Monday 9/26/16 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 9/26/16 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Eric that his family is too important to him and he will lose them if he marries her, so she cannot do this. This is more than anything she could have imagined but they are not going to do this today. He tells her that this was his family’s choice, not his. He can see that she has changed. It is them that cannot. She has changed his life and he wants her in it as his wife. He thanks Ivy for being here and calls the minister back and says they are getting married right now. Ridge says they are not going over there. They are staying put. His dad will come to his senses when no one shows up. Thorne says he was the best man and should be there. Ridge says yes and as best man he needs to do what is best for Eric and that is not to marry Quinn Fuller. The minister conducts the ceremony and they are pronounced husband and wife, sealed with a kiss. Ivy gives her uncle a kiss and says she is not going to stick around for the food but will leave the lovebirds alone.

Ivy goes back to the office and says she cannot believe they all abandoned Eric. They went through with the marriage anyway so all of them just broke Eric’s heart. Eric tells Quinn that he is still so disappointed. Steffy and Ridge he could understand but not all the others. He pushed their strollers and never missed a single ballgame and then he brought them into the business. And today they were not there for him. She says she is still sorry but now they can go straight from the wedding to the honeymoon. Eric pulls out a paper Carter gave him; the one appointing Ridge POA. He tells Quinn that they have each other. They do not need anyone else. They can run the company together. She says she is not sure she deserves his love and devotion but he certainly has hers and anyone will have to come through her to get to him. He says before the honeymoon he has a gift for her. She says she does not need one. He turns on a light and shines it to the portrait over the mantle. Replacing Stephanie now it is Quinn. She asks if he is sure and he says yes. This makes her very happy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe talked to Philip about how shocked she was that Kate decided to help them.  Nicole wasn’t thrilled that Deimos had Chloe followed.  Kayla panicked over Joey being kidnapped.  She wanted to help with the search.  Steve and John warned her not to do it.  Clyde confronted Kate and she got smart with him again.  Kate thought she had the upperhand when she pulled out her gun.  She was fooled when Orpheus showed up.  Orpheus got lucky when Marlena and Claire showed up.

Chloe and Nicole talked about her secret.  Chloe got heated when she thought Nicole was judging her.  Their argument didn’t last long.  Deimos and Philip argued over Chloe.  Marlena tried to protect Claire, but Orpheus knew what she was trying to do.  John found Marlena, Claire, and Kate and fought with Orpheus.  John and Orpheus fought over the gun.  John shot Orpheus.  Kate snuck off while John talked to Roman.  Steve and Kayla talked about Joey.  Steve blamed himself for not being there.  Kayla reminded Steve about what he’s done for Joey.  Joey managed to get out of his ropes, but Xander woke up.  Orpheus and Clyde showed up and Orpheus was determined to get Joey since he blamed Steve for starting the war.  Kate showed up at the hospital, but the doctor wasn’t there.  Kayla tried to convince Steve to let her help with the search, but he wouldn’t let her.  Joey tried to play mind games with Orpheus.  Chloe, Philip, Deimos, and Nicole arrived at the hospital to get the test results.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is drinking, having nightmares as well as conscious fear of Julian returning and haunting her. Sam comes by and expresses her concerns for her mom. Alexis informs her daughter she's applying for jobs in law firms to have some purpose until she gets reinstated to practice law. She also promises Sam she will refrain from drinking as Sam is doing during her pregnancy. As soon as Sam leaves, however, Alexis gets on the phone to apply to advertised jobs she notices. All the people she speaks to, however, inform her they have heard all about her and do not want her working in their law firms. Realizing she has nothing to do, she continues to drink. Julian goes to see Nina to "motivate" her to do his bidding, by printing a story about him and his innocence or else he will make her sorry she did not. Yet she is not intimidated by him, realizing she now has legal rights to the magazine and does not have to get involved in his mess. Everyone is mourning the loss of Sabrina. Both Kiki and Morgan admit they are not comfortable attending the memorial service when Michael has lost the one person who was there for him and helped him when he was all alone and hurt by them, not long ago. Yet Dillon comes by to speak to Kiki and encourages her to not feel responsible for the things that have happened. Tracy overhears Paul alone in the chapel apologizing to Sabrina for "murdering" her. Witnessing that, Tracy instantly assumes he is merely blaming himself for failing to catch the hospital killer and assures him the only person to blame is the maniac who murdered Sabrina. At that point, he has no "incentive" to confess to his son's mom what he really did. Yet Dillon finds his mom and they both express noticing some very "uncharacteristic" behavior in Paul. Tracy concludes that Paul blames himself and has a "personal" stake in what happened to Sabrina because of his feeling responsible for the loss of his daughter. They (as well as everybody else in Port Charles) still have no suspicion that Paul is the hospital killer. Michael and Nelle are becoming close. Sonny reaches out to both of his sons expressing he wants to be there for him. Alexis is really losing it and, at the end of the episode, we see her continuing to drink, coming down the stairs of her house alone and seeing Julian in her living room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Paul questions Phyllis about her fall down the stairs. She insists it was an accident, because she was trying to stop Jack from packing her things and throwing her out of the house.  Paul says he needs to double-check the facts to make sure her story is true. Phyllis tells Billy that she loves Jack and wants to do anything she can to save her marriage.  So, Billy goes to Jack and tells him to forgive Phyllis, because she still loves him.  Billy also apologizes to Jack for having an affair with Phyllis and causing so much pain.

Devon pays the GC Buzz reporter to kill the story about Jack and Phyllis but later he is surprised, because the reporter recorded him and showed it on the website. Billy goes to Victoria's house and apologizes over the earlier argument and promises Johnny and Katie that he will make them proud of him again.

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