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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tries to get Wyatt to keep quiet that Quinn is the POA and let her dad keep it to protect Eric. Wyatt says they are both stealing Quinn’s life from her and he cannot let Steffy do that. Steffy says Quinn moved into their family home and then talked Eric into marrying her. They are only taking control and he cannot tell Quinn. He says his mother did nothing to be shut out like this. And not only are they doing wrong, it is illegal. The woman who is going to make Eric better is the woman he loves. The doctor tells Ridge just to sit and talk to his dad. It might be the way to bring him back. He is home now in familiar surroundings so this might help. Quinn rushes in and said she just heard so came straight here. She will not leave until she sees her husband. She tells him that Ridge may hate her but Eric loves her and deep inside Ridge knows that. He says she can see him for five minutes. She goes into the bedroom and holds Eric’s hand and says she is here. Liam thinks he sees Steffy in her Aspen wedding attire. Out of the shadows walks Ivy and says she can be what he needs and much much more. He is stunned and wants to talk about the dress. She says that is all it is – a dress. But she is real and he deserves a woman who will put him first. He says she has changed. She is so assertive. She retorts that is the only way to get what you want in life. He gently tells her that he is flattered that she still wants him but the reason……is Steffy. She is inside him. He has not given up on a future with her and he doesn’t think he ever will. He says Ivy is gorgeous but she is not Steffy.

Steffy keeps saying that Quinn is toxic and tortured her whole life. She just wants her out of their lives and she will do whatever she can to make that happen. Wyatt says he is not against her but he cannot agree to what she and Ridge are doing and Quinn has to know about it. He cannot not go along with her on this. He is going to go see his mom now. She begs him to please do not do this. She is his wife. Liam goes to see Steffy and tells her about Ivy. Quinn tells Eric that she misses the way they used to talk….the twinkle in his eye. But they will get through this and be so much better. He opens his eyes and stares at her. He briefly calls her name but drifts off again. Ridge comes in and wants her to leave. He does not believe her that Eric woke up. He thinks she is just trying to buy more time. He drags her away and says he would like to have someone in his dad’s life but it is not her. He is the POA and he will keep her away. She spouts again that yes in the past she was toxic and bad but she has changed. When Eric wakes up she will tell him how they are treating her. Wyatt walks in and tells Ridge to take his hands off of his mom. He overheard the convo and Ridge has zero authority here. Eric gave that to Quinn.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena talked to John, Steve, Kayla, and Joey about the prisonersí personalities.  She thought that knowing how they are would give them an advantage against the prisoners.  Lucas wanted Kate to stay at the DiMera mansion to stay away from Clyde.  Kate thought she was safe at the Martin house with Andre.  Chad and Andre talked about who was in charge of DiMera Enterprises.  Marlena gave everyone the prisonersí profiles to study.  Joey remembered the prisoners mentioning going to a warehouse after Claire escaped.  Steve wanted to go after them, but John didnít think it was a good idea at first.  Marlena wanted to work together on it.  Joey remembered the prisoners talking to other people on the phone about destroying Salem.

John, Marlena, and Kayla called Brady, Deimos, and Chad to tell them about the plan to get the prisoners.  Steve and Kayla went to the DiMera mansion to tell them about the plan to use Kate as bait.  Brady and Theresa went to Johnís place.  John told them to be careful because they were going after the prisoners.  Marlena went to Deimos and Nicole to talk to him about Xander.  Deimos wanted to help, but he didnít want Nicole to be involved.  Nicole wanted to help out.  Marlena warned Deimos not to stop Nicole from helping.  Steve, Kayla, and John advised everyone.  They were talking to that they have to work together to get the prisoners.  John/Marlena and Steve/Kayla met up again to talk about how they were going to take down Orpheus and the others.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Morgan has agreed to pull over and talk to Jason after he's gotten drunk, feels hopeless with his life, and has stolen Julian's car, as soon as he steps out of the vehicle, it explodes. Jason rushes to save him but cannot find him or even be able to know or tell what happened to him or if he's alive or dead. Back at The Floating Rib, Molly and TJ are concerned and worried about what has just happened. Dante comes by and they inform him that Morgan has stolen Julian's car. They are all obviously less concerned about the theft than about Morgan. They realize Julian wants blood and will use what has happened to hurt both Morgan and Sonny. Dante later gets a call informing him about the explosion and arrives on the scene. Both he and Jason are helpless to do or even know anything. Meanwhile, Kiki has concluded that Dillon is in her future and Morgan cannot be and goes to The Metro Court to find Morgan with the news she knows he will not take well. Sonny and Carly are happily together and ready to go home, completely unaware of what has just happened to their son nor that Kiki is ready to break up with him. They both assume that she is still committed to Morgan as they encourage her to offer Morgan the support that only she can offer him. Hearing that, she only feels guilty realizing what will happen when she leaves Morgan after knowing he's in need right now. Yet none of them have a clue what has just happened. Kiki later goes to The Floating Rib and finds out that Morgan was there, drunk and in a very negative and morbid life condition. Julian sees her and urges her to get rid of Morgan and realize he's a mess who will only drag her down. At that point, she gets on her phone, crying, leaving a message for Morgan urging him to call her back and makes it clear she feels terribly guilty. Meanwhile, Dillon is encouraged, for the first time, after the devastation of finding out his father is the hospital murderer, after he's just been with Kiki. Tracy goes to see her son after finding out from Hayden and Finn that Lucy Coe and a realtor may buy out GH. He informs his mom that Kiki wants to commit to him, she is the right person for him and he is happy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

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