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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While the movers are packing her boxes, Ridge tells Quinn that he knows her wedding day was emotional with the family not showing up, so they did not sign the certificate, but nonetheless the marriage is not legal and she does not live here in this house anymore. She reminds him that she was living in this house before the wedding and she will not leave. He wants her out of his sight. He says his dad always wants a woman but sometimes the family has to step in and say not this one, she is crazy. As his son he gets to chose what is best for his father; he has the POA. Brooke tries to tell the family group that Eric will wake up and be okay. He is just not able to tell them that yet. Steffy goes to Eric’s and tells Ridge congratulations, he finally did it. He got rid of Quinn. Quinn returns to the hospital room with five people visiting and tells them there are too many people in the room. She would like to be alone with her husband. She tells Eric that he fought for her, now it is her turn to fight for him.

Rick tells them that he cannot call Quinn his step-mother and he cannot hear her say one more time that Eric is her husband and she has rights. Steffy tells Liam that she will let someone else tell Wyatt that there was no legal marriage. Quinn tells Eric that she does not care what Ridge says, they are married. She wishes she could take him home. Carter shows up at Eric’s and Carter says they have a problem. Signed marriage license or not, the POA kicks in now. Ridge does not seem to be too alarmed about that. In fact, he thinks it is great. Now he can make the decisions that his dad can’t. Carter tells him to look at the document again, especially the first line. Ridge does and then has to inform Steffy that his name has been removed and Quinn is the new POA. Quinn lays her head on Eric’s chest, ready to stand by her man.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate tried to talk Chad into letting Andre work for DiMera Enterprises again.  The Kiriakis men talked about how Brady and Sonny’s plan to have the raid at the docks ruined their business.  Gabi and her friend were approached by looters.  Gabi recognized one of the looters as the one who attacked her.  He threatened Gabi, but she had pepper spray.  Andre told Chad about Titan losing money because of Brady and Sonny.  Chad didn’t understand how that helped his company.  Andre and Kate explained how it could benefit the company.  Chad wanted DiMera Enterprises to be a reputable company.  The Kiriakis’ continued to argue over losing money at Titan.  Deimos got a call and found out things were worse than they thought.  Gabi tried to defend herself against the looters but Aldo grabbed her. 

JJ and Dario showed up and saw Gabi getting attacked.  Deimos found that Andre was snooping around on the docks to find out about DiMera Enterprises.  Kate told Chad that the company would go bankrupt within six months if they didn’t do something.  Clyde talked to Jeremiah about getting Thomas away from Chad so he could be a family with Ben.  Justin went to see Adrienne and wanted her to go home to the Kiriakis mansion.  JJ arrested the looters.  Gabi told Dario about Aldo being her attacker.  Aldo confessed to Gabi that Dario told him to attack her.  Philip and Deimos talked about Chloe and the baby until Philip could talk himself out of it.  Justin told Adrienne about the feuds starting with the families for why she should move.  Adrienne was sure that Chad wouldn’t let anything bad happen.  Sonny tried to talk Chad out of going after their business.  Gabi yelled at Dario for getting Aldo to attack her.  Dario explained that he wanted Eduardo to leave town. Philip yelled at Brady again until Theresa showed up and defended Brady.  Deimos agreed with Theresa’s speech about the family.  Sonny told everyone that he talked to Chad about not going after the business.  Chad told Andre that he wanted to go after the Kiriakis’ business.  Clyde was determined to take Thomas from Chad.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After the big shock of finding out that DA Hornsby is the hospital killer and he's in jail, many people are dealing with the dust settling. Ava finds Scott Baldwin and urges him to represent Paul. He agrees to do so but Paul suspect their motives knowing that Ava is clearly using that as a bribe for something. She then admits to him that she has incentive to motivate him not to turn over evidence that could get her put in prison, for murder. She assesses to him that his need to "protect" his daughter has already been accomplished and having her incarcerated will not help him. She protests she cannot be locked up and unable to protect her two daughters from known dangers. Yet he does not buy that she wants to protect them and is only playing the mommy card in order to save her own skin. Michael admits to Nelle and to Kiki that since the DA has gotten away with murdering Sabrina and there's obviously something very fishy and too coincidental that Paul also just happened to fail to convict Julian of murder, he cannot sit by and let more corruption happen and may need to take the law into his own hands. Morgan is also in a really bad state of mind after his parents find out he's cheated in school and gotten caught and expelled. He makes it clear that he believes he has nothing to lose and no incentive to make his life better with therapy or anything else. Curtis can see that Nina is not giving up on finding a baby at any cost, although he declares he wants to stay on the right side of the law and wants Jordan to give him his old job back. When Nathan is certain that he is the father of Claudette's daughter, yet Maxie clearly questions the validity of that and is not ready to have his daughter living with that even if it's proven correct, Nina comes to see them. She hears what this means for them and concludes she has the perfect solution for them which would involve having her having Charlotte living with her. However, it may not be as simple as that, given that the man who is threatening both Claudette and Charlotte is Valentin Cassadine whom Nina has met and he knows he has her thank for turning him in for murder.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Dylan is on the phone with Kevin trying to get him to agree to help him to find out the identity of Sharon's stalker, but Kevin is reluctant to help him. Kevin is interrupted by Paul, who asks if he is talking to Dylan. Sharon comes downstairs and finds out that Dylan has involved the men at the GCPD. Sharon tries to convince him to let this go but he refuses. Summer is in Victor's office at Newman Enterprises and looks over some articles which involve Travis. Summer doesn't trust Travis and tells Abby so. Abby gets a call from Ben, who reminds her that she has a doctor's appointment, but Abby tells him that she is far too busy and will have to reschedule. Summer hears her and asks her if she is trying to save her marriage that way. Mariah comes downstairs and asks Sharon and Dylan what is going on. Sharon lets her know that Dylan is involving the men at the police department in order to find her stalker. Dylan goes to the police department thus leaving Sharon and Mariah alone. Sharon tells Mariah that she knows who is stalking her. Chelsea and Nick spend time with Connor in the park, but Nick is taken aback over the truck of Connor's that he cannot fix. Chelsea assures him that Connor has plenty more trucks. Paul demands answers from Kevin as to what he is working on. Kevin is reluctant to tell him.

At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Connor spend time with Nick and Summer. At the police station, Kevin tries to find out where the phone calls are coming from of the person who is harassing Sharon. Mariah cringes with worry that Dylan will find out that it is Patty who has been calling Sharon. Sharon visits Patty in the psych hospital and finds out from her that she intends on telling Dylan everything when he finds out the phone calls are coming from her.

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