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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt stops by Eric’s house and Quinn says it is going to be a long way for recovery but she is going to be there every step of the way for Eric. She says she wishes Steffy had come with him as she would never bar her from seeing her granddad. Wyatt says it doesn’t matter as Steffy has left him. And it all stems from Quinn and what she has put their lives through. Nicole drops in on Zende at the office and he tells her that he cannot believe the audacity of both Maya and Rick to ask Nicole to give up another nine months and her have another baby for them. And he will be there those entire nine months too. She says they just asked and her listening is the least she can do. It is a serious question and deserves a serious answer. They have said they do not want Nicole to feel pressured so she will take her time. Bill’s favorite court clerk drops by and he is happy to see her thinking she has the backdated papers signed that ne needs. She chides him first that he never came through the first time. He says he will. She is surprised when he tells her that he is going to marry Brooke. She says she is one lucky woman but if that goes south then he knows where he can find her. Quinn says she is sorry that Wyatt lost Steffy but there is a whole other world out there. And maybe when Steffy sees how happy she and Eric are that she will even change her mind. Wyatt doesn’t feel she will and this is all on Quinn.

Ridge tells Steffy that it is not up to him to say if she is right or wrong to leave Wyatt. She reminds him again that she really loves Wyatt so this is not easy for her. She wishes she had some magical powers to turn back the time. He says the same, that is the way he feels about how things turned out with Caroline. He says his dad has that ability to see something good that is right in front of him. He never had that ability and he never will. Quinn laments to Wyatt that it may seem the hurt will never go away but it will. She is sorry for this. He says it is not fair why he always ends up like this. She says they are not going to let this get the best of them. Zende says Rick and Maya do not have the right to ask this of her and yet he does not hear her saying no. Surely she is not going through this again. Quinn tells Wyatt that she loves him so much and she’d like to fix this but she knows she can’t but it will get easier for him. Steffy rides her bike and ends up at Liam’s beach house. She looks around and finds him out back over the balcony looking at the ocean. He spots her and walks toward her. She says Wyatt could not keep his promise. He cannot say no to his mom and Quinn cannot do as he asks. She has everything now…..her grandfather, the company but she does not have her. That is why she is here. It is over.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Adrienne and Lucas reacted when they saw that André “shot” Chad. Clyde went to look for Thomas. Clyde realized that there was no baby in the crib. Chad got up from the floor and it turned out that André and Chad were working together. JJ found Clyde because he was locked in a room and he arrested him. Aiden left a gift for Hope. She told him that it wouldn’t be easy for her to convince Rafe that she didn’t want to be with him. Aiden threatened to prosecute her if she didn’t convince him. Clyde warned Chad that André would turn on him. Clyde also told Chad that he would go after him. Lucas and André told John and Steve respectively about Clyde getting caught. Aiden threatened to arrest Roman and Rafe when Rafe approached them.

Hope lied about the conversation but Rafe didn’t believe him. JJ brought Clyde to the station. Aiden told Hope to meet him in his hotel with the dress he bought for her. Chad told Kayla about what happened at the mansion. Chad thanked André for helping with the plan. Orpheus talked to Laslow about planting the bombs around Salem. Aiden confronted Clyde about trying to shoot him. Aiden assured Clyde that he would be in jail for good. Clyde didn’t agree with that. Rafe wanted to talk about Aiden with Hope. Hope snapped at Rafe and told him to leave her alone. Aiden overheard what Hope said to Rafe and he was happy about what she said to him. Steve brought Clyde’s phone to John and he talked to Orpheus. John offered himself up as a hostage and Orpheus agreed to it. There were bombs going off in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everybody is still devastated by the tragic loss of Morgan. Dante realizes that Sonny will be a primes suspect and also expresses to Nathan that what happened to Morgan, in which he could not intervene before it was too late makes him feel like a failure as a cop and as a brother. They both reflect that this has got to be any parent's worst nightmare as Nathan admits he's never experienced parenthood before and is now feeling those feelings for the first time. Meanwhile, Maxie is with Lulu, notices she's crying and distraught and finds out, for the first time what happened to Morgan and is shocked. They also talk about parenthood and the possibility that Nathan may have a daughter, which Maxie admits she certainly hopes will be disproven. However, right when Nathan talks to Dante at the station, Claudette comes by with a little girl and introduces her to her dad for the first time. Nathan goes off with them and takes his daughter to meet Maxie. Claudette is clearly not comfortable having her child meeting Maxie and seeing her dad with her. Maxie takes Nathan aside and informs him she now knows that Claudette is lying now that she's seen Charlotte for herself because she knows Charlotte is not his daughter. Michael plays the message Kiki sent to Morgan which his brother will never be able to receive, of her guilt and lack of loyalty to Morgan along with her intent to dump Morgan in order to be with Dillon. He goes to confront her while she's with Dillon and she cries, still in terrible pain and guilt over the situation and concludes she cannot be with Dillon because he will always be a reminder to her of Morgan getting killed. Franco talks to Kiki and tries to console her while Nina talks to Dillon, encouraging him not to give up on Kiki nor feel guilty for what happened to Morgan. At that point, Franco goes to see Nina and they both seem to understand her need to have a child, where it did not click before. Jordan talks to TJ who informs his mom about all he witnessed right before Morgan took the car that blew up. She informs her son she hopes what has happened to Morgan will awaken him once and for all, to what a danger Sonny is and why she does not want him around Sonny nor wanting to follow in his footsteps.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Phyllis installed spyware on Jack's computer, so she could monitor what he was up to. Summer visited Phyllis at Jabot. Jack told Summer that Jabot was a workplace and that she shouldn't be dropping by. Ashley was dismayed when Jack ordered her to work with Phyllis to develop a marketing strategy to combat Brash and Sassy's popular new product. Ashley and Phyllis started to collaborate on the project. Jack privately chatted with a mystery person, over the computer, and asked them to deliver him information on Newman Enterprises. Phyllis secretly followed Jack to the park and saw him receive a briefcase from the mystery person. Nick stayed with Sharon and the kids while Dylan was on a business trip. Sharon cried when Nick gushed about how well Sharon was doing.

Paul visited Patty, and she gave him a painting. Paul tried to coax Patty into opening up, but she got extremely agitated after he mentioned Sully. Paul left, feeling that it was a mistake to come. Mariah also visited Patty and said that Sharon had a plan to break Patty free. Mariah said Patty needed to help put the plan into motion by pretending to have a mental setback. After Mariah left, Patty pretended to have a meltdown. Mariah told Sharon that an orderly took Patty back to her room before Patty said whether or not she'd go along with the plan. Sharon was about to tell Nick the truth about Sully, but Mariah stopped her. Abby confided in Summer about her marriage. Ben visited Abby, hoping to spend the day with her. Abby confessed to Ben that she didn't have a big moment where she realized that she loved him. Ben got paged into work. Abby said she still wanted Ben and asked if he thought they could save the marriage. He said yes.

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