Friday 10/7/16 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that she is crazy to even consider going back to Wyatt as she knows this is going to fail with Quinn and she will circle back and come back to him where she belongs. Quinn tells Wyatt that she is not a criminal. She is Eric’s wife and they were on their way out of town for a honeymoon but Eric wanted to confront his family one more time to show his disappointment in them….and now this has happened and she is forbidden to see him…..all because of Ridge and his stupid POA. Liam confides in Ivy and she asks why he even tortures himself this way if Steffy is moving back in with Wyatt. He says he can’t help it. He then finds some dresses that Ivy is designing jewelry for. He reminiscences about Steffy when she wore that dress for her Aspen wedding. She stops him and stays he needs to stop this….stop pining over his brother’s wife. Steffy thanks Ridge for helping her with all the boxes and moving back in with Wyatt. She says Liam knows but she does not think he is giving up. They must keep this a secret about the POA. Quinn tells Wyatt that she knows this is weird but she keeps hearing Eric calling out to her while she is not there. She needs to be there with him, guards or no guards. She is not going to let Ridge get away with this. She is only happy to hear that one good thing came out of this – Steffy is moving back in with Wyatt.

Carter shows up at Wyatt’s to see Steffy and Ridge. He tells them that Quinn’s name is on the POA and that is a problem. As Eric’s attorney he needs to disclose that. Ridge stops him right there and says no he doesn’t. No one must ever know. Carter says he has a legal obligation. Steffy says they have to agree on this. Quinn cannot have control. Wyatt is about to walk in when he overhears them talking. Against his better judgment Carter agrees to keep it quiet and not risk going before the judge and trying to overturn the POA. Liam laments to Ivy that waiting for something to happen with Steffy could be a mistake but…….he changes subjects and says he is working on his foundation now and that is a good start. Wyatt waits until Ridge and Carter leave and walks in and confronts Steffy and asks how long has she known that his mother has power of attorney. She said she had to lie and accept it for her grandfather’s best interest. If Quinn has POA she can do anything she wants with Eric lying in the bed. Wyatt says he does not care if the license is unsigned, his mother is POA and he cannot accept Steffy going along with Ridge on this. She begs that she is his wife and please do this. It is the best for Eric and the company and for their marriage as well. The lights go out at Forrester and Liam is alone in the dark. Finally he sees a figure in a wedding dress and Ivy looks like Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus and Clyde talked about killing John and Joey after they got the ransom money. Xander realized that he was going to be stuck in Salem without their help. He reminded them that he wanted to get revenge on people in Salem too. Marlena talked to Nicole and Victor about Xander. Victor told Marlena that Xander turned evil. Marlena and Nicole were surprised to hear the cruel way that he spoke of Xander. Steve assured Kayla that he would bring Joey back to her. Orpheus met with John, but he didnít have Joey with him. Orpheus let John talk to Joey for a few minutes. Paul was tracking Orpheus and was able to find out where Joey was being kept. Theo overheard Paul say that he knew where Joey was being kept.

Nicole blamed Victor for Xanderís behavior. Victor didnít think it was his fault at all. He believed that Xander was responsible for his own behavior. Everyone prepared to look for Joey. John stalled to get the money transferred into the account. Orpheus warned John not to play games with him or Joey would die. Theo found Clyde with Joey and threatened to kill him for what he did to Abe. JJ and Steve couldnít shoot Clyde because Theo was in the way. Clyde told Theo put the gun down. Theo refused to put it down because he wanted to kill Clyde. Clyde managed to get the gun away from Theo and pushed Joey aside when JJ and Steve showed up. Steve and Kayla were reunited with Joey. Orpheus found out about Clyde being set up and warned John that everyone would pay for what happened. Orpheus walked away from John. JJ told Roman that Clyde got away. Theo blamed himself for Clyde getting away. Roman tried to make him feel better about what he did. Kayla thanked Steve for bringing Joey back home. Orpheus was prepared to kill everyone in Salem since their plan didnít work. Marlena thought she had a way to bring the prisoners down.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan is clearly losing it and everybody is worried about him. He drinks at The Floating Rib until the bartender stops serving him, takes his keys so he can't drive and urges Morgan to call a cab. Not far away, Ava meets with Scott Baldwin and they both observe Morgan, knowing what has happened to him and why. Carly has evicted Julian from his apartment at The Metro Court and taken legal action to keep him away from her hotel. He goes to meet with Scott and we see that his hired man has left the keys in Julian's car after getting a phone call where he's distracted and he leaves the car unattended. Ava is mindful about what is happening to Morgan although Julian asks his sister why she could care less and why isn't she happy to know that Morgan is really losing it and very possibly Kiki will dump him once and for all, just as they both know Ava has always wanted? Yet only she and Scott know why she feels guilt and is worried about what could happen. Without his car nor money for a cab, Morgan finds Julian's car unattended with the keys in it, gets behind the wheel and drives drunk. Jason goes after him and after a long attempt to convince him not to give up and believe his life is over, he persuades Morgan to pull over so they can talk. Right then, however, Julian finds out that his car has been stolen. As soon as Morgan steps out of the car to talk to Jason, there appears to be an explosion and the car appears to have blown up. At the chapel, Griffin talks to an argumentative Sonny about mercy and forgiveness. Although Sonny protests to Griffin that Julian got away with murdering Griffin's father, as well as Carlos and almost slit Alexis' throat, Griffin urges Sonny not to ruin his life as well as the lives of Carly and his kids who need him by doing what he wants to do. At that point, Sonny gets on the phone to call off his previous plan. Griffin stays at the church and thanks God for helping Sonny to do the right thing as he prays for Sonny to find peace. Kiki is with Dillon and they both admit they have never gotten over each other, she has mistakenly thought Morgan was right for her when he has only dragged her down in his mess. She then concludes she will have to be honest with Morgan and break it off with him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

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