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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy repeats to Liam that she knows it will take time but she is starting the separation process and she and Wyatt are over. And with Quinn now cemented in as POA all will go the way she planned. She says Liam was right all along. Ridge tells Rick, Thomas, Carter and Brooke that he lied and they are all in trouble as now Quinn legally has the POA. Rick says this is a disaster. Ridge says he assumed his dad had given him the POA and acted on that. Zende asks Nicole if she really would put herself through that with another nine months of being a surrogate. She says yes she knows it is too much to ask but she is considering it. He says great but there are other ways to get a little brother or sister other than her as surrogate. She has given the ultimate gift and she cannot do that again. Some things should not be asked. Even her own parents who love being grandparents to Lizzy would say this is too much. She agrees and says she will find the way to tell Maya and Rick. But she really liked this maternal feeling she was having. Zende says in the end she has to do what is right for her.

Rick hollers at Ridge that how did he not know he would make the matters much worse. Ridge says he threw Quinn out of the house, out of his dad’s life and out of the business and he knows every one of them would have done the same. Ridge says now Wyatt is going to suffer and regret this decision the rest of his life. Steffy tells Liam that she needed Quinn out of her life so ultimately that means Wyatt out of her life. He says he will accept it whatever pace it takes. Quinn made them all victims but they need to put that behind them. Eric made the decision of his own choice but they were manipulated and had no choice. And Liam defended her and now it is her turn. She believes in them too. Thomas says Stephanie must be turning over in her grave. Quinn is now running the finances, the company and all of their lives. Ridge tells them that Steffy is only going to find happiness with Liam so now that can happen. Steffy cries that she wants Liam back. It is clear to her now how much she needs him. He smiles and says that sounds so good. It has been literally years since he needed to hear her say that. They finally made it and he can tell his brother that he was right. They embrace with a passionate kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul and Dario were hurt in the explosion. Dario was at the hospital, but Paul was left unconscious at John and Marlenaís place. Joey wanted to leave the hospital to help everyone, but Kayla Ciara, Claire, and Theo forced him to stay put. Eduardo wanted to tell Adrianna about Dario, but he didnít want her to worry about him. Dario ended up telling Eduardo about the guy he hired that attacked Gabi. Dario explained that he hired him because he wanted Eduardo to leave town. Abe talked to Theo about pointing a gun at Clyde. Abe made Theo promise him not to do anything like that again.

Sonny performed CPR on Paul and he woke up. Sonny was relieved that Paul was awake. Eduardo tried to take the blame for what Dario did. Dario finally forgave Eduardo for what he did. Joey wanted to leave, but Ciara and Claire reminded him that Kayla didnít want him to leave the hospital. Kayla visited Abe and told him that the bullet was moving and that he needed another surgery as soon as everything was okay at the hospital. Eduardo saw Kate at the hospital and they talked. She realized that he was why the prisoners escaped. Eduardo told Kate what happened when they escaped. Eduardo blamed himself for what happened to everyone in Salem. Kate thought Eduardo should talk to his kids about what happened in the van.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Carly declares she is done with Sonny and cannot ever be with him again, asks Michael to help her move all her stuff out of Sonny's house and support her decision and reason to do what she must do. She declares to Sonny that it means nothing to her that he "reconsidered" going after Julian and called off his plans when Morgan is dead because of his actions. Kristina comes by and makes it clear to Michael that she does not approve of his mom turning on their dad and blaming him for what she believes is Julian's fault and not Sonny's. Josslyn overhears their conversation and demands to know what this secret is regarding her step-father's involvement in the death of her brother. Michael then explains to her that Julian's car got bombed. Morgan just happened to be driving his car when it blew up, and there's obvious reason to conclude how, why and from whom there'd be a bomb intended for Julian. At that point, Josslyn declares to her mom that throughout her life, she's heard, from many people, all the deep dark secrets about Sonny which she did not understand. She now understands perfectly and declares she blames him for the tragic loss of Morgan. Sam talks to her mom about what has happened, urging her not to judge or assume the worst about Sonny, realizing he's devastated about the loss of Morgan, as they all are. Alexis, however, clarifies to her daughter that, given it was Julian's car that was bombed, if only he had been driving, it would make their lives so much easier. Julian, however, goes to Crimson to declare to both Nina and Curtis that instead of vilifying him, they need to know that Sonny tried to murder him and ended up murdering his own son. He asks Curtis to investigate that for him, reminding him if he uncovers evidence which brings Sonny to justice for murdering his son, Curtis might have a bright future in law enforcement, which motivates Curtis to help him with what he wants.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Cane arrives at Brash and Sassy all ready for the launch of their new fragrance. Jill comes rushing in all worried that they may be rained out. Billy assures her that Victoria is working on the problem. Phyllis is in her office and turns on the computer when it appears on the screen that she is "busted." Phyllis rushes to Jack's office and encounters Ashley who tells her that deceit ended her marriage and now could cost her job. At the Athletic Club dining room, Lily, Devon, Neil, and Hilary are gathered. Lily tells them that she cannot handle the party here. Neil sees Jack come in and immediately joins him. Neil asks Jack about his working with Phyllis. Jack corrects him by telling him that she is working for him. Hilary approaches Jack and wants to talk to him about an interview, but Neil warns her not to mess with Jack. Hilary insists that she will not drag Jack through the mud in the tabloid. At Newman Enterprises, Victor lets Abby, Summer, and Travis know about the need for higher security at Newman. Victoria interrupts them and asks Victor for a favor. She asks if they can use Newman Towers for their launch party to which he readily agrees. Travis walks Victoria to the elevator, but Victor beckons him back into his office to finish their conversation about Jack Abbott. Victor cautions Travis not to let Abby and Summer know of this. After their conversation, Summer asks Victor if he suspects Jack of trying to sabotage his company. Summer reveals that she saw something about Newman Enterprises on Jack's computer, but Phyllis assures her that it was nothing. Billy takes a call from Victoria and relays the message to Cane and Jill, but Jill doesn't want to owe Victor. Jack arrives at his office and Ashley tells Phyllis to confess about what she did. Jack begins to rant and rave. Phyllis is afraid that Jack is going down the same road he warned her about. Jack denies the accusation but then finds out that Phyllis followed him to the park. Jack vows Victor will pay for the trouble he caused. Jill tells Victoria and Billy she has arranged for a taxi to take them to the launch party. Both Victoria and Billy disagree with Jill's interfering in their lives once again.

The party for Brash and Sassy begins with Jill introducing Cane, Victoria, and Billy as the team who came up with the new fragrance. Cane makes a short speech introducing the new fragrance. After his speech, Jill reveals the new fragrance: BARE!! Everyone congratulates the team. Lily needles Hilary for the viewing audience not being wowed by her coverage. Travis arrives but Jill takes joy in telling him that Victoria is with Billy. Everyone credits Cane for his work on the campaign. When Summer arrives at Jabot, Ashley pulls her aside, because Jack and Phyllis are arguing. Jill and Lily propose a toast to true love as Jill eyeballs Billy. Jill and Abby have a talk and Jill encourages her to go home to Stitch. Jack and Phyllis agree that they will bring Victor down together. At Newman Enterprises, Victor takes a call and says, "Well done and good work."

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