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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn says no more questions, no more technicalities, the license has been signed and they are legally married….and Wyatt was there to see it all. Eric asks Wyatt and Quinn to go to Forrester and oversee things and speak for him. He trusts her, not Ridge. He asks his new son, Wyatt, to support his mother. Bill tells Donna that he wants to get married today. Heck he wanted to get married yesterday but it has taken them this long. He mentions that even Ridge wants them to get married now. Donna cannot believe that Ridge would support this. Bill says he is getting something out of this – a wedding present… that will get rid of Quinn once and for all. Pam and Charlie tell Nicole and Zende and a few others there will be a meeting at Forrester where the new POA will give them Eric’s instructions. Just before Wyatt and Quinn leave Ivy rushes in and is told she can be in charge and stay with Eric and not to let any more family members in.

Ridge tells Brooke and Thomas that he would like to keep this quiet amongst themselves but Steffy and Liam are back together and they will be discreet out of respect for Wyatt. Quinn and Wyatt walk in and Ridge is smug when he says all hail the conquering hero returns. He says he will never take orders from her; will only listen to his father. The words will go in one ear and out the other. Pam and Charlie try to sneak in to see Eric while Quinn is away. Ivy says she will have to have permission from Quinn. Quinn tells Ridge that she understands his frustrations but she is only trying to do what Eric asks and that is to keep the peace. She will not let anyone upset him. Wyatt says he has seen them more than anyone else and he sees their love for each other. Ridge calls him mommy’s boy and Thomas wants to know why he is even here. Pam rails that her sister lived in this house and that witch has taken it all and is being a dictator. Quinn tells the family that they were the ones that did not show up at his wedding. It broke Eric's heart. Rick says they couldn’t because of her past. She says that is irrelevant now and they are still treating him that way. These are his wishes and she expects every single person in thus room to follow them. Until Eric returns she will be CEO of FC and Ridge and Steffy are relieved of their duties.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad let Lucas know that he was ready to take care of Thomas. Lucas believed he was ready to take care of him too. Gabi played music for JJ to help him come out of the coma. Nicole told Deimos that Chloe was having his baby. Deimos reminded her that it wasnít possible because of the paternity test. She told him that Chloe talked to the doctor and had the results switched. He was excited about the news until he found out how long she knew the truth. Nicole tried to use the fact that Chloeís her friend and she was worried that he would take the baby from her as an excuse. Deimos was still upset with her for keeping the truth from him.

Chad took Gabi and Arianna out to eat so Gabi could take her mind off of JJ. Paul let Sonny know that he wanted to just be friends before and he thought they should be too. Paul reminded Sonny that he just wanted to be friends before and he thought they should be too.  Sonny was about to say something when Paulís friend showed up. Nicole tried to explain to Deimos why she didnít say anything about Chloe. Nicole used everything to convince Deimos to forgive her for what she did. She wanted Deimos to get a chance to be a father and hoped she didnít make a mistake telling him. Sonny was surprised to see Paulís date show up. Jennifer and Julie visited JJ in his hospital room. Julie told Jennifer that JJ would get better. Deimos told Nicole that the mistake she made was not telling him the truth. Deimos threw her past up in her face and told her that not child should want to be around her. Nicole didnít like that remark and slapped him. Deimos walked away from her. Sonny confided in Adrienne that he thought something could happen with Paul, but he was wrong. Lucas wanted to be there for Jennifer. He wanted to take her to a meeting. After they went to the meeting, they went back to JJís room. JJ talked in his sleep. He wanted Gabi to forgive him for something. Deimos paid someone to find Chloe. He wanted her brought back to Salem. Nicole called Chloe to warn her that she told Deimos the truth and that she had to protect the baby.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Claudette finds her hotel room has been trashed. She frantically goes downstairs to find Griffin and informs him that she and their daughter are in danger because somebody snuck into their room and trashed it, concluding to him that Valentin Cassadine knows where they are. For that reason, she informs him, he either needs to come with her and Charlotte or they will have to leave town for good, and he will never see them again. Griffin, however, presents to her another option when he notices Anna sitting at a table and goes up to inform Anna that he, Claudette, and Charlotte need her help. When she finds out for the first time that this little girl is his daughter and Duke's granddaughter, Anna happily engages with them. Claudette, however, does not feel Anna can help them and rushes off, gets on the phone and tries to book a flight for herself to Calgary, leaving Charlotte behind with Griffin. Nathan wonders why he has not seen or heard from Maxie and thinks she may have gone to see Claudette the night before. Outside of Claudette's hotel room, Nathan runs into her. After she informs him that her room had been "tossed," he goes inside and finds nothing out of place but spots something that belongs to Maxie and immediately knows his fiancť is in danger. Meanwhile, the guy, Gary, who wants to find Claudette and Charlotte, is holding Maxie hostage until she tells him where they are. She is hoping to outsmart him until he releases gas from a furnace and leaves her in the basement. She starts to shout for help, feeling that she can't breathe.

Carly is grieving alone when Sonny shows up at her house. She lets him in and informs him that she and Michael planned Morgan's memorial service without telling Sonny the details. He urges her not to shut him out although she reminds him that she cannot look at him with the constant reminder she will always have that he has taken Morgan from her. She admits she also blames herself for disregarding all the warning signs, choosing to be with Sonny when she knew full well of the danger that posed to her kids. Carly assures Sonny that neither she nor Michael will stop him from attending the funeral. Dante is obsessed and very stressed with finding out what caused the bomb that killed Morgan yet coming up with nothing. He expresses to Lulu he believes he failed his brother and has to get these answers. He looks like he's discovered something startling, goes to find Sonny and Carly and informs them that they found something at the crash site.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor is in his office at Newman Enterprises watching the news broadcast in which Hilary is telling the whole world about Newman Enterprises' unlawful business practices. Natalie walks in and tells him that this is not good. Jack is in his office at Jabot also watching the news broadcast about Victor. At GC Buzz, Devon confronts Hilary about her news broadcast about Victor and Newman Enterprises. At the Athletic Club dining room, Abby tells Ashley that her marriage to Ben is over. Mariah is with Nick at the hospital while Ben examines him and pronounces that he is able to go home. Dylan talks to Sharon by webcam and tells her that he knows all about what is going on about Patty possibly being outside her house. Mariah and Nick discuss the fact that Sully and Christian's birthdays are so close together. Ben interrupts them and tells Nick that he is able to go home. Abby and Ashley discuss Abby's problems with Ben. Abby doesn't really know what love is. Devon reprimands Hilary for her news segment about Victor. Phyllis feels that this is enough to bring Victor down, but Jack thinks it is only just beginning. Victor arrives at GC Buzz to tell his side of the story to Hilary and the rest of the crew.

Ashley interrupts Jack and Phyllis. Jack tells Ashley that he is indeed the one who gave it to Victor with both barrels. Ashley warns Jack about what he is doing. Ashley also reminds him that Phyllis was trying to destroy the flash drive when Billy stopped her. Victor insists to Hilary that someone set him up. He takes off the microphone and leaves the set. Abby and Ben meet in the park where she tells him that their marriage is over. Nick arrives home to Sharon's but Mariah cannot get him out of the room fast enough so she can tell Sharon what Nick has been talking about. Sharon decides that Nick is getting too close to the children and he needs to leave. Phyllis watches from a safe distance when Victor arrives at Jabot to have it out with Jack. Jack invites Phyllis to join them in his office. Jack gives Victor an address of a very good PR firm who can help him in his problems. Victor accuses Jack of setting him up. As a result of talking to Sharon, Nick packs his things to leave. Summer texts Phyllis to talk to her in her office, but when Phyllis gets there, she finds out that it was Victor who had texted her.

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