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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt stands there and tells Ridge and Quinn that Ridge does not have the Power of Attorney. He overheard Carter tell him that. So until Eric gets better and is in control she is POA. So if anyone is leaving it will now be Ridge. Liam cannot believe that Quinn will be out of Steffy’s life. She says yeah but……it turns out that her dad does not have the POA, it is Quinn. She says they are trying to protect the company and her grandfather but Carter would not go along with that. Wyatt tells Ridge that he was not in favor of Quinn and Eric but he sure is not in favor of Ridge lying to get to be the POA when Eric left it to Quinn. She wants to go up and see Eric but again Ridge says not a good time, the nurse is up there. She says she can wait; she now has the rest of her life to be with Eric any time she wants. She tells Ridge his behavior is understandable but she is not that person from the past anymore. Wyatt tells Ridge he made a mistake and he only made it worse by trying to steal this POA. Quinn says she is not leaving and never will and there is not one thing Ridge can do to stop her. Liam tells Steffy that Quinn is a threat to Steffy and her grandfather, also Ivy and almost anyone else. Quinn has to get past the nurse but she tells her to go ask Ridge as she is not leaving Eric ever again. Ridge tells Wyatt that he should have stayed out of this. Wyatt says he tried but his mom has changed. Ridge says his dad is sick and vulnerable. Wyatt says they do not care that there is not a marriage license. He cannot believe that Steffy also knew about this and he just hopes this will not change their marriage.

Steffy tells Liam that she tried to keep Wyatt from going to his mom and told him everything she had to say. He is probably with her right now. Wyatt is telling her the truth and now she is back in their lives and is in control of the company and all of them. When Wyatt returns he fills her in that his mom knows she is POA and she is not leaving. He had to tell her. It was killing Quinn and they should not have put her in that position in the first place. So it was Ridge that had to leave. Quinn has nothing to do with their marriage. He knows they can get through this but can Steffy. Is she going to stick around and fight for their marriage or just bale. Quinn talks to Eric and reminds him of their wonderful memories. She is so grateful that he thought enough of her to make her his POA and she will make him so proud until he is ready to come back. He opens his eyes briefly and she welcomes him back. His family or the legal system will never keep them apart. She will never be leaving him again. She lays down in the bed beside him. He seems content.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde decided to go solo from Orpheus and Xander. Xander thought they should stick together, but Clyde didnít want to do that. Clyde wanted to get Thomas from the DiMera mansion. Chad explained to Lucas and Adrienne that there was a plan to stop Clyde from getting Thomas. Aiden called Hope to meet her. Rafe wanted to help Hope, but she wanted to deal with Aiden on her own. Gabi arranged for Chad and Sonny to meet at the pub. They argued with each other, but Gabi wanted them to make up. Andre saw Clyde on the pier. Clyde pulled a gun on Andre and didnít recognize him. Clyde wanted to know who he was working for, but Andre had a plan for Clyde. Hope went to Jennifer and told her that she killed Stefano. She also told Jennifer that Aiden found out about what she did. Hope told Jennifer that Aiden wants to be back with her. Gabi and Paul tried to get Sonny and Chad to get along. The plan worked because Chad apologized to Sonny for what happened.

Jennifer told Hope that she couldnít be with Aiden. Hope told her that Aiden wanted her to go to Oregon and take Ciara with her. Jennifer reminded Hope that Chase raped Ciara and that she couldnít take her out there to be with him. Andre talked to Clyde about his plan. Andre wanted him to help get DiMera Enterprises back because itís his birthright. If he helped him, Andre would let him get Thomas from Chad. Clyde wanted to make sure that Andre didnít forget about him when he got his money back. Clyde was happy that he would be getting Thomas back that night. Sonny thanked Paul for helping him get along with Chad again. Sonny got upset when Paul mentioned the anniversary of Willís death. Sonny apologized to Paul for getting upset with Paul. Rafe gave Aiden some files to keep him going after Hope. Jennifer wanted to help Hope keep Aiden away. Hope didnít want her to get involved. She just wanted Jennifer to listen to her. Aiden taunted Rafe and told him that he would have sex with Hope. Rafe didnít believe that would happen. Someone came through the passageway of the DiMera mansion.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Everyone is unable to find or save Morgan after he's driven Julian's car and it's suddenly blown up. Jason goes to find Sonny who rushes to save his son, incapable and unwilling to believe what Dante tells him he has to face up to, realizing there's no way his younger brother could have survived this wreckage. He also concludes that the cause of this is very obvious. "Somebody" clearly wanted to kill Julian and installed the bomb in his car. He believes he knows it was Sonny and his father has now murdered his own son because of his war with Julian. Julian returns home to Ava, at first worried about covering his own tracks. However, he concludes the same as others believe about Sonny and realizes that Sonny will be in trouble with the police and is responsible for killing his own son. None of that worries Julian but Ava is emotionally devastated, realizing how she messed with Morgan's meds in order to make him lose it and convince Kiki to break up with him. She privately relives her once-friendly relationship with Morgan, all the times they've spent together and her recent plan to hurt him. She breaks down crying, drinking and breaking things. Meanwhile, Sam goes to Elizabeth's house and they conclude they can get along and put past differences aside for their respective families. Yet Elizabeth warns her that she and all others need to accept that Franco is a part of Elizabeth's life. At that point, Sam angrily tells her and tells Franco she will never be ok with him anywhere near her or anyone else she cares about. At that point, Jake overhears their argument, comes out of bed and asks why Sam and others so dislike Franco. Franco then takes the boy aside and explains how he was once "not a nice person" due to an illness. Both women listen intently as Franco communicates with Jake about how he wants to be a good man and not hurt people anymore. Jason then comes by and informs them what has happened and everybody is very upset. Sonny returns to Carly, who up until now, has suspected nothing. They are both distraught and devastated over the loss of their son.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor sees Billy coming downstairs at the athletic club. Victor inquires if Jill kicked him out and is through with him. Billy confirms that she is. Victoria is plenty upset over the fact that the video of Travis and Billy has gone viral. Travis apologizes to Victoria. Victoria says that she doesn't blame him. Jill visits Esther at Crimson Lights. Esther expects some slurs from Jill but is surprised to hear that Esther wants to speak grandmother to grandmother. They discuss that it's the anniversary of Delia's death. Kevin wants to spend the day with her and Bella, but Chloe just wants to be alone with Bella. Chelsea, Nick, and Connor visit the park to fly a kite, but Nick thinks that Chelsea should have been with Chloe today.

Victor starts to show Billy the video of the fight between him and Travis, but Billy tells him he has already seen it. Victor tells him the only good thing he has done in his life was saving Delia's life. Victor has a heart to heart talk with Travis about his fight with Billy. Chloe and Bella visit Delia's grave and run into Billy. Chloe introduces her to Billy. Jill asks Victoria for help with Billy. Victoria joins Billy at Delia's grave. Nick, Chelsea, and Connor also join Chloe and Bella. Kevin has a talk with Mariah about him and Chloe before they join Chloe and Bella at the grave.

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