blames more than one person but it does not matter since their son is gone. Although Sonny wants her to be with him, she continues to tell him that she only sees the man who killed her son when she looks at Sonny. They have no reason to believe Morgan survived the crash yet have not found his body nor evidence of his death. When Dante brings the charred jade necklace that Carly had given Morgan, which they found in the wreckage, Sonny and Carly wonder what to do regarding the timing of his funeral. Hayden is with Finn and they wonder about his future, whether his days are numbered or whether the two of them should plan on having a future together and at that point, they kiss and it appears they are ready to sleep together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin and Chloe have their second official date and it goes so well they later make love. Nick says goodbye to Sully and has a memory of Christian. Nick goes to Chelsea's and tells her it was hard saying goodbye to Sully because being with him gave him comfort and made him think of Christian. Victor is going to sue Devon and Hilary because they won't reveal their source for the leaked Newman Enterprises information. Jack meets with his source again and gets more information about the company. Phyllis agrees to continue to help Jack with his plan of revenge against Victor, and Jack admits to Phyllis he needs her help for his plan to work. Dylan wonders why Patty was painting pictures of a pregnant Sharon, but Sharon tells him that Patty was obsessed with her when they were together at Fairview and that Mariah proved that Patty wasn't the stalker. Sharon tells Dylan the calls have stopped but then Sharon's phone rings again.

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