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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy and Ridge look over the papers and tell Carter they cannot believe this is right, that Quinn has the POA. She tells her dad that they have to do something. Ridge says they need to prove his dad was not in his right mind when he signed those papers. Carter says that will be very hard to prove in court. He knows they are concerned with Quinn being in charge but there is nothing they can do. The papers give her the power and she is now in charge. Ridge says the hell she does! He tells Carter they can keep this between them. As far as anyone else knows Ridge is the POA. Carter says he is concerned too but that would be highly unethical. He cannot do that. Ridge says it will only be the three of them; no one else will ever know. He says all that power now will go over to Quinn and that is not safe. Steffy begs Carter to do them this huge favor and protect her grandfather. Carter is not emphatic enough and they assume he will keep this secret. Ridge says they can go to the hospital and get Quinn out of their lives for good. Quinn explains to Wyatt that she may not be married to Eric after all. In all the rush they forgot to sign the papers making it official. Wyatt is concerned since it means she is not a family member yet and they could kick her out of here. She says she is not going anywhere even if Ridge has to drag her out of here by her hair. She made a vow to Eric and she will protect him even from his own family. Eric’s intentions were clear even without signed papers and she asks Wyatt if he will talk to their attorney and see if she can fight Ridge about this.

Pam and Thomas sit by Eric and Thomas tells his granddad that he taught him so much growing up, how to draw and how to be a good man and now he needs him to wake up and help another young great grandson. Pam lays Eric’s favorite robe over his hospital gown and says she has a fresh batch of lemon bars waiting for him at home. She cries that she hopes he knows how much she appreciates and loves him for accepting her as Stephanie’s crazy little sister. She’s lost her mother and then Stephanie and she just cannot lose him too. Thomas is finishing up a gown that Sasha is modeling when Caroline comes in. She has just told Thomas that it is so unfair what is happening to his grandpa and she will always be there for him to talk to and even go get an ice cream treat. He appreciates that. He is blown always when he sees Caroline and Douglas and rushes to take him in his arms. Caroline says she had no intentions to come back this soon but she had to when she heard about Eric but she wanted to see Thomas too. Pam tells God that Eric is not done here yet….please make him better and to be okay. Sasha leaves Caroline and Thomas for a chance for them to be alone. Caroline appreciates that and tells Thomas they have a lot of catching up to do. She’s given it a lot of thought of what is best for Douglas and for the two of them. Quinn returns to Eric’s room where Ridge and Steffy burst in and tell her again that she is not legally married so she is out of Eric’s life. They will return him to his home, one where she is no longer welcome. Carter is there and they drag him into it when he says the marriage is not recognized in the state of California. Quinn says she does not care about a name on a piece of paper, she is not going anywhere. Two orderlies walk by and Ridge has then grab her and bodily take her out of the room with her hollering to let her go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve, John, and Marlena talked about the ransom that John gathered for Joey. Theo was worried about Abeís condition. Ciara and Claire wanted to be there for Theo. Kayla let Abe know that his condition was serious. Abe was worried about what would happen to Theo. Aiden wanted Hope to meet him at the Salem Inn. Joey saw the picture he had of his children. Orpheus told him about his kids and that he hasnít seen them in a while. Marlena explained to Steve and John that Orpheus is driven by the love of his children to get revenge on everyone. Aiden let Hope know that he planned on taking her to Oregon with him. Steve told Kayla that Orpheus killed two men. Orpheus continued to tell Joey about his kids and how they werenít talking to him because of what happened with their mother. Joey showed empathy towards Orpheus. He showed Joey picture of his daughter and granddaughter and realized that was the closest he would get to his grandchild. Hope tried to get out of going with Aiden because of Ciara, but it didnít work. Aiden thought Hope could bring Ciara with her. Hope also tried to call his bluff by saying that she would tell the world that Chase killed his mother and that he raped her daughter.

Ciara told Theo that Clyde shot Abe. Theo wanted to get revenge on Clyde. Marlena and John tried to convince Kayla that they would see Joey again. Aiden reminded Hope that she didnít have proof that Chase did anything, but thereís proof that Hope killed Stefano. Aiden told Hope that Roman and Rafeís lives would be destroyed if she didnít do what he said. Abe assured Theo that he would be okay, but Theo was still worried. John/Marlena and Steve/Kayla talked about how they all knew Orpheus. Hope snapped at Rafe, but she apologized to him. While they were talking about the prisoners, Hope decided that they needed a break. John wanted to pay Orpheus the ransom in exchange for Joey. Marlena assured Kayla that Joey would get away. Steve wasnít sure that John should give Orpheus the money, but he thought he could get Joey back to them.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the devastation of all that has happened involving Julian getting away with murder, as well as the revelation that DA Hornsby is the hospital killer which nobody found out until it was too late, many people are devastated. Dillon is alone with his older brother Ned, at a cabin where he went during his childhood, hurriedly collecting and getting ready to burn and destroy any and all things that remind him of his father. Yet, his older brother informs him that he can't just get rid of the memories that easily. Meanwhile, Kiki is working at The Metro Court when Olivia encourages her to go off and be there for Dillon who clearly could use emotional support. She goes and finds him and they bond, both realizing the worries they have in common about becoming like their respective parents' whom they are not proud of. Meanwhile, Ava is gleefully satisfied to be able to report to Morgan that her daughter is choosing to be with Dillon while Morgan is alone and his life appears to be unraveling. She is further satisfied when she overhears Andre on the phone revealing that Morgan has failed to follow through on what his shrink wanted with his meds. Right then, Morgan goes to find Kiki at the cabin and notices a silhouette of Kiki and Dillon intimately together and he is devastated. Meanwhile, Michael is ready to take the law into his own hands after Paul has murdered Sabrina. Sonny talks him out of that but he goes to see Paul and confront him. Tracy finds him and encourages him not to waste his energy and the memory of Sabrina by giving any regard to Paul. Paul then informs Jordan that he will plead guilty and accept the consequences. She admits to Andre she is going to resign, having failed on these two critical matters until he talks her out of it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor met with a man named Curtis, and told him to be on the lookout for trouble, even though Victor wasn't aware of any specific threats to Newman Enterprises. Summer gave Travis a tour of Newman, but he'd already done his research and was familiar with the company and its employees. Travis told Victor that he didn't want Victoria's old office and asked for Adam's instead. Travis said he wasn't trying to take Adam's place, but he was concerned that taking Victoria's office might give people the impression that he'd slept his way to the top. Victor allowed him to take the office. Abby told Summer that she and Ben had talked and agreed to work on their marriage. Abby wasn't sure why she didn't feel better now that they'd cleared the air. Phyllis was upset that Jack was keeping her busy with menial tasks instead of taking advantage of her expertise. Jack told her to quit if she was unhappy. Phyllis ran into Billy, who suggested that she take stock of her life and figure out if she truly still wanted Jack. Phyllis said she didn't want Billy. Billy said Jack would never forgive her, but Phyllis vowed to win Jack back. Ashley could tell Jack was enjoying making Phyllis's job hard, but she warned him that Phyllis was too stubborn to let herself be driven out of Jabot. Ashley was concerned that once the fun of the current plan wore off, Jack would start avoiding Jabot so he wouldn't have to see Phyllis. Jack assured her that he wouldn't. Victoria was so eager to know how Travis's first day was going that she was too distracted to work. Billy encouraged her to pop into Newman to see him. She did, and she, Travis, Summer and Abby had a friendly chat. Travis Victoria hoped to take Travis to lunch, but he had a meeting.

Victor told Victoria he missed seeing her. Victoria wondered if Victor was trying to get her to come back to work for Newman, and he said no. They made plans to have dinner together. Travis received a bouquet of flowers, to congratulate him on his first day, along with a card signed “Michelle.” Travis met up with Ashley and asked why she sent the flowers. Abby and Summer sang Travis's praises to Victor, but he told them not to judge a man until you've seen him under a lot of pressure. Victoria went to lunch alone. Billy invited himself to join her table and asked if Travis was turning into a mini Victor. Victoria said Travis was doing great and that she, Victor, Katie, Johnny and everyone else, loved him. Billy stormed off. Phyllis made another failed attempt to do something useful at Jabot. Jack told her to leave because he didn't want to pay her overtime. Jack read up on the Newman oil spill and studied Newman Enterprises' finances. Dylan tracked down Vince, the owner of the cell phone that had been used to call Sharon. Vince, a plumber, explained that he'd lost the phone on one of his jobs, and he provided Dylan with a list of places he'd serviced. Mariah frantically texted Sharon and told her to get the phone from Patty, before Dylan and Kevin traced it. After Patty threatened to tell Nick the truth about Sully, Sharon asked what Patty wanted. Patty promised to stay silent if Sharon broke her out of Stonevale. Mariah got in touch with Sharon. Sharon promised to break Patty out of the facility when the time was right. Patty hid the phone in her painting and Sharon smuggled it out of Stonevale. Sharon and Mariah met at home and hatched a plan to plant the phone at one of the locations where the plumber thought he could have dropped it. They were almost caught when Dylan arrived unexpectedly. Mariah took the phone to a bar, then she wiped the prints off it and put it on the floor. Dylan looked at the list of places where the plumber might have lost his phone, he realized that one of them was Stonevale, where his aunt Patty was being held.

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