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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt is exasperated with Steffy. She says now that Quinn knows she is the POA and not her dad that she will be more involved in the company and their lives than before. He says he will fight to his last breath for their marriage; the question is will she or is she ready to walk away? Caroline sits and watches Thomas hold and play with Douglas. She says it is working out only temporarily of course that she is staying with her Uncle Bill. He gets to see his son, Will, all the time, but it is not like living together as a family. As they talk she keeps steering it back to that she would really like them to be a family with Douglas. Sasha is about to go in the door when she hears this and ducks back out. Caroline tells Thomas that she needs to hear him say that he wants that too. Wyatt tells Steffy that he needs to hear her say that she will stick their marriage out. When she brings it up again about her family he rails at her this is not about her family. It is about the two of them and if they can stick it out with all that has been thrown at them. She says they have tried. He says he will not stop trying until she tells him it is pointless. She says she does not like where it is right now but Quinn is such a huge factor that she cannot see her leaving town right now. If she does or tears up the papers then they have a chance. He says he has to know right now. Nicole and Zende join Rick and Maya at the outdoor restaurant. They have been mulling over asking Nicole an important question but Eric’s circumstances kept them all busy and they had not gotten together. Wyatt laments to Steffy that he has always tried to respect her wishes and protect her every chance that he got. And he wishes his mom had not gotten involved with Eric or that Ridge hadn’t lied so he was forced to tell his mom. But can’t Steffy just allow that his mom is really different now. Steffy says she is not different. Her grandfather almost died because of that woman. He barks again that it was a brain hemorrhage, a medical condition and Quinn was not even in the room when it happened. Eric’s family was! She takes umbrage to that. He says he does not like this at all. They are newlyweds and should be enjoying themselves and now she has just moved back in and look how divided they are. Quinn is still in their lives and probably always will be.

Sasha tells Thomas how good a father he is and he is adorable with Douglas. He is humbled and says that is why it is so hard for him to realize that anyone would think he would take advantage of Caroline that one night that they both had too much to drink. Sasha says she understands that and while he might have been a playboy she knows that he would never take advantage or cross that line……and that is why it is making this so much harder. She has to end things between the two of them. Nicole senses something is on Maya’s mind and inquires her to tell. Maya says Nicole gave them the greatest gift of all in Lizzy and it would be too much to ask of anything else. But now that they are a family they wonder if Nicole would consider it an option to give Lizzy a little baby brother or sister. Steffy continues with Wyatt that of course she wants to be back home here with him. That is why this is so hard. His mom is living with her granddad and now she has POA and Wyatt has no idea how much damage she can do. Wyatt reminds her that Quinn is not even thinking anything like that. She only wants to help her husband get better. Steffy says yes this is a crisis and Quinn is toxic, always has been and still is. The Forrester’s have never been in a situation like this before. She accuses Wyatt of knowing this yet told his mom anyway so that tells her that Quinn will always be in their lives. She repeats again that this is not easy on her but she cannot put up with this any longer. Awkwardly Sasha tells Thomas that they were never hot and heavy so there is not much to break up. They were just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. She would never want to keep him from his son since she grew up knowing what that was like without a father. She says so he can get back with Caroline and they can work it out and things will be like they were meant to be. She says she would be lying if she did not say she thought they could he something special but she will bounce back and be fine. His son needs him. So he needs to go to his son and be a family. Maya tells Nicole that she knows this must be coming out of left field but they have been thinking of this for a while. They also want to know how Zende feels as they know he had issues last time that they had to work through. All they are doing is asking. Nicole sits there stone-faced. Wyatt begs Steffy to not do it. He feels like they are being pulled apart for no fault of their own. She agrees that she loves him and always will but she does not know if they would have even been married if it were not for Quinn’s manipulations. Quinn is never going to change so they never know what might happen. As a parting word she says they have both honored their marriage but there is no other way. He asks her once more to please not walk out on him. The tears well up for both of them when she does.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde snuck into the mansion and wanted to get Thomas from Chad. Chad refused to let Clyde take him. Chad was in for a shock when he found out that André helped Clyde get into the mansion. Chad refused to tell Clyde where to find Thomas. Lucas and Adrienne had him in the panic room. Brady wanted to get married to Theresa instead of waiting for a wedding. Nicole visited Daniel at the cemetery and ran into Xander. Clyde wanted Chad to live long enough to see him take Thomas. Clyde insulted Abby and Chad tried to stand up to him until he punched him.

Brady and Theresa prepared for their wedding. Clyde let Chad know that André disabled the alarms at the mansion. André fund Adrienne and Lucas at the mansion. Nicole tried to stand up to Xander. Nicole told Xander that Deimos could help him. Xander told Deimos that he wanted money from him. Deimos wanted him to bring Nicole to the mansion. Xander didn’t want to do that. He wanted to meet somewhere else. They ended up meeting in a hotel room and Deimos gave Xander the money. Xander wanted to kill Deimos, but he had an idea. Deimos wanted to lead Xander to Theresa. Brady and Theresa had their commitment ceremony. Clyde asked Adrienne and Lucas where to find Thomas. Adrienne refused to tell Clyde where to find the baby. André ended up shooting Chad. Clyde heard Thomas crying and went after him. Brady and Theresa continued with their ceremony. Deimos was willing to give Theresa to Xander. Nicole didn’t want Deimos to give Theresa up to Xander. Nicole tried to escape, but someone was at the door. Deimos chloroformed Nicole and put her on the bed. Deimos told Xander where he could find Theresa. Adrienne and Lucas checked on Chad. Clyde found Thomas’ crib.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The devastating news about what happened to Morgan hits each person who hears it, one by one. Carly awakens, in complete denial about what happened the previous night, protesting to her mom that she only had a nightmare and her baby boy will soon return and she and Sonny will apologize for their recent argument and tell Morgan how much they love and encourage him to believe in himself. Yet Bobbie wants her daughter to face what has happened. Dante is certain he knows what has happened and drops the bombshell upon Michael who instantly puts two and two together about how Sonny must have installed the bomb in Julian's car that killed Morgan. Sonny knows that he called off the hit on Julian but needs to find out from the guy whom he first hired to do it and then later reconsidered if he failed to call it off or not. Yet he cannot reach him nor has any answers or ways to find out if he is responsible for what happened to Morgan. Michael and Jason go to the Quartermaine house. Tracy and Monica are devastated and Tracy tells Jason that she will make Sonny pay for what he keeps getting away with. Kiki is ready to happily spend time with Dillon until Ava goes to find her daughter and tells her what happened to Morgan and how and why it happened. Kiki then concludes that she and Dillon are responsible for what caused Morgan to snap since he saw them together and lost it. And so, she informs Dillon, she cannot go through with having a relationship with him. Carly figures out what more than likely happened and furiously confronts Sonny declaring that he murdered their baby boy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy wants to quit his job, but Jill tells him she will sue him for breech of contract if he doesn't get his act together and do his job. Dylan asks Nick to stay with Sharon and the kids while he is out of town on assignment, because he is worried that the person who is calling Sharon will continue to harass her. Mariah advises Sharon to tell the truth about Sully, so that Patty will not threaten her. Sharon decides to tell Patty that she will help her escape, but she will actually be making sure that Patty gets transferred to another facility very far away. Hilary and Devon edit the Brash and Sassy interview to do a good puff piece about the company, but Hilary is hurt by the negative feedback on the internet by fans of GC Buzz. Devon tells her not to pay attention to the internet and continue with the new direction of the GC Buzz show.

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