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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam tells Eric that their prayers were answered and it is good to have him back. Ridge says RJ is there and they all love Eric and he also is glad he is back. Quinn tells Wyatt that Eric is better but the family is still treating her like a piranha. She just wishes they could see how much they love each other. Steffy and Liam hug and he asks if he can’t convince her that last night was the last night they will be apart. She says in deference to Wyatt she thinks they have to do this. She just wishes all would see how dangerous Quinn is – dangerous enough that she ended her marriage because of her. She stayed in it as long as she could. She does feel guilty though for giving up. Liam says she had to do this to be safe. And Wyatt knows what Quinn is capable of yet it is his choice to support her and not Steffy. Quinn tells Wyatt that she cannot believe she has control over everything. Wyatt warns her not to lord that over everyone. Brooke tells Eric that it is good to see his eyes open again and it will soon be like old times. Ridge agrees; he is the glue that holds this family together. RJ tells his granddad he has moved back to L.A. so hurry up and get better so they can go surfing. Pam says they prayed everyday and Brooke says they are so grateful that he fought to come back to them. They leave his bedside while the nurse comes in. But Eric tells Ridge to stay. Ridge sits on his bed and says he does not know what Quinn told him but he did what he did to protect him and he hopes Eric knows that.

Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy left him so excuse him for not exactly listening to her little “family does not like me” problems now. So what is good for her now with Eric sucks for him now. She says it breaks her heart that Steffy won’t accept their marriage but Wyatt does not have to let her walk away. Steffy tells Liam that she just wishes the circumstances were different, so do not leave anything for her in the fridge as she does not know how long this divorce will take but she wants to do this the proper way and not spend the night here until it is over. He says he knows she has a history with Wyatt but all things within reason. They have waited so long that all he wants to do is………but he gives in and says this will give them something else to look forward to. Ridge laments to Eric that he just naturally thought Eric would name him POA and he panicked when he realized he didn’t and it was Quinn. He says he is just glad that Eric is back and putting words together so they can talk about this another time. Quinn says she is being optimistic here. Steffy has not tried to get to know her, her actions are pure. Life is precious and that is what she is doing. She is never going to let anything or anyone come between her and her husband again. As Ridge tries to speak he tells Eric that this is not probably the best time but Eric seems to want to talk. He has drawn up new papers naming him as POA; this is all to protect him and the family’s legacy. No matter how Eric feels about Quinn, she cannot handle that. It has to be Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John, Marlena, Hope, and Jennifer saw the bomb at the pub. John offered himself as a hostage in order to save the others. JJ saw Gabi and Chad at the DiMera mansion. JJ wanted Gabi to go to Jenniferís house, but she didnít want to deal with Julie. JJ gave in and agreed that she should stay with Chad. JJ thanked Chad for looking out for Gabi. JJ got a call about the bomb being at the pub. Marlena tried to stop John from being Orpheusí hostage. He promised Marlena that he would come back to her. Orpheus went in the pub and took John and Hopeís clips from them. He wanted Hope to tie John up and then he disarmed the bomb. Orpheus took John out of the pub. Jennifer came back downstairs with a bomb strapped to her.

Marlena told Hope how Jennifer got the bomb attached to her. Hope talked Marlena into leaving the pub. Marlena decided to go to the hospital. Hope tried to keep Jennifer calm. Hope told Jennifer that she would disarm the bomb if the bomb squad didnít show up. JJ saw Orpheus and John on the pier. Orpheus shot JJ and he and John left. Steve wanted to help John and Kayla wanted him to help him. Orpheus told John that he planted another bomb at the pub. Hope told Rafe that she needed help. Gabi panicked when she heard JJ get shot. Marlena found JJ on the ground. Hope asked Rafe to help defuse the bomb. Orpheus wanted to kill Roman with the extra bomb. John wanted Orpheus to take the money and leave. Orpheus wanted everyone to feel the pain he felt. Orpheus told John how his family turned on him because of John. John said his kids would be better off without him. Orpheus said that Johnís kids would be better off without him too. Orpheus prepared to kill John. Rafe asked Eduardo to talk to Hope so she could defuse the bomb on the phone. Hope had trouble, but she was able to defuse the bomb. Hope and Rafe said they loved each other and would talk later. Gabi and Chad found JJ and Marlena together. Orpheus was about to shoot John when Steve put a gun on him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Right when Maxie and Nathan are ready to spend a private romantic evening together, Claudette suddenly drops in on them and drops Charlotte off with him, manipulating Nathan to "be a dad" and for Maxie to support his choice. They are clearly not comfortable having the girl with them, not knowing what to say or do nor what Claudette is up to or when she will return. After she leaves, she goes to find Griffin and admits to him what her plan is, regarding letting her daughter stay with Nathan whom she knows can take better care of her than she can, and so that she can pursue her future with Griffin. Tracy, Finn and Hayden all want the hospital to re-open for many reasons, one being Finn's need to do his research in order to save his and others' lives. Yet they have no solutions. Hayden has a dinner date with a guy whom she is not interested nor he-her, until he reveals that he and his family manage financial grants for medical research. she finds herself desperate to stop at nothing to help Finn. Franco and Elizabeth have the same concerns, needing their respective jobs back. He announces he thinks he has an idea and goes to secretly visit his mother, Heather, at the mental facility. He informs her he's heard that there was another unidentified hospital murderer/attempted murderer besides Paul Hornsby and that's why they can't re-open. He tells her he's onto her and she admits she did, in fact, attempt to inject both Lucas and Bobbie but did it for a reason. He tells her he needs her help yet she knows a major reason he wants GH to open is to be with Elizabeth so she refuses to help him with that. Yet, at that point, Franco concludes that, knowing what he knows, he will do what is needed to unravel the mystery so the hospital can reopen. With that, he leaves to go find Elizabeth and announce the encouraging news to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon looks out the window and imagines that she sees someone looking in the window at her. She screams. Nick comes to her side and volunteers to have a look around outside, but Paul arrives and she recounts her story to him. He volunteers to have a look around outside but tells them to keep the doors locked. Billy and Phyllis struggle over the flashdrive which Billy refuses to give to her. Chelsea, Kevin, and Chloe spend a quiet evening at home. Paul comes back in and tells them that no one is outside. Paul receives a call that Patty has escaped from the psych hospital. Sharon worries that it is Patty outside her home. Billy manages to get the upper hand on Phyllis and locks her out of her own office. He wants to see what is on the flashdrive when the lights suddenly go out. Phyllis tries to pick the lock to get back in her office when the janitor comes along. Phyllis begs him to let her in. Paul visits the psych hospital to find out how Patty escaped. Paul looks at a few of Patty's paintings and sees a picture of a pregnant woman at Fairview and has a good idea it is Sharon. Nick agrees to have a look around and, not knowing who it is, Kevin hits him in the head. Chloe has a dream about Adam which reveals some things to Chelsea. 

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