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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke cannot believe that Ridge tried to steal the POA from Quinn. He says it was not stealing. Desperate times call for desperate measures and he did it for the good of the company and his dad. He tells her it is time for her to have that wedding with Bill. RJ comes in as Brooke puts her hands on Ridge's shoulders and he says maybe they ought to get a room. Ridge says maybe he should knock first. RJ says he likes it and insists on them taking a family selfie. Zende and Sasha takes a break when she does not seem to be sparkling as usual. He asks what is wrong. She fills him in that Caroline is back and she and Thomas have a chance to be a real family and she does not want to get in the way of that. Nicole holds Lizzy and explains to Rick that what he and Maya have asked is very difficult but she knows he would like a real blood relative sibling for Lizzy. Katie visits Bill and they have a good relationship. She hints that Brooke and Ridge might put their family back for RJ. Sasha tells Zende that she and Thomas dated but did not get that far so all of this is okay. Douglas deserves a family with two loving parents. He becomes down too and says now Rick wants Nicole to be a surrogate again. Rick tells Nicole that he never thought in a million years he could be this happy. He knows he has made outrageous requests and he no right to ask Nicole that again but it would mean so much. Sasha cannot believe that Rick had the nerve to look Nicole in the eye and ask her to do that again. And now they would be asking Zende to go through that again too – twice that is too much. Nicole has to say no and not disrespect him that way.

RJ wants to know why Ridge is not fighting for Brooke. They belong together. Ridge says Brooke is her own person. RJ tells him he is a designer so put their family back together. He loved no one more than his mom. He should not let Bill have her. They can work together and get his mom back before it is too late. Brooke goes to Bill and they tell each other they have missed each other. RJ is home but he is in and out. She fills him in on Ridge not getting the POA but it is Quinn. He tells her they have to get on with their lives. They cannot let their kids dictate what they do; they will just have to deal with it. They are going to be together. Brooke says it is a little more complicated than that. Bill says RJ came back at the exact time that they should have been on the jet. He has been patient and understanding, but he is letting a teenager run his life. It cannot work out that way. He needs her to be his wife now. No more waiting; they will get married as soon as possible. RJ keeps telling Ridge that nothing is as important as family so they have to work on this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Deimos and Nicole told John, Brady, and Theresa about the plan they had to set up Xander. Xander believed Deimos and was prepared to get Theresa. He also wanted to get out of Salem. Orpheus noticed that Xander didnít answer his text. He had to carry out his plan on his own. Marlena talked to Hope because she noticed that something was wrong with her. Hope wasnít ready to talk to Marlena just yet. Jennifer arrived at the pub and talked to Hope about Aiden blackmailing her. Hope wanted to talk to Jennifer about her loss, but she didnít want to focus on it. The guy Orpheus has working for him was outside of the pub. Deimos explained that Xander would be arrested once he tried to leave for Greece.

Xander wasnít in the spot that Roman went to arrest him. Deimos found Xander at the right pier. He told Xander that he would help him get to Greece. He also wanted Xander to work for him. Deimos didnít want the family to know that he helped him. Xander wanted to get Theresa, but Deimos wouldnít help him get her. Xander was about to leave, but Deimos wanted a favor. Jennifer was upset that Aiden wanted Hope to be with him. Jennifer didnít want her to be with Aiden. Hope felt she didnít have a choice. Roman went to the Kiriakis mansion and told everyone that Xander wasnít at the right spot. John and Roman believed that Xander was tipped off. Deimos arrived at the mansion with bruises on his face and said that Xander hit him. Jennifer reminded Hope that Aiden did terrible things to her. Deimos told everyone that he tried to gain Xanderís trust and thatís why he tipped him off about the cops. He told them that he struggled with Xander and that he ended up falling in the water. Orpheus wanted to make sure that his plan was in place. Deimos called Xander to make sure that he stayed away. Orpheus called John to let him know that he had him and Marlena where he wanted them. There was a bomb under the table at the pub.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly returns to her old house where she lived before she got back with Sonny. She is distraught and all alone in the empty house, crying, in crises and not wanting any company until Jason comes by. She rushes to hug and be with him. He urges her to get back with Sonny and not blame him, reminding her that Sonny called off the hit and what happened the bomb going off was out of his control. Yet she adamantly protest to Jason that none of that matters now that Morgan is gone and she will never see him again. She cannot return to the house or to Sonny where Morgan used to be without him there. He admits he also feels responsible for trying and failing to save Morgan and was right there when the bomb exploded unable to do anything. He cries and Carly comforts him. Meanwhile, Julian goes to see Sonny attempting to get him to believe that they now need to end their violence and make peace. Yet Sonny furiously reminds Julian all the destruction he's done. Julian reminds Sonny he knows Sonny tried to kill him and wound up killing his own son. Realizing Sonny is not going to listen to his idea, he leaves and meets alone with Curtis, reminding him how he wants to go after Sonny knowing he's emotionally vulnerable as well as at risk of going down for the murder of his own son. Curtis has just spoken to TJ whom he is close to and cares for, who expresses how everyone feels about the tragic loss of Morgan and how he cares about Sonny and does not want anything to happen to him. At that point, Curtis is clearly in a dilemma. Meanwhile, Lucy Coe informs Tracy she has a real estate plan to sell the hospital to Tracy. If Tracy buys and owns it, she can call it the Tracy Angelica Quartermaine Hospital. At first, Tracy does not listen to Lucy's real estate ideas, but when she hears how she can own GH and make it QH, she seems interested. Not far away, Elizabeth and Franco have dinner, both expressing how they need their old jobs and for the hospital to re-open. wondering why it can't happen now that the killer has been caught. Yet Tracy informs them that the murder is still not completely solved, the hospital is not yet "safe" and cannot be re-opened. Overhearing that, Franco informs Elizabeth he thinks he knows of a way to get what they want regarding the reopening of the hospital and getting their old jobs back.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon worries that Nick is bonding with Sully, so she continues to shift his focus to Chelsea and Connor. Sharon is jumpy and nervous that Nick will discover the truth about Sully. She goes outside because she thinks she hears a noise and then she screams. Chloe wonders if the person calling Sharon could be tied to Adam, but Kevin tells her he doesn't think that's the case. Ashley manages to persuade the manufacturer of their moisturizer to concentrate on making their cosmetics instead of manufacturing the new Brash and Says perfume Bare. That leaves Brash and Sassy unsure if they can fulfill a big order they have from Fenmore's. When Jack asks Phyllis to help him in his plan to bring down Victor, she assures him that she will not let him down this time. Cane is stressed about work and gets upset with his kids for making a mess in his office.

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