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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge assures Brooke that Eric is going to pull through. He admits that he has never been this worried about his dad and it is all on Quinn. Quinn tells the doctor that everyone has been wonderful but she had her hopes up that Eric would come to before now. Back at the office Steffy fills Liam in on what happened. Liam says he knows they were only doing what was best for Eric. She still hears Eric’s word of betrayal that there was no family; they were not there. Then she remembers the marriage license; maybe it is still unsigned. Quinn will not hear of Wyatt taking over and her going to rest. She says his family deserted Eric and she will not budge from his side. Carter calls Ridge who is busy and says this is not a good time. Carter tells him the first chance he gets they need to talk; it is very important. Steffy finds the marriage license and it is not signed. She calls Ridge and tells him to come to the office immediately. She has something to show him that could change everything. Ridge gets Brooke to stay with Eric while he slips away. Steffy and Liam are ecstatic that Quinn may not be Mrs. Eric Forrester after all. Quinn tells Brooke that she has asked the doctor if Eric can go home and recuperate there with all the nurses and equipment he will need. She will be a devoted wife to him despite what everyone else says. She tells Wyatt that she will go home and get things in order.

Steffy shows Ridge the papers that Eric did not sign or file. Their marriage is not final. Ridge gloats that he has his dad’s POA, and now no marriage means Quinn will never cause them any problems ever again. Though Eric is unresponsive, Brooke tells him that she called Bridget, and she wants to hop a plane and come right there, but Brooke suggested that she wait until Eric is awake. She tells Eric that she loves him so much and thinks of their wedding and when the babies were born. She begs him to come back to them. Liam tells Steffy that she is a tough girl, but they mess with her then they mess with him too. That is the way it always will be. Quinn comes home and finds the movers packing her things. Ridge confronts her and says she will not be here when Eric comes home. He shows her the license and laments that this is her greatest performance ever, but the marriage is not legal. He points to her portrait over the fireplace mantle and says she will never be Mrs. Eric Forrester starting as of today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Aiden wanted Hope to confess to killing Stefano. Hope denied killing Stefano. Aiden played the recording of Hope talking to Rafe about killing Stefano. Chloe talked to Philip about dealing with her baby on her own. Philip wanted to know who the father of her baby is, but she wouldnít tell him. Nicole followed Deimos and saw him with Dario. She overheard Deimos talking with Dario about Chloe. Chloe told Philip that she wanted to get out of her recording contract. She couldnít raise a family and have a career. John, Steve, Kayla, and Marlena talked about Joey being kidnapped again. Deimos and Nicole saw each other and they had a brief but heated discussion about Chloe. Chloe ended up seeing them together at the pub. Nicole made Deimos confess to hiring Dario to follow her. Chloe wanted to call the police until Nicole talked him out of it. Nicole compared Deimosí situation to hers and Chloe calmed down.

Hope explained to Aiden why she killed Stefano. Hope wanted to know what Aiden wanted from her. Aiden told her that he wanted her. Claire apologized to John and Marlena for sneaking out of the house. Steve and Kayla tried to be strong, but broke down over Joey. Chloe tried to convince Nicole that her situation wasnít the same as Deimosí situation. Nicole didnít agree with her. Hope realized that Aiden was blackmailing her into being with him. Hope called his bluff and wanted to confess to what she did. Aiden reminded her that Rafe and Roman would go down with her. She didnít know why he wanted someone who didnít love him. Aiden reminded Hope that she did love him and will again. Chloe realized that she couldnít tell Nicole her secret because of her love for Deimos so she decided to leave Salem. Chloe wanted to go to New York. Steve assured Kayla that they would find Joey. Nicole told Deimos that Chloeís going to New York. She also told Deimos that Chloe and Philip broke up. Aiden refused to step aside so Hope could be with Rafe. Aiden believed that he could make her happy. Aiden told Hope that she, Rafe and Roman would go prison if they didnít get together.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Paul is ready to inject Tracy with the lethal poison when Dillon and Anna find them. Anna pulls a gun on Paul ordering him to drop the needle yet he does not listen. Dillon then tells his dad if he intends to go through with this, he will have to kill his son also. Paul protests that he had to get justice for Susan after the staff at General Hospital ruined her life. After assessing that his father murdered many innocent people at the hospital, Dillon demands to know how that will help Susan. Anna urges Paul to honor his daughter, not be a coward and own what he has done. Paul does not listen to anything they say, however, and realizes now that they are onto him for what he did, he will go to prison for murder, and so the only thing to do is take his own life. Yet Dillon prevents him from injecting himself. Anna takes Paul away and Dillon and Tracy are both free and safe although devastated and shocked to find out that his father has murdered many people including the mom of a baby. Meanwhile, Ava makes it clear that she wants Kiki to see how sick and how much of a burden Morgan is to her and end their relationship. Yet Kiki continues to refuse to listen to her mom. She does, however, admit to Franco, that she wishes her life did not have the restrictions that she lives with by being with Morgan. Ava later talks to Scott and reveals to him, for the first time, that she knows that Paul Hornsby is the hospital killer. The reason her brother got acquitted is not due to Scott's brilliant legal expertise. It was because she motivated Paul to free Julian or else she'd expose his secret that she knows of. She further informs Scott that she is taking drastic action to cause Morgan to lose it and convince Kiki to break upon with him, by refilling his meds with something he's not supposed to take, without his knowing. She explains her theory that she has seen that Paul's son Dillon wants to be with Kiki, as well as knowing Kiki would rather be with him than with Morgan and is merely obligating herself because of Morgan's illness. She figures that Dillon will have one good thing come from losing his father by being with Kiki after she breaks up with Morgan. Morgan will in turn, reveal how sick he is, given that he does not have the meds he believes he is taking and after Kiki has broken up with him. Hearing that, Scott admits that he does not think she has any business playing with people's lives given that Morgan has a mental illness. Meanwhile, Morgan knows something is "not right" and goes to talk to Andre, who assesses that he wants to get to the bottom of whether these meds are right for him or not. Morgan admits to his shrink he's afraid of revealing his personal issues to Kiki or to his parents, afraid he will lose his girlfriend and have consequences he cannot face. Meanwhile, Finn and Hayden manage to sneak into the darkened and closed hospital and overhear Lucy Coe talking to a guy who is planning on buying the property and possibly relocating Port Charles. General Hospital elsewhere, and they both wonder what this will mean to many people.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

While trapped in the Jabot elevator, Ashley recognized Travis from a party they'd both attended when they lived in NY. She was surprised he left Wall Street, and he told her why he walked away. Ashley mentioned that she was Billy's sister. Paul told Michael that Phyllis's fall had been ruled accidental, so Jack wouldn't be charged. Patty called Sharon and revealed that she sent Faith the doll. Sharon got alarmed and hung up after Patty made veiled references to Sully. The landline rang again and Sharon unplugged it. At the station, Dylan ran a background search on Chloe. When Dylan got home and saw that Sully was awake, he assumed another hang-up call woke him up. Dylan wanted to change the number or put a trace on it. Sharon told him Sully had a bad dream. Dylan spent time with Sharon and Sully and wished he'd been there for Sully's birth. Patty was shaken after having a flashback to arguing with Dr. Anderson about Sully and to killing the doctor. Patty called Sharon's cellphone. Patty said she was lonely and felt that Sharon should help, since they were family now. Sharon snapped at Patty and said she couldn't help, so Patty threatened to tell everyone that Sully wasn't Sharon's. Sharon began to scream at Patty to leave her alone. Dylan grabbed the phone and demanded to know who it was. Patty hung up without speaking. Dylan told Sharon he was going to find out who was harassing her. Phyllis told Jack she was willing to work in the unpleasant environment he'd put her in, but she said she and Jack would have to work together, for the sake of Jabot. Jack refused to work with Phyllis, as he felt it was in his, and Jabot's, best interests never to trust her again.

Victoria and Billy had a disagreement about whether or not it was a good idea for Travis to work for Victor. While defending her position, Victoria blurted out that she loved Travis. Billy was surprised, and he talked about his own relationship with Victoria and the difference between hot and heavy and real and lasting. Victoria wasn't sure which she and Billy had, since they'd had two divorces. Billy contended that they'd had good times, until he let her down. He warned her that Travis might disappoint her too. Victoria said she was certain about what she wanted and suggested that Billy might not be because he'd been with Phyllis, who wasn't sure what she wanted until it was too late. Victoria ran into Travis and Ashley and found out they'd met before. At home, Travis told Victoria that he didn't remember meeting Ashley in NY. Victoria realized she didn't know much about Travis's past, and she asked him how many women he'd been in love with. He said he'd loved one other woman, but now he wasn't sure if it had really been love. Travis was sure that what he and Victoria had was real, and he said he was in love with her. Victoria said she loved him too and they kissed. Billy went to Jabot to visit Phyllis and got a frosty reception. She told him that they pretended they had something real, but Billy insisted that they really did have something real. Billy told Phyllis that her plan to reconnect with Jack would fail. Ashley was concerned that Phyllis would eventually win Jack over, but Jack was adamant that it wouldn't happen. Billy arrived, and Jack told him that he and Phyllis were free to be together now. Billy said Phyllis only wanted Jack. Ashley told Billy about the time she spent with Travis. Billy felt that Travis appeared to be nice, but there was a lot Travis wasn't mentioning. Michael saw Phyllis's working conditions and told her she could sue for constructive discharge. Phyllis didn't care about that; she was just glad to be around Jack, so she'd have a chance to prove to Jack that she loved him and he still loved her. Jack climbed into bed alone. He took his wedding ring off and put it in a drawer.

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