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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne tells Ridge that Quinn is not going to stand for this. Ridge says she has no choice. She is not legally married and she is not going to be allowed in Eric’s room or this house. Ridge tells them he has had new codes surrounding the complex and they will keep Quinn out. Quinn charges into Forrester and confronts Steffy that she is not going to erase her from Eric’s life. Steffy says oh yes she can. She is not legally married and Ridge has power of attorney so she no longer is part of Eric’s life. Caroline tells Thomas that she will go see Eric but she wanted to see him first. And Douglas missed his father. Steffy tells Quinn that everything she is doing is more than justified so her time is over. Quinn calls Wyatt who shows up and Quinn says they cannot do this to her. They argue. Steffy says she needs to leave as she needs to get back to the hospital. Quinn will have to respect Ridge and Steffy’s decision. Ridge says to make sure all goes well he is going to move back into the house and take care of his dad. Caroline tells Thomas that until she left she doesn’t think she really appreciated how great he has been throughout all of this. Now this is their chance to be a family. She missed him and it wasn’t just because of Douglas. He is special and he means a lot to her. She thinks they ought to try. She wasn’t sure she was ready, but now she is. He cannot believe she is saying this.

Quinn charges into the house and tells Ridge he cannot do this. He says he is moving back in and Quinn has nothing to worry about. He will take care of his father. Quinn says he cannot hate her that much. She did not trick his father into marrying her. Eric wants her in his life and Ridge needs to respect his wishes. They will always love each other and he will wake up eventually and not stand for this. Steffy tells Wyatt that his mom had to go. Quinn no longer works here and she will not be in Eric’s life. He says he really thinks his mom has changed and he feels badly for her but Steffy does not want her here so she will have to respect this. Ridge has power of attorney and he cannot argue with that, so he is on their side. His mom is out of Eric’s life now so it is time for her to come home. She moved out because of Quinn but now that is over. His mother cannot do anything now and they can get back to old times. The law is the law so there is no getting around it. He asks her will she come home. She finally says yes. Quinn tells Ridge they both love Eric and she knows he thinks he is doing the right thing but he is not. Eric wants her in his life not evicted. Ridge says Eric only wanted companionship but Quinn will never get to his father again. He will get a restraining order if he has to. She says he does not have a shread of decency within himself. He is not Eric’s son. He goes straight to the mantel and takes down the Quinn portrait. Rick and Thorne come in and want her to leave. She says they better not touch her and they cannot keep her away from her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena went to Kate to find out more about Clyde. She figured that Kate would know something about Clyde since she dated him. Kate didnít want to think about her time with Clyde, but Marlena needed her help. Clyde believed that Orpheusí plan to blow up the warehouse was a bad idea. Clyde thought that they should have been out of Salem by now. Orpheus had other plans before they left town. Clyde talked to Orpheus about Ben and Jordan, but he didnít seem to care too much. Clyde felt bad for shooting Abe. He also felt sorry for what the shooting did to Theo. Theo tracked down Clyde so he could get revenge for what happened to Abe. Ciara told Jennifer that she was worried about Theo because he was gone. Hope broke up with Rafe. Rafe didnít understand why she wanted to break up with him. He thought that Aiden was responsible for what Hope was doing. Chad and Kate talked about how Clyde wanted to take Thomas from him. Chad refused to let Clyde take Thomas from him. Marlena remembered something Clyde told her about him feeling bad about the way he treated his children. Clyde didnít want to be like his father and she thinks heís trying to make amends for it. While Clyde was talking to Orpheus, he thought he heard a noise. Orpheus wanted Clyde to check it out. Rafe realized that Aiden was blackmailing Hope. He wanted to help her deal with it. Rafe also realized that Aiden knew that he helped her cover up Stefanoís murder.

Andrť overheard Aidenís conversation and thought he was blackmailing Hope. Aiden didnít like Andrť calling him a blackmailer. Aiden warned Andrť not to cross him. Andrť reminded him that he could frame him for what he did to Hope and Rafe. Rafe wanted to help Hope but she knew that Aiden would be watching them. She begged Rafe not to help and walked out of the room. Roman found Theo before he could find Clyde. Roman took him back to the police station. Rafe went to Aidenís hotel and punched him in the face. Kate thought about an argument that she had with Clyde. Chad told Kate that Sonny was upset with him because of the deals with their familiesí businesses. Kate assured Chad that he was doing the right thing for Thomas. Theo was at the station and told Ciara that he was going after Clyde. Hope told Jennifer that she broke up with Rafe. Jennifer didnít understand why she did that when she loved him. Hope couldnít tell her why she did it. She didnít want Jennifer to judge her because of her decision. Orpheus sent an email for the money in exchange for Joey. Rafe refused to let Aiden get away with blackmailing Hope. Aiden threatened to bring Rafe up on charges for hitting him. Rafe walked out of the hotel room. Roman told Marlena about the email Orpheus sent. He wanted to do whatever he needed to do to get Joey back.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan is drinking and unraveling after he's gone to find Kiki and it appears she and Dillon were together in a cabin kissing. Kiki and Dillon return to Crimson and bond over their common struggle of being the child of a dishonorable person and afraid of following in their respective parents' footsteps. He offers her support and encouragement with how she feels about being Ava's daughter as she offers him support after finding out his father is a serial killer. Meanwhile Ned is with Olivia secretly sleeping together at the cabin where Morgan just found DIllon with Kiki. They acknowledge that they are secretly together hiding from Julian when they get what appears to be a threatening note which they assume is from Julian. Yet when they go to confront him, it appears he has no reason to threaten them, does not care if they are together and has no worries or struggles involving seeing his and Olivia's mutual son. At that point, Ned concludes he knows where it came from. Alexis is alone and in a bad state of mind when Julian comes to the house to collect his things and she angrily demands he never come near her again. Anna comes by, admits to Alexis she's disappointed in her but is also willing to protect her from Julian at any cost. Sonny makes it clear to Griffin that he has no choice except to take the law into his own hands with Julian.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Travis met Ashley in the park and accused her of sending the flowers and signing the name “Michelle” on the card. Ashley revealed that her friend Michelle had told her the truth about why Travis left NY. Travis had slept with Michelle, who was his boss's wife. The boss found out and fired Travis and blackballed him, so he wasn't able to find another job. Ashley was concerned that Travis was using Victoria in order to get back into the corporate world. Travis said he'd never use Victoria. Travis suspected that Ashley was going to blackmail him into spying on Victor, but she said she wouldn't. Mariah tried to ditch Patty's cell phone at the bar, but the bartender noticed and gave the phone back to her. Kevin ran into Mariah at the bar and asked why she was there. Mariah came up with a cover story, then she rushed off. Kevin asked the bartender if anyone had lost a phone there recently, and the bartender told him that Mariah had almost left hers. Dylan noticed that Sharon was acting jumpy. He comforted her and said he'd never let anything happen to her or the kids. Abby confided in Victor about her marriage and asked him for advice on making a relationship work. He told her to remember why she fell in love with Ben and hold onto that. Victor also advised her to think about whether or not the marriage could be fixed. Mariah dropped the phone at the park and turned it on so the police would find it and assume the stalker dumped it. Sharon told Mariah that Patty wanted Sharon to help her get out of Stonevale. Sharon didn't want to lose Sully and Dylan, so she said she would to do anything Patty wanted. At Stonevale, Patty painted a picture of herself, and a pet cat, outside enjoying the sun.

Victoria was suspicious of how much Victor seemed to like Travis. She wondered if Victor was working on a plan to get her to come back to Newman. Nikki agreed that Victor had accepted Travis quickly, and she told Victoria to spend more time with Victor to see if he was sincere. Travis, Victoria, Nikki and Victor had dinner to celebrate Travis's first day at work. They talked business and Travis suggested being on the lookout from threats from Jabot. Victor put Travis in charge of that area. Nikki and Victor were curious about Travis's parents. Travis said he came from a working-class family. Nikki and Victor went to the Club, and she asked Victor if he'd hired Travis as part of a plan to get Victoria to come back to Newman. Victor grinned. Travis told Victoria about his affair with Michelle and how he took a look at himself after he'd been fired and realized he didn't like who he'd become. Victoria was shocked that Travis tanked his life and career to sleep with a married woman. She realized that Travis must have been referring to Michelle when he said there was only one other woman he ever loved. Abby and Ben had a discussion about the moment they realized they were meant to be together. Ben shared his memory, and Abby said she'd known he was the one for her at the same moment. Their evening was cut short when Ben was paged into work. Abby confessed to Ashley that she'd lied to Ben. Abby said that she'd never had a moment where she realized she and Ben were meant to be. Kevin and Dylan searched Chancellor Park for the phone. Dylan saw a man on the phone and grabbed him from behind. It was Ben, who was on the phone discussing a patient. Dylan knew Ben wasn't the stalker, so he let him go. Kevin found the phone in the trash. Dylan and Kevin suspected that whoever left the phone there wanted it to be discovered.

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