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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric brings Quinn breakfast in bed and she laments how lucky can a girl be. He even surprises her with another huge expensive trinket in her water glass…..a mere compliment to their exotic honeymoon destination. The ones in the office, Ridge, Pam, Wyatt, Steffy and Thomas look at each other and say none of them have heard a word. Rick joins in and admits he is worried too. Thorne says his dad has always stood by them and they should have been there for him. What they did could not change anything; Eric still married Quinn anyway. Steffy says when they divorce they will throw him the biggest party ever seen. Quinn will show her true self and it will help Eric get her out of his life. Thorne says Zende is right, not showing up for the wedding probably will backfire big time since Eric has made no effort to get in touch with them. Quinn is optimistic that his family will come around and she will try to make them feel welcome in their marriage. Eric says he is trying but he is never going to forgive them. Quinn says they were only trying to protect him and then in one year they will celebrate their first wedding anniversary and they will all come around. He wants to talk to them…..he wants them to hear him now. He tells her to let him handle this without her hearing any more criticism and then they will take off on their honeymoon for the rest of their life.

Felicia is on her way home feeling they messed up. Ridge closes the door and says no one but Eric messed up. That was wrong. Thorne says again they were wrong for not supporting their father. Eric shows up at the office and is curt with Pam. She says she feels terrible and does not know what to say. Eric says she showed up with Charlie and pretended to be supporting him but then she disappeared and must have come back here. They threw a tantrum thinking he would call off the marriage to the woman he loved. He wants her to get them all in here…..now. Ridge tells Thomas that he is worried too but he has better things to do. Pam interrupts and says Eric is here and he is really hurt. She has never seen him like this before. He wants to talk; he wants them all in his office right now. Tentatively they all walk in with Eric not looking at them or saying anything for a few minutes. Wyatt goes to see his mother via her text. She says the wedding was simple and elegant and wonderful, just what they needed. She is sorry that he was not there. She knows he had Steffy to think about. She would have never put him in that predicament if she did not truly believe in what she and Eric have. The whole family united to hurt him. Not one person could be there to support him….not one. Thomas speaks up first and says he is sorry he was not there. Zende adds they thought he might change his mind. Maya says if any of them thought he would go through with it then they would have been there. Thorne says he hopes his dad can forgive him as he as best man should have been there. Rick says they were all just trying to make a statement, they were doing it for him. Eric finally turns and says he has heard from everybody but the ringleaders; does Ridge or Steffy have anything to say? So any affection or respect any of them have for him just went out the window, throw it away. He looks at Ridge and says he is his son and knows how much this would hurt him despite him standing by him all these years and this is what it came to. They all betrayed him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The police were preparing what to do when they caught the prisoners. The doctor told Deimos, Chloe, Nicole, and Philip that Deimos wasnít the father of the baby. Deimos didnít believe the test results and was determined to get another one. Nicole reminded him that he was supposed to let it go once he found out the results. Philip and Chloe were relieved that Deimos wasnít the father. Aiden wanted to talk to Hope and Rafe about Stefanoís murder investigation. Orpheus and Clyde were at odds about their plan to get their victims. Clyde had an idea. He believed that they could use another hostage to negotiate with so they could leave town. Orpheus liked his idea. Kate arrived at the hospital and apologized to Philip and Chloe for not getting the chance to switch the test results. Philip told Kate that Deimos wasnít the father and was shocked that she didnít switch the results. Kate demanded to know what Chloe was planning. Deimos told Nicole that he would keep getting tests done on Chloeís baby until he finds out the truth. Orpheus believed that they could get more money from the Kiriakis family if they get another hostage. They also talked about where they would go to escape. Xander suggested that they go to the Kiriakis compound. Nicole told Deimos that he scares her sometimes. Deimos explained to Nicole that he wanted to love and protect her. One thing led to another and they ended up making love. Chloe was shocked by the fact that Kate didnít switch the test results.

Aiden talked to Hope and Rafe about why he didnít believe that Andre killed Stefano. Hope panicked as Aiden talked. Aiden had to take a call and left Hope and Rafe alone to talk. They talked about how she killed Stefano and how Rafe covered it up. Hope thought Aiden knew the truth about what she did. Kate yelled at Chloe for getting Philip involved in her situation. Philip asked Kate to leave the room. Chloe was relieved that Philip made her leave. Philip wanted to know what Chloe was up to when it concerned the baby. Clyde told Orpheus that Steve was alive and that he wasnít much of a hitman. Rafe convinced Hope that Aiden didnít know anything about Stefano. Philip believed that Chloe played him. Chloe denied doing anything wrong. Philip demanded to know the identity of the father. Chloe said that she couldnít tell him the truth. Philip walked out on her. Aiden let Hope and Rafe know that he didnít have a case after all. It turned out that Aiden recorded Hope and Rafeís conversation about Stefanoís murder. Orpheus and Clyde wanted to get another victim and wanted Xander to watch Joey. Orpheus knew who they could kidnap. Kate and Philip talked bout Chloe and how she lied to him. Chloe suddenly remembered that someone could possibly be the father of her baby. Aiden listened to the recording and heard Hope talk to Rafe about killing Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Both Tracy and Dillon observe that Paul's behavior is very odd and out of character when he appears to be blaming himself for Sabrina getting murdered. Yet they have no suspicion that he murdered her and Tracy is convinced that Paul simply blames himself for what happened to Sabrina due to his estranged daughter, Susan. She privately tracks down Susan Hornsby and is shocked to find out where Susan is now living. Right then, we see Paul visit a private clinic and he goes to visit a catatonic and completely non-responsive young woman whom we see is his daughter Susan. He attempts to talk to her but she does not speak or respond. He then reveals that the reason he's killed patients and staff at the hospital is due to their being responsible for what happened to his daughter. He assures her he "got rid of all of them with the exception of Monica Quartermaine". Right then, unknown to Paul and his daughter, Tracy finds him there, overhears and observes them and is shocked. After Elizabeth is out of the hospital, Hayden comes to see her and informs Elizabeth she believes she owes her money because Elizabeth almost got her arrested and prevented her from having the diamonds, Hayden has no money after Nikolas is gone and Elizabeth owes her because Hayden donated the blood to save Elizabeth's life. yet Elizabeth refuses and affirms she has a clear conscience, since she works, is now out of a job, has hospital bills to pay as well as providing for her boys. Franco also finds out that his mom will no longer help him and has no money to give him after the secret is out that Naomi got pregnant by Jeff Webber with Hayden. Morgan reveals that he is pushing himself to attend and pass classes in marketing and is very afraid he will fail. He also indicates he may be paying for a service to cheat. Yet Dillon informs him that he knows of a way for professors to access information and catch students who are cheating or purchasing papers they do not have to write themselves. Julian returns to Alexis who tells him she will never let him near hear again, calls the cops and is ready to serve him with a restraining order. He concludes he will leave, for now, but she needs to know that they are forever connected and their love will never die.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

In Chancellor Park, Lauren offends Jill by telling her the only reason she bought Brash and Sassy was to get Billy and Victoria back together. Michael reads on the internet about the reporter trying to make Jack look as though he had pushed Phyllis down the stairs. Michael tells Hilary and Devon about the article. Lily is at the lab to give her opinion on the new fragrance. Victor has a meeting in his office with Travis.

At the Athletic Club, Victor offers Travis a position at Newman Enterprises. Billy and Victoria decide to work together but to lead separate lives. At GC Buzz, Devon confronts Howard Green about the articles that his reporters wrote, then he makes a critical decision. Devon calls Lily for her and Hilary to meet him in his office. Devon tells Hilary, Lily and the reporter doing the interview that he just bought the newspaper, and he fires the reporter. The model who worked in the perfume commercial stops by the lab to pick up her paycheck then invites Cane out for a drink but he refuses. Travis refuses Victor's job offer.

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