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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn gets ready for the wedding. Ivy comes in and gives her something unique as something borrowed. Eric is all dressed in black and white and wants Pam and Charlie to be sure to help the caterers and make everyone comfortable. He wants champagne and hors d’oeuvres to be flowing all night. Eric says it is going to be a full house and he is so pleased. He designed Quinn’s dress and he can’t wait until everyone sees it. Tonight everyone will see the beauty in her that he sees. Quinn is stunned by all the details on the Forrester Original. She says it still amazes her how much he has changed her life. Steffy says they all agreed yesterday that they cannot stand there and watch Eric get married so she is not going and neither should any of them. But Felicia and Thorne say this is their father and it should be his decision and he will be happy so they do not agree the wedding should be boycotted. He will marry with or without them. Ivy tells Quinn not to get too far ahead with her and Liam. Today it is just going to be her and Eric. They all have a say, even Wyatt, and he wants to stand by his wife even though it hurts his own mom. Pam tells Ridge by phone that Eric called on her and he has never seemed so happy, she could not say no. Ridge has to come. Ridge says no, they have to be united in this. Just grab Charlie and leave and come to the office. Ridge tells the group again that they have to stand together and boycott this wedding.

Quinn tells Ivy that it is not how she looks but how she feels today. She is going to spend the rest of her life making Eric happy and be glad that he picked her to marry. She is going to make him proud today, one he will remember the rest of his life. Pam tells the group that Eric went all out. He pulled out all the stops and he is so excited that all of them are coming. Ridge says they will just have to donate all that food to a shelter as they will not be there. Steffy adds they cannot condone this so they are taking a stand and not going. Pam argues that she does not like Quinn either but Eric is counting on them all being there. Ridge says they can’t. Thorne argues again that Eric can marry even if they are not there. Ridge is adamant. No, he will wake up and realize this is a mistake. Eric talks to Stephanie’s portrait and says he hopes somewhere deep down she is happy for him. Then he begins to panic when the wedding music starts and Quinn comes down and no one is in attendance. She almost has tears in her eyes when she reaches the bottom of the stairs and walks toward the altar…..realizing they are all alone. The minister begins. Quinn interrupts and says no one showed up….she is not worth it……he is losing his family because of her. She cannot let him marry her like this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe and Philip went to her doctor’s appointment. They talked about how he’s claiming to be the father of her baby. They also talked about the kiss they shared. She thought they shouldn’t kiss again because their situation is awkward. Kate talked to Andre about Philip and Lucas’ love life. Eve offered to let Nicole and Theresa stay with her in New York. They didn’t want to leave Salem. Deimos showed up for Chloe’s appointment. Philip didn’t want him there, but Deimos felt he had a right to be there. Justin also showed up at the hospital with a court order for a paternity test. Kate made sure that Theresa lost an investor in her company so that DiMera Enterprises had one less competitor. Deimos and Justin explained that they could all get blood work done so that nothing happens to the baby. Deimos informed Philip and Chloe that they could get the paternity test results right away. Chloe’s doctor showed up in the exam room and made Deimos and Justin leave since Philip is the one on record as being the father of the baby.

Brady told Theresa that her investor pulled out of the company. Theresa realized that her company was finished. Brady offered to help her by investing in the business. She wanted Brady to focus on Titan and not on her business. She was okay with raising Tate for now. Chloe panicked when Deimos and Justin left the exam room. Philip told Chloe that he would fix everything. Eve saw Justin and they talked. Eve told Justin that he was still in love with Adrienne. Justin reminded Eve that she’s marrying Lucas. Eve didn’t believe that Adrienne would marry Lucas. Philip and Chloe went to Kate for help with the paternity test. Philip wanted Kate to fix the test results. Kate didn’t want to claim Chloe’s child as her grandchild. She told Philip and Chloe that she couldn’t help them. Justin wanted to take Eve to the airport. Philip was going to find a way to get into the lab without Kate’s help. Deimos saw Kate at the pub and wanted to talk to her. They threatened to tell what they knew about each other. Deimos told Nicole about the court order he got in order to get a paternity test done on Chloe’s baby. Kate called Philip and told him that she changed her mind about helping with the paternity test.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

People attend Sabrina's memorial service and speak of their friendship and love for Sabrina and how they will miss her. Paul attends and nobody suspects him. Yet while that goes on, Jordan is determined to find a clue of whom the hospital killer is who has taken the lives of many people and has forced the hospital to shut down, due to failure to find and catch this killer. André, Curtis and Valerie all assist her to figure out about who it could be. They realize the cufflinks and men's dress shoes indicate this person is probably a professional, could be a doctor, possibly a cop, or could, for all they know, be someone they've seen and known there but would never suspect. Yet they still do not come up with naming DA Hornsby as a suspect. When the service is over, Paul is haunted by the memory of murdering Sabrina as he sits alone in the chapel staring at her picture. When he believes he's completely alone with only God and the picture of the deceased, he confesses to her how sorry he is to have done what he did. Tracy walks inside to hear that, asks him whom and for what he is sorry for and he admits to Tracy that he killed Sabrina.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

As a result of arguing with Jack, Phyllis falls down the stairs and loses consciousness. Billy bursts in and wants to know what Jack has done to her. Billy calls for help. Dylan asks Kevin what he is working on, but before Kevin can tell him, Paul comes in. Paul gets a call that there has been an accident at Jack's home concerning Phyllis falling down the stairs. The rest of the Abbott family is notified of Phyllis' condition. They rush to the hospital to be with Jack and Summer. Chelsea helps Chloe prepare for her date with Kevin. Mariah and Faith share ice cream.

Kevin arrives for his dinner with Chloe, but he doesn't want it to be called a date. Kevin and Chloe's dinner consists of hamburgers at the athletic club. Paul asks Jack what kind of mood he was in when he and Phyllis were arguing. Jack wants to put all the blame on Victor. Billy visits Phyllis in her hospital room and urges her to wake up. Billy kisses her on the forehead to awaken her. Phyllis opens her eyes. Kevin and Chloe's date ends with a kiss.

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