Wednesday 10/19/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge shows his dad the documents. It has his name on it as POA and all Eric has to do is sign it. He’s not happy with Quinn being here but they will talk about that later. Right now they just need to talk about her not being POA and trying to take care of this house and the company. It can't be Quinn; it has to be Ridge. Quinn tells Pam once again that she loves Eric and she will be here all the time to take care of him. Liam tells Steffy that having her here in his arms……in their house where all their memories are, he needs her here now. He says she does not have to bring everything over but just the essentials. He does not want her to leave. They can be discreet. He does realize she is trying to be sensitive to Wyatt. She says yes and that is why she would like to keep this just between them for now. She cannot move in now but she is ready to move forward. Without saying a word, he takes her hand and guides her to the bedroom. RJ tells Brooke that he is not that insecure little boy who wants his parents back together. But he knows how much they truly love each other and his dad is more than Bill will ever be to her. Rick walks in and tells Brooke that he would like an answer to what she and RJ were talking about. He realizes that she does not want to discuss her love life with her son. She reminds him that RJ does not like Bill anyway so she does not want Rick to add to that by talking badly about him too. They need Bill’s shares. Rick says so far all of Ridge’s ideas have been bad.

Ridge keeps on about the POA until he upsets Eric and he calls out Quinn’s name and finally manages to get to the panic button to get Quinn. She rushes in and Eric barks at Ridge to just go home. Steffy and Liam start to disrobe each other and he carries her to the bed. Afterwards he muses that everyone told him just to move on but he couldn’t. She was always in his heart. She says even when things got rough she never stopped loving him either. Ridge tells Quinn that she has manipulated her way into a pretty nice situation. She says what situation she would like is that they get along. She is Eric’s POA. Ridge tells her that he is going to continue to run the company and she will stay out of his way and he will give her a little office for her jewelry business. He will run the business and she can handle his father. He will check with the nurses and if she does one thing wrong she will be out of here as fast as she moved in. Eric has always let women snow him when they get their claws in him. None of them are here. She may have wrapped Eric around her little finger for now but it will fall to pieces and he will forget her. And make no mistake, her time is over here and Ridge will get rid of her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena, Gabi, and Chad tried to help JJ after he was shot. JJ ended up passing out. Steve put the gun on Orpheus. While Steve and Orpheus were talking, John managed to fight Orpheus off and got the drop on him. John tied Orpheus up and he and Steve took him to the police station. Steve told Kayla about capturing Orpheus. Justin ran up to Adrienne and hugged her because he was relieved that she was okay. Anne talked to Lucas about her problems with her mother. Marlena arrived at the police station and was happy that John was okay. Marlena thanked Steve for saving John. A cop told Marlena that Orpheus needed her. She didnít want to help him, but the cop reminded her that she had to do it.

Jennifer arrived at the hospital. Gabi assured Jennifer that JJ would be okay. Marlena prepared to help Orpheus. She made sure to hurt him while she was tending to him. He told Marlena that he should have killed her. He also reminded her about her past and how she was a hypocrite. Orpheus grabbed her arm and managed to manhandle the cop. Orpheus took the gun from the cop and threatened him if he didnít leave the room. Gabi blamed herself for what happened to JJ. Chad tried to make her feel better about what happened. Adrienne was surprised that Justin felt the way he did about her being okay. Justin explained why he cared so much. Adrienne threw up in Justinís face that he cheated on her. She told Justin that sheís getting married to Lucas. Justin felt like she was rushing into marriage. Justin suddenly passed out. Orpheus told Marlena that he was tired of fighting and he was done. Lucas tried to help Anne feel better about her mother, but he had to get back to work. Justin woke up and Adrienne apologized for not being grateful for his concern. Kayla told Jennifer that JJ slipped into a coma. Jennifer talked to JJ. John and Steve yelled for Orpheus to open the door. Orpheus took something Marlena had in her bag. He wanted to kill himself and Marlena. Orpheus died before he could kill Marlena. Jennifer didnít know what she would do if she lost JJ. Gabi begged for JJ to get better. Marlena tried to save Orpheus, but John told her it was too late.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Ava overhears Dr. Obrecht on the phone at The Metro Court trying to get a new job at Mercy Hospital without success. Obrecht thinks that something is "not right" with Morgan's death in her professional opinion, and the truth will be uncovered when they test his meds. At that point, Ava realizes she needs to gain access to Morgan's room, so she goes to Sonny's house. He finally agrees to let her see Avery just to shut her up and get her out of his house. He suspects nothing when she goes into Morgan's room with the meds she previously took and replaced with placebos, puts the meds he was supposed to take (and believe he was taking) on his bedside table, assuming she is "in the clear". When she drops the bottle of meds under the bed and attempts to reach underneath to retrieve it, Nelle finds her and asks what she is doing on the floor of Morgan's room. Maxie and Nathan find out the DNA test she secretly ran with Nathan's DNA, proves that Charlotte is not his daughter. Nathan wonders why she would do that and goes to tell Griffin. He finds him with Claudette who's trying to get the ex-priest to run away with her. Claudette admits that Charlotte is, in fact, Griffin's daughter. Both men do not understand her motive for hiding from Griffin that they have a daughter and having Nathan falsely believing she is his. Maxie calls Dr. Obrecht to sit with Charlotte and goes to Claudette's hotel room hoping to find and confront her there. She hears loud music, knowing someone is there and enters but is surprised by a large, bearded man. She runs to the door but he prevents her from leaving, covers her mouth and tells her to be quiet. Hayden is willing to stop at nothing to get the money Finn needs in order to fund his research and find a cure to save his life. She has a strange guy named Evan believing that she will sleep with him in exchange for his writing her a large check. Yet she gets him drunk after getting him to write the check, before he can re-consider, having him passed out and incapable of having his way with her. Finn rushes to save her and helps her get Evan into his bed so he'll believe the deed was done. She happily reveals to Finn that she got the money he needs. He admits he was worried about her then watches her pass out.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy wants Ashley to find out what Phyllis is planning, because he thinks that she wants to hurt Jabot; but Ashley refuses to spy on Phyllis and tell him the information, because she loves him but she doesn't trust him anymore. Phyllis tells Jack that she will give the information to GC Buzz to protect him and Jabot in case Victor finds out and will think she is still seeking revenge on him and the company will not be hurt. Chloe worries that people will find out what she did to Adam so she seeks protection from Kevin by telling him she is ready to have a romantic relationship with him again. Chelsea takes Connor to the hospital because he has another ear infection. Nick stays overnight at the hospital, because Stitch wants to make sure he doesn't have a concussion from the hit on the head that Kevin gave him, because he thought he was Sharon's stalker. Paul wonders why Mariah went to visit Patty at the institution. Mariah tells him that she thought that Patty was making the hang-up calls to Sharon, because she was trying to reach Dylan like she did last year during the fire. Paul wants to know why Patty made a painting of a pregnant Sharon. Sharon tells him that she was probably excited about being a great aunt. Sharon and Mariah are nervous because Paul is going to spend the night guarding them since Nick is in the hospital. The guard that Adam attacked made a miraculous recovery and tells Chelsea that he wished that he would have recovered sooner, so he could have testified for Adam at his trial, because he knows Adam wasn't responsible for his actions.

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