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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn questions what is wrong with her husband, she has every right to know. Ridge sees it differently and tells the doctor to not tell her anything. But finally he tells her it was a brain hemorrhage, and they do not know how bad it is just yet. Pam tells the group that she has never seen Eric so upset. Zende says it never should have happened. Maya laments that it would not have it they had just gone to the wedding. Carter finds out from Pam that it wasn’t a meeting but where Eric lectured them on boycotting the wedding. The doctor tells Quinn that if she is looking for something positive it is a good thing they got him to the hospital when they did and the procedures and scans have begun. They all agree that it came on very suddenly. It could be stress as he was very upset when he collapsed. The doctor says he will order another test but absolutely Eric is to have no more stress. Out of the room Steffy tells Quinn that what more could she expect. She had told everyone something bad would happen when she came into her grandfather’s life. Tragedy always follows her. This was the plan. She accuses Quinn of poisoning Eric. She even barks at a nurse to be sure and test every medication or anything that Eric touched. She does not trust this woman. She tells Quinn she must be so pleased with herself but do not think for one minute this is over. Pam says they need to focus on Eric’s well being and she volunteers to go to the house and get his favorite old fluffy robe. Carter agrees to go along.

Rick opines that this is what they get for standing on their principles – their father in the hospital fighting for his life. Thorne sits besides Eric and says if he is still in the hunt for a best man, here he is. He promises him that he will never let him down again. He will always be there for him. Ridge takes his turn and tells his dad that they all are counting on him, the kids and grandkids. So to put on his big boy pants and let’s do this. In their arguing Quinn tells Steffy that she doesn’t expect her to believe it but that man in there is the love of her life. She does not care what others think, only that man in there. And that man in there who brought so much goodness in all of their lives and gave them a safe place to grow and thrive – they shut him out of their lives completely. They were married in an empty room. A part of Eric died that day. It was cruel, insensitive and just wrong. She may not be a saint  but if Eric leaves them today it is their fault, not hers. At Eric’s house Carter finds an envelope with papers and remembers telling Eric about the POA. Ridge starts to leave the hospital room and says he wants to talk with Steffy and she is outside with Quinn. Thorne tells him to hold on a minute and repeat that again. When they say Quinn’s name, Eric’s finger twitches and as they bend over him he tries to say Quinn’s name. Quinn tells Steffy that she is not going to fight her of all days; Eric needs their support. Ridge comes out and says Eric is awake. Quinn starts to go but Steffy tells her no, stay put. Ridge does say that Eric is saying Quinn’s name so she does rush in. She bends over Eric and starts telling him about the beautiful wedding and they should be on their honeymoon now. She does not think this is what he had in mind. He has to fight this and come back to her and they can have a beautiful life together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Marlena took care of Abe after Clyde shot him. Theo panicked watching his father in pain. John got to his phone and saw that the tracker worked. John let Steve know where the prisoners were keeping Claire and Joey. They went to find them. Claire wanted to be there for Theo because he needed her. Marlena tried to comfort Theo while he waited for news about Abe. Theo snapped at Marlena and Ciara. Kayla told a nurse that Abe’s condition was worse than she thought. John and Steve arrived where Orpheus and company were keeping Claire and Joey. Hope panicked when Aiden showed up at the police station while she was with Rafe. JJ arrived at let Aiden know that the bullet was meant for him.

Theo calmed down and talked to Ciara about being afraid to lose Abe. JJ told Aiden about the footage that proved he was the target. Xander noticed the necklace Joey was holding. Orpheus saw it and stepped on it. Orpheus found the GPS in it. John realized that the tracker was found. He and Steve ducked because they heard gunshots. Rafe saw the footage and noticed that Aiden said something to Hope. She didn’t want to tell him what he said to her. John and Steve had to shoot at whoever was shooting at them. Claire and Joey tried to escape. Claire got out of the room, but Xander grabbed Joey. Xander and Joey fought over the gun until Xander hit him with it. Kayla told Theo about Abe’s serious condition. Claire found John and Steve. Steve wanted to stay to get Joey, but John wanted to wait to get him. Hope found Aiden and suggested that he leave Salem since he was a target. She suggested that he go to Portland and visit Chase. Aiden wanted to make sure that everything was okay there first. He also wanted to talk to Hope about killing Stefano. Theo sat with Abe and thought about an old conversation he had with him about Ciara. Aiden was about to tell Hope more about Stefano when Claire arrived. John, Steve, JJ and the police went in the warehouse, but it was empty. Steve found blood on the floor and thought it might be Joey’s blood. Steve wanted to find the prisoners and kill them.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna knows she needs to find out the whereabouts of Paul so she goes to meet with Dillon who admits although he does not have much to do with his father, he's pretty certain that his mom went to find his dad somewhere near the institution where Paul's daughter, Susan stays. Meanwhile, Paul knows he has to prevent Tracy from turning him in for murdering Sabrina and all the others at the hospital and the only way to do that is to kill her. He first ties her up after Anna calls her, hears Tracy scream and then hears the line going dead after Paul destroys Tracy's phone. He gets ready to inject Tracy with the needle with the lethal poison right when Anna and Dillon find him before he has a chance to do it. Ava knows that sooner or later, Morgan will lose it and crumble and goes to smugly "warn" Carly of that, reminding her that her son almost killed Julian in a public place. Carly argues and protests that her son is doing well, Ava has no business judging him and wanting to kill Julian is a normal response for anyone, given what he's done and gotten away with. Ava manages to go upstairs unseen and continue to mess with Morgan's meds. Later, Carly admits to Sonny she is concerned about their son and about him as well, knowing what they are both very capable of doing when and if they run into Julian again. While Jason goes to talk to Sonny, knowing he's taking action against Julian right now as they speak, Sam goes to see Julian, urging him to know he has to leave town since there's nothing for him in Port Charles and because he won't live much longer if he stays around. Yet both men are adamant about doing what they intend to do. Meanwhile, Morgan has secretly illegally purchased a paper to submit in order to pass his school courses, now realizing he can be found out and afraid of the consequences. He secretly calls Spinelli attempting to get him to help him undo that yet keeps that a secret. Ava goes to urge Kiki to know how "unstable and dangerous" Morgan is although Kiki argues and wonders how or why her mom would know. Julian knows that Sonny is more than likely plotting to have him killed, and Sonny makes it clear to everyone that he's gotta do what he's gotta do.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jack sent all of Phyllis's things over to Summer's apartment, where Phyllis was staying. Nick took Sharon aside and told her Faith said Sharon was playing matchmaker for Nick and Chelsea to get together. Nick was furious with Sharon for using their daughter. Sharon maintained that Chelsea and Nick needed someone to lean on, but Nick told her to stay out of his personal life. Faith overheard everything. After Nick left, she asked if she'd gotten Sharon in trouble. Sharon reassured Faith, and she continued to encourage the idea of Nick being with Chelsea. Faith thought Sage would be happy that Sharon was helping Nick. A mystery person left Faith a gift – a doll that looked like a baby boy. Patty called Sharon and revealed that she sent the present. Billy and Victoria found out Travis accepted Victor's job offer. Billy burst out laughing and predicted that Victor would make Travis's life miserable. Travis told Victoria that he'd gotten bored with the taking things easy, so he took the job. Victoria warned Travis that Victor had an ulterior motive for giving him a job. Travis knew Victor was testing him, and he wasn't concerned. Travis took Victoria to Hank's. Victoria admitted she was worried Victor would break them up. Travis turned on the jukebox and played the song she'd played when they first met. They danced and he promised that he was still the same man, no matter who he worked for. Michael told Jack that Phyllis wouldn't contest the divorce or ask for any money if Jack allowed her to keep her position at Jabot. Phyllis told Summer about the offer she had Michael make to Jack. Summer and Phyllis had a disagreement about whether it was a good idea for Phyllis to remain in Jack's life against his wishes. Jack showed up and told Phyllis he didn't love her anymore. Phyllis threatened to take half of Jabot if Jack wouldn't let her work there. Jack called her vindictive, but Phyllis swore she was trying to remind Jack of what they had.

Chelsea was troubled by the hug she and Nick shared after Faith's party. She confided in Chelsea that she was afraid she'd given Nick the wrong impression. Chloe wondered if Chelsea felt like hugging Nick was cheating on Adam. Chelsea said she wasn't ready for a new relationship and might not ever be ready. Chelsea wanted to tell Nick they were just friends, but she was worried he'd take it the wrong way and she'd lose his friendship. Nick came by and apologized for overstepping his bounds with the hug. Chelsea was relieved and told him she'd been planning to have the same conversation with him. Ashley asked Billy to convince Phyllis to let Jack go. Billy said it was impossible to make Phyllis change her mind about anything. Billy made a snide comment when he saw Victoria and Travis kissing goodbye at Brash and Sassy. Victoria told Billy to stay out of her personal life, but her temper flared when he lied and said he and Phyllis were getting back together. Billy felt that he'd proved a point, but Victoria argued that her relationship was nothing like Billy and Phyllis's affair. Jack told Ashley that he planned to drive Phyllis to quit. Phyllis showed up at work in a tight dress. Jack set Phyllis up in an office that was dark and filled with boxes. He gave her a ton of work and told her to finish it by morning. Travis and Ashley got trapped in the Jabot elevator. Nick showed up at Summer's and vented about Sharon intruding into his business.

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