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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells his dad that the word betrayal is a very big word. Eric says you cannot call it anything else. He asked them to come and see him stand before God and family to unite with the woman he loves and they could not do that. This is no family. One by one they try to explain why they did not come and how cruel this must seem to him. Hurt written all over his face, Eric says he does understand. They were trying to make him not feel the way he truly feels and give up on a woman who has given him nothing but devotion. Steffy says Quinn is dangerous; she is only faking it. Pam adds that Quinn has a mean streak. Eric scoffs that there seems to be a pretty wide mean streak running right through this room just now. And that mean Quinn told him not to marry her if the family was going to act this way. She came down those stairs and saw the hurt in his eyes and this mean, vicious, selfish woman was willing to give up her own happiness for him. So he does not want any of them to say she is a danger to him or any of them. He never wants to hear that again. Quinn too is hurt. She tells Wyatt that he was not there for her. He says the reason was his love for Steffy and how she felt, so he did not come. Any other man and he would have. She says a tiny part of her is proud of him standing by his wife; she only hopes he gets a few points for that. And she adds that she has never seen Eric be so disappointed. Not one of his family could support him. No one could be happy for them. And Steffy has not shown one ounce of telling Wyatt that she will move back in with him so that should tell him something. He says he does not know what will happen but he does know he will not give up. Pam says again they were only worried about Eric with Quinn’s history. Eric says everybody in this room has a history. And if memory serves Pam certainly had her own and he forgave her otherwise she would not be standing in this room right now. He opines that he took her in and yesterday she walked out on him. Then he starts in on Zende how he took him in, never considered him going anyplace else as he told Kristen he would look after him. Now he is disappointed in him that he was not there yesterday to welcome in another new Forrester. He turns to Maya and asks why she wasn’t there. He welcomed her into the family, and even her sister and entire family with all their drama……lots of drama but that didn’t matter as he saw in Rick’s eyes the love he had for her. But they had nothing but hatred for him. They never bothered to look in his eyes and see the love he had for Quinn. He remarks that Rick asks and asks for things and the one time that Eric asks something they cannot do it. As all hang their head in shame he repeats they let him down; none of them came to his wedding……the only thing that he asked.

Quinn tells Wyatt that she is not going to try to exclude any of them, Ridge or Steffy, but she is going to protect Eric as best she can. They can join her if they like but they better understand something. She is now Mrs. Eric Forrester and there is not a thing they can do to change that. Thorne tells his dad that he knows they have a lot to make up for and they will….he promises him that. Eric does not know how. He laments that Thorne promised to be his best man. He could have said no, instead of saying yes and then just not showing up. He tells Thorne that he doesn’t even know Quinn. All he knows is the lies that Ridge and Steffy have filled his head with. And Thomas, he is surprised that he is going along with this mob mentality, just following what Ridge and Steffy say is right for him but they are wrong. He shouts at Steffy that she said in Monte Carlo that she forbid it; channeling her namesake and showing her strong willed stubbornness. Thank God he did not go along with that. She did not ask how he felt about Quinn. It was all about Steffy and her demands. Then he tells Ridge to stop it. He has been taking care of him longer than anyone else….since he was big enough to crawl around in here on his hands and knees with a pencil in his hand. He saw then that he had talent and that talent grew into confidence but that into arrogance. But that is a Marone thing, being the strongest man in the room. Ridge says he is not going to do this. He is not going to let his dad berate him the way he did everybody else. He did what he did because Eric’s relationship with Quinn is wrong and somewhere in there he knows that too. She is not worthy of him. Eric says Ridge does not get to decide that, only he does. King Ridge does not get to tell everyone in this room how Eric feels about his own wife. Ridge says he only controls who he respects and he does not respect a single things about that horrible woman. Eric picks up papers from his desk and says he will have to respect Quinn now. As soon as he signs those papers she will be Mrs. Eric Forrester. Thorne warns Eric to calm down. Ridge starts to walk out and Eric tells him to come back; he is not finished yet. He reminds him how alone he was when Stephanie died but he does not need their protection now. Just think how he had to look into Quinn’s eyes and her see the hurt when she realized how little his family felt about him. Quinn and Wyatt hear raised voices and rush in just to find Eric who has collapsed to the floor with all rushing to his side.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was determined to get out of the house so she could check social media.  Paul tried to stop her from going, but she still wanted to leave.  Marlena told Abe that Clyde would be going after Ben to make up for how he treated him.  JJ talked to Jennifer about his feelings about Gabi working with Chad.  Jennifer tried to defend Chad to JJ.  Claire thought Sonny would be her way out of the house, but it didnít work.  Sonny and Paul ended up talking to each other.  Brady wanted to help with the investigation.  He told Abe that he wanted to do something to stop Orpheus and company.

Paul and Sonny talked about their relationship.  Sonny said they couldnít be together anymore.  Sonny thought about them spending time together.  Abe told Brady to go home to his family and to leave the investigation alone.  Chad went to see Jennifer.  He offered to have guards outside of her house.  Jennifer resisted at first, but eventually agreed to have them outside.  Chad told Jennifer that he put Abbyís things away and found a watch that he gave to her.  Chad explained why the watch was special and gave it to Jennifer.  Brady told someone to take out the fugitives.  Sonny overheard the call and wanted to know what he did.  Brady told Sonny that the prisoners were spotted.  Sonny didnít approve of Bradyís actions.  JJ and Gabi had a romantic day, but it was cut short when he had to leave.  Brady ordered someone to kill the prisoners.  Abe told Marlena, John, and Paul that there was a shooting at the docks.  Brady got a call that the prisoners werenít at the dock.  Claire called John and it turned out that Orpheus grabbed her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Anna returns to town and first meets with Griffin, assessing that she regrets moving and not at least being there for Julian's trial, knowing that their chance to bring Duke's murderer to justice is now ruined. She also admits that she cannot believe the cops have tried and failed to find and catch the hospital killer, and have had to close down the hospital after Sabrina has paid with her life. They still have no suspicion as to whom the hospital killer is. Anna later meets with Jordan and they both realize something happened to prevent the warrant to have Alexis wired and obtain the taped confession from Julian, from being valid. They know that "somebody" secretly ruined that for them. Anna knows she has not seen or heard from Paul and wants to find out what he might know about it. Yet she still has no suspicion of him. She finds Olivia and gets her to unlock Paul's hotel room while she looks around. And right when she least expects it, she finds Paul's cuff links and knows what that means. Meanwhile, Tracy is clearly able to overhear Paul confessing to his catatonic daughter that he killed all the people who hurt her. She attempts to have him believing she suspects nothing of him. Yet he knows she's onto him and makes it clear that he's desperate knowing that she now knows he murdered Sabrina. Claudette is obviously spooked when she finds out that Nathan has run a DNA test to prove paternity of her daughter. She rushes to find Griffin and informs him, for the first time, that she has a daughter who is more than likely Nathan's although it's entirely possible she is his. He knows she is playing a game with both of them for revealing this for the first time and has reason to be afraid of the results of the paternity test. Nathan then goes with Maxie to meet with both of them after he's obtained the results of the test in a sealed envelope. He knows he has to answer it and reveal the truth once and for all.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Faith asks Chelsea to make her a dress for her birthday party tomorrow. Chelsea agrees to make her the dress as a birthday present. Kevin and Chloe decide to start dating and make their first official date Faith's birthday party. Phyllis moves in with Summer and is determined to fight for Jack even though he wants a divorce. Phyllis tells Michael to tell Jack she doesn't want his money in the divorce; she only wants to keep her job at Jabot. Hilary takes over as host of the GC Buzz TV show and is determined to make it a respectable entertainment show.

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