Thursday 10/20/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 10/20/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn sits with Eric and when he asks she says Ridge can be a little intimidating but she can handle him. Eric asks if he threatened her. She says no, but she has changed the security guards so Ridge cannot move her out in the middle of the night. They will only be loyal to them, not Ridge. Later Wyatt comes over and says he is not in the best mood today. She says he does not have to lose Steffy. He can fight, that is the way she raised him. She explains to him the new security team and she will not jeopardize her husband’s health even if it is to keep his own son away. As they look in on Eric he says that Quinn needs her son so he wants Wyatt to move in. Donna comes home and stops by Bill’s to find out about the wedding. He says they cannot wait any longer for a teenage boy to come around. Ridge and Brooke discuss her needing to marry Bill to get the shares when Brooke tells him that RJ has not come around yet. He still believes she and Ridge ought to be together. Ridge says he thinks that way too. She asks outright if he has feelings for her. He jokes that of course he does. Brooke tells Ridge that Eric will eventually realize what he has done and kick Quinn out. Ridge says they do not have that long; they need to get rid of her now.

Bill tells Donna that once before Ridge stopped him from marrying Brooke but what he cannot stop is their love. Brooke tells Ridge one more time that she is a big girl and she can take care of herself. She’s told him before that she would never marry Bill or anyone just to make a business transaction. He tells her there is something about her, his Logan, and he just wants her to be happy. Maybe it is all this talk about memories from RJ but he is thinking about them too. Wyatt is shocked. He says he had his reservations about them as a married couple but this is a lot to think about to actually move in with them. Quinn keeps babbling and trying to get him to say yes. He says he does not hate the idea but he thinks they need a private moment. Carter comes in with a copy of the unsigned marriage license and says they need to take care of that. Wyatt wants to leave but Eric reminds him no one in the family was there for the wedding; he wants him to stay now. Ridge tells Brooke that Bill should not even be allowed to look at her much less to marry her. Bill calls Brooke and says the journey is theirs now so they need to get it done. He will not go back on his word and she can have the shares and hand them over to Ridge if she wants to. She tells Ridge and says that is what she wants. Then he kisses her. Quinn signs the license and then Eric does. He wants Carter to say it – “I now pronounce you man and wife and you may kiss the bride.” Carter says it is official so his work is done. Wyatt says now he knows they need some alone time. Eric tells him stay once again. He wants to even call him son. Wyatt says he is very honored if they both want this. He will move in. Eric thanks him. He says he is sorry Wyatt lost Steffy. He is not as pretty as her but Wyatt has him now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Blanca was at the pub with Dario and a man named Guillermo was watching her. It turned out that he was her ex-boyfriend. Maggie met with her doctor and the doctor had a concern with her. Deimos met Philip at the pier and they talked about how the business was getting ruined because of Brady’s actions. Philip wanted Deimos to talk to Victor about giving him another chance, but he didn’t want to do it. Brady wanted Theresa to move on from what happened with Xander. She couldn’t move on until she told Brady everything. Guillermo went to Blanca to talk to her, but she was upset with him. She reminded him that he cheated on her and then got involved with the drug cartel. Dario wanted him to leave Blanca alone. The doctor told Maggie and Victor how her problem with walking was in her mind. Deimos and Philip ended up talking about how hard his life was growing up with Victor.

Julie went to the mansion to see Maggie and ran into Victor. She told Victor why Maggie was hesitant to walk. Nicole overheard Deimos tell Philip why he wanted Chloe’s baby to be his. Theresa told Brady that she lied about Xander trying to rape her. Brady took the confession very well. He understood why she lied to him. Dario threatened to fight Guillermo, but he wasn’t afraid. Blanca stopped them from fighting. Blanca threatened to tell his boss about him stealing drugs. Philip went to talk to Victor about being back at the company, but they talked about Maggie’s condition.  Victor told him that he decided to step back from Titan for a while to spend more time with Maggie. Nicole called Chloe to talk to her about Deimos knowing the truth about her pregnancy. Deimos saw Nicole on the pier, but he didn’t hear what she said. Victor told Maggie about his plans at Titan. She suddenly wanted to dance with him. Dario threatened to tell Rafe about Guillermo if he didn’t leave. Dario wondered how Blanca ended up with Guillermo if he didn’t leave. Dario wondered how Blanca ended up with Guillermo. Guillermo saw Theresa at the town square and called someone to let the person know that he saw her. Nicole wanted to tell Deimos something that she was keeping from him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sonny and Carly are both alone in their respective homes, both in crisis over the loss of Morgan. Michael is with his mom while she gets settled into her old house. She declares she needs some answers as to how, when and why her son went downhill, got expelled from school, started drinking, and the unsolved mystery of when, how, why or if he stopped taking his meds, which everyone believed were proven to help him stay on track. She calls André over and demands to know what he has to say about his assessment of her son's illness throughout the time he was hospitalized and then released. Andre informs Carly that Morgan didn't go for the blood test he'd ordered and admits he has no answers. Meanwhile, Ava knows she has to eliminate any and all evidence that could tie her to what happened to Morgan. She goes into his bedroom to take and replace the meds she tampered with when Nelle finds her. She can clearly see there is something very suspicious about Ava and Sonny's connection to his infant daughter's mom. He confides in her how Ava poses a threat to everyone he loves including Morgan. Nelle is worried when she hears that and calls Carly expressing her concerns about Sonny. Carly refuses to listen and hangs up. Sonny first has a dream that Carly has come back to him and declares her love and permanent commitment to him, in spite of what happened to Morgan. He later dreams that she and Ava arrange to take Avery from him and Carly declares she trusts Ava with the baby and not him because Ava, at least, did not get Morgan killed. Ava leaves the house and puts the meds she wants to hide in the trash. Yet shortly thereafter, we see someone reach in and take them out of the trash.

Both Nathan and Griffin are wondering what to do with Claudette and are both very confused by her actions and intent. She makes it clear she is not interested in Nathan and clearly wants a future with Griffin. She suddenly reveals to Griffin that he is her daughter's father and made Nathan falsely believe that, due to his being a cop, coming from a wealthy family. She believes her daughter would be safest with him and not with her while she is with Griffin. She reminds them both that a real danger and potential threat in all of their lives is Valentin Cassadine who is at large and threatening the girl and everyone involved in her life. Unknown to everyone, a big guy named Gary grabs Maxie in Claudette's room, holds her captive and informs her he needs her to tell him where to find the little girl in order to let her live. She attempts to negotiate with him, assuring him she does not care about Claudette and will do what he wants, but he must negotiate on her terms in order for her to help him. Yet he does not trust or believe Maxie and she is in suspense as to whether he will kill her.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley confronted Jack with her suspicion that he was secretly working on something with Phyllis. Jack vehemently denied it. Hilary was bothered by the poor feedback that her first interview for GC Buzz received. Devon was convinced that taking the high road would eventually lead to better ratings. Jack anonymously dropped off the stolen Newman financial report at GC Buzz. Cane and Lily decided to take a trip, without the kids, once Cane had more free time. Neil, Lily, Devon met for a family lunch. Devon left early because he was offended by Lily's unflattering comments about Hilary. Hilary filmed a story on the Newman document, but Devon told her they couldn't run it because the papers might be fake. Devon also wanted to get a comment from Victor. Natalie became Victor's executive assistant. Victor and Natalie suspected Travis of leaking confidential documents from Newman. Travis was angry about their accusation, and he maintained his innocence. Victor believed Travis.

Victoria solved Brash and Sassy's manufacturing problem. Billy unsuccessfully tried to get Phyllis to tell him what was on the flash drive. Phyllis introduced Billy to a security guard who'd been assigned to follow him and make sure he didn't come onto Jabot's floor anymore. Jack told Phyllis that he dropped off the documents. She seemed troubled by how gleeful he was about getting revenge. Ashley threatened to run Phyllis out of town if she hurt her brothers. Phyllis swore she was through with Billy and that he was going to win Jack back. Travis told Victoria what happened with Victor. Victoria told him that Victor never put his complete trust in anyone. Victoria and Travis talked about trust, and he walked out after she admitted that she didn't fully trust him, due to his past lie. Victoria chased after him. Neil tried to convince Jack to come back to the Foundation, but Jack refused. Jack apologized to Victor for declaring war on him, but Victor didn't believe Jack was being sincere.

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