Thursday 9/29/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 9/29/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn and Wyatt rush into the room and find the Forresters bent over Eric who is lying unconscious on the floor. She pushes them aside and kneels while calling out his name. Maya calls the paramedics while Thorne listens for his breathing. Thomas says he is strong and will be all right. Quinn continues to ask what happened and tells Eric to please hang in there as help in on the way. Ridge tells the paramedics that Eric has no allergies or medications but Quinn corrects him and says he is taking blood pressure pills and a blood thinner. At the hospital the doctor looks over the chart of information and tells the family to stay put; he will give them an update as it becomes available. Wyatt wants to know what happened. Pam and Maya explain that Eric has never been this upset before but he was really hurt at all of them boycotting the wedding. He knew Ridge was behind it and really lit into him. It was an act of betrayal for Eric. Maya agrees that it was inexcusable as Eric is one of the kindest, most generous men she knows and they should have done better than this. Zende agrees that they are family and they all let him down. Both Rick and Thorne are so ashamed of themselves. Wyatt tells them that when no one showed up at the wedding Quinn even gave Eric an out, saying he did not have to marry her. She did not want him to lose his family. He would not hear of that. Now he feels like he should have been there. Maya says he was in a rough spot, caught between his wife and mother. Thomas assures Wyatt that they all are at fault. They literally broke Eric’s heart and now he is fighting for his life. Steffy wipes her tears and tells Ridge that she wishes they could go back and do it over again. She knows they were doing it for Eric’s own good but now he is lying in the hospital and they do not know what happened.

Frantically Quinn arrives at the hospital and demands to know how her husband is. Ridge tries to hold her back and says Eric is still unconscious and there is no change. Ridge says he knows of no medical condition that could have caused this. Thorne says there was no pre-existing condition. It was just that they all hurt Eric in a place so deep that his body could not take it anymore. Ridge tells Steffy that they did not cause this; they were only trying to protect Eric and he will be okay now. Quinn asks more questions and Ridge pointblank tells her this is all her fault they are in this situation. He blocks Quinn from going into the room when the doctor says keep it to a small number. Quinn cannot believe Ridge is serious when he says he forbids it. Wyatt says he likes the sounds of that – when Eric gets better. They need to focus all their energy on willing him back to good health. Maya leads them in prayer and begs God not to take him away; they all need him. Thorne tells Eric that what they did was inexcusable and he has every right to be upset with them. He can take it; just please come back to them. Fight like the warrior that he knows he is. Quinn is finally able to barge in and says she will not be kept away from her husband. Ridge says they are going to handle this like a family. Quinn retorts like it or not she is his wife thus family. Ridge repeats again to an orderly to get that woman out of this room. With Quinn bucking that the orderly tells her that he has seen families before like this and perhaps it would be better for her to wait. Dr. Andrews tell them that Eric had a brain hemorrhage so none of them caused this. It was a weakened blood vessel and there is no way to make predictions yet. Thorne doesn’t like the sound of that. Ridge bellows again to keep this woman out of the room. She replies that they cannot keep her away from her husband. She rushes to him and touches his face, lays her on his chest and begs him to talk to her and be okay. She tells the others that he was just fine this morning so what has happened to him since then.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe demanded that Hope and Rafe as well as the rest of the Salem PD do a better job of getting the prisoners. Rafe tried to defend their actions, but Abe didn’t want to hear it at first. Abe realized that he was being insensitive towards Hope and backed off. John and Marlena talked about Claire’s disappearance. John remembered what he told Claire about using the tracking device he gave her. Claire and Joey got smart with Orpheus and he threatened to destroy everyone in Salem. Orpheus wanted Xander to watch Joey and Claire while he left. Xander wondered why he had to watch them. Clyde got the guns that they wanted. Aiden talked to Hope about Claire and Joey. He also wanted to talk to her about something else. John and Marlena talked to Steve and Kayla about Claire and Joey’s kidnappings. John and Steve wanted to be ready for the prisoners. Claire was about tot ell Joey about her necklace, but Xander gagged them.

Joey managed to get Claire’s necklace before Xander saw him. Rafe interrupted Aiden’s conversation with Hope. Rafe threatened Aiden if he talked to Hope again. Clyde told Orpheus that the Kiriakis family was responsible for the shoot out at the docks. Abe had a press conference about the prisoners. Clyde was ready to shoot at the conference. Orpheus interrupted Abe’s speech to tell everyone that they are getting revenge on the people in Salem. He showed footage of Claire and Joey. Claire asked for her grandparents to help. Marlena noticed that Claire wasn’t wearing her necklace. Orpheus gave everyone the demands and wanted them met before they tell where Claire and Joey were being held. Claire told Joey to press the necklace, but John didn’t have a signal on his phone so he didn’t hear it. Abe finished his press conference. Aiden told Hope that he knew she killed Stefano. Clyde fired the gun and Abe was shot.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While with Tracy after finding out she's overheard his conversation with his daughter, Paul knows she's onto him even though she says otherwise. She urges him to, at the very least, have regard for their son and how it would affect him. Yet he knows what Tracy intends to do if he does not stop her so he makes it clear he will have to kill Tracy in order not to be brought to justice for the hospital killings. Meanwhile, Anna discovers the cuff links in Paul's empty hotel room and contacts Jordan. At first, they realize that is only circumstantial evidence and they have no real proof nor clear cut motive for Paul to murder all the people who have been murdered at the hospital. However, they brainstorm and Anna remembers what she heard him reveal about how he needs to get justice for what happened to his daughter Susan and how that could relate to GH hospital staff. Meanwhile, Nathan obtains the test results which state that he is the biological father of Claudette's daughter Charlotte. Yet he asks Claudette what her big secret is regarding this man she is hiding from and hiding their daughter from. She finally replies his name is Valentin Cassadine. Meanwhile Kevin finds Laura flying into town. They talk about Spencer, keeping him safe from Valentin and how they might want to see each other again some time soon. Sam and Jason talk about concerns she has about her mom and how Julian has to be stopped. They both realize how Sonny might take the law into his own hands and maybe Jason needs to communicate with him in order to prevent further consequences.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

After buying the tabloid show GC Buzz, Devon made Hilary the host. Lily disapproved, fearing Hilary would use her position to hurt people. Hilary and Devon were adamant that they planned to use the show for good things. Chloe got the impression Sharon was playing matchmaker for Chelsea and Nick. Chelsea was adamant that she and Nick were just friends. Travis brought Katie and Johnny to Brash and Sassy to pick up Victoria. After Victoria, Travis and the kids left, Cane asked why Billy didn't seem to care that someone else was playing daddy to his children. Lily raced in and told Cane and Billy about Hilary's show. They watched. Hilary announced that GC Buzz was going to give Phyllis and Jack privacy. Billy and Cane thought the show was good, but Lily was convinced that Hilary had something up her sleeve. Hilary and Devon went home and watched the show too. Devon praised Hilary's work, then they made love. While Dylan and Mariah decorated Crimson Lights for Faith's birthday party, she told him Chloe had been acting differently since Adam's death. Mariah thought Chloe was hiding something and she was scared Kevin would get hurt. Chelsea told Nick a bit about her childhood when she stopped by Sharon's to drop off Faith's party dress. Sharon seemed delighted to see Nick and Chelsea interacting.

Victor told Nikki he approved of Travis and Victoria's relationship. Nikki was skeptical of Victor's sudden change of heart. Chloe approached Victor at the party, but he told her there was no need for them to talk anymore. Victor and Dylan put the restraining order aside and called a truce so Faith's party wouldn't be ruined. Nikki and Sharon were shocked to see them shaking hands. Sharon got nervous when Nikki commented that Sully was big for his age and marveled that he'd already taken his first steps even though his first birthday wasn't until November. Chelsea apologized to Nick for overreacting and pushing him away earlier. He understood because he'd lashed out after Sage died. He promised it would get easier. Chloe took Mariah aside, and said she wanted to clear the air. Mariah thought Chloe was using Kevin. Chloe said that wasn't true, and she said she and Mariah had to cut the tension if they were going to work together. Mariah announced that she quit. Victor gave Faith Newman stock and a pony. After the party, Kevin asked Mariah if she quit because she was jealous of him and Chloe. Mariah said she quit because she didn't like people who lied to their friends. Kevin insisted that Chloe wasn't lying to him. Chloe asked Kevin about Mariah's outburst. He admitted that Mariah thought Chloe was hiding something about Bella's dad. At the Club, Victor tried to convince Travis to come work for Newman. Billy and Victoria saw them talking. Billy thought Victoria should be concerned, but Victoria thought Travis and Victor were just being civil adults. Nikki returned to Victor and Travis's table and concluded that Victor had talked Travis into the job. Travis only smiled. Nick took Chelsea, Connor and Faith back to Chelsea's house. While Nick put Connor to bed, Faith said that Chelsea made Nick happy, just like Sharon had said. Nick hugged Chelsea and thanked her for coming to the party. Dylan and Sharon went home, and someone called, then hung up without saying anything. Dylan noted that they'd been getting a lot of wrong numbers.

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