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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The Forrester’s discuss not attending Eric’s wedding. Pam wonders if they cannot like Quinn but still be polite and attend the wedding. The others voice their opinion and come up with a big no. Felicia comes in late and wants to know where Quinn is and why they have not talked Eric out of marrying this crazy person. Ridge says he dated under the radar and did not ask their opinion. Felicia asks where is Kristen as Eric was adamant that everyone be here. Zende says his mom was dragging her heels hoping Eric would change his mind and there be no reason to come. Felicia says she did not come to see a wedding. She came to see one did not happen. Ridge says it sounds like they are all in agreement. They are here to make sure Eric does not marry Quinn. Carter shows Eric the papers he has drawn up that will need at least one witness plus the pre-nup that they talked about. Then Carter shows him one other that was at Ridge’s suggestion – a power of attorney in case of emergency. Eric knows that Ridge wants that to be him. Carter says Eric can name whomever he wants. Eric thanks him and says he will look it all over tonight. But he thinks tomorrow the family will look at him and Quinn and be reassured. Quinn tells Steffy that she is the apple of Eric’s eye and is named after that other badass person so if she were at the wedding tomorrow it would be like a sign from Stephanie. Steffy tells her that she may sleep in her grandfather’s bed and call herself Mrs. Forrester but she will never be one of them. Quinn says she knows she is not her favorite person but she is not hurting her right now. The only ones she is hurting is her grandfather and her husband. So just how does that fit in with Steffy’s ideas. And she wonders if Steffy would ever let Eric stop her from the life she wants. Because that is exactly what the entire family is trying to do to Eric. She has walked out on her husband and now she wants to walk out on her grandfather for the rest of his life if he marries Quinn. That is mighty self righteous. Steffy says it might not happen today or tomorrow but someday Eric will remember their warnings. Yes Stephanie leaving left a big gaping hole and maybe they should not have moved out and left him all alone. But they will rally around and move back in if that is what it takes once Eric throws her out…..which will be soon. She can count on that. Ridge tells the group that Eric had a prenup drawn up and that is good but not good enough. He had his own papers drawn up naming him as POA. Felicia says she will speak with her dad tonight.

Eric walks into the office at that moment and gives Felicia a big hug. He says he needs a sympathetic right hand man tomorrow and asks Thorne if he will be his best man. He tells Felicia that no one in this room knows Quinn like he does so instead of asking the others she should have come to him. That is what tomorrow is about. He wants them to see just what he and Quinn see in each other and mean to each other. Rick says they know all they need to know about her. Eric says that is based on hearsay. Thorne reminds Eric that his mother hasn’t been gone that long. Eric says perhaps not but the rest of them can measure their lives in decades still but he cannot do that anymore. They are asking him to die alone in respect of Stephanie’s memory. Felicia tells him he will never be alone as long as he has his children. He loves that but quips when is the last time he saw her in person. She will come tomorrow and he will be happy for her to meet Quinn and then they will talk. Finally Thorne gives in and says yes he will be his dad’s best man. Eric says good, he knew he could depend on him just like he can depend on the others to come and see what he and Quinn share between them. He leaves and they all look like someone has let out the air of all their tires. Eric returns home and shows the papers to Quinn that she needs to sign. She is nonplussed when she hears it is a pre-nup. He explains to her that after tomorrow she not only has a legal tie to him but everyone in the family so this protects them. She doesn’t even read it all over and signs. She says she does not need his money. She only needs him to be himself. Rick tells the group that he cannot sit there tomorrow and watch his dad marry that woman. Steffy says she certainly cannot either. Thorne speaks up and says he is not going alone. Ridge says it sounds like they have all made their decision. The only thing left for Eric is just to see an empty house. Maybe then he will realize his mistake when they all boycott the wedding.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted Aiden to leave the pub, but he stayed behind. He managed to cut his hand on a glass. Hope saw his cut and took care of it. Orpheus, Xander, and Clyde were at Kayla’s house and took her out of the room. JJ found Claire at the town square and yelled at her for sneaking out. Rafe checked on them to make sure they were okay. Gabi panicked about being stuck in the room. Chad tried to make her feel better. Steve got back home and noticed that Kayla was missing. Steve reached for his gun when Orpheus went back in the living room and showed him a gun. Gabi made things awkward when she made a joke about Chad’s family. Chad made her feel better about making the joke. Theo panicked because Thomas kept crying. Adrienne and Lucas tried to get in the room, but he wouldn’t open the door. Aiden told Hope that Chase was in Portland. She wondered if Aiden was going to be there with Chase. Aiden thought about taking Hope with him to Portland. Aiden tried to convince Hope that he’s changed since he betrayed her. Steve demanded to know what happened to his family. Clyde and Xander brought Kayla and Joey (bound and gagged) into the living room.

Chad talked to Gabi about how he felt responsible for what happened to Abby. Gabi assured him that it wasn’t his fault that she got together with Ben as well as everything else she went through because of Ben. Lucas and Adrienne begged Theo to open the door. Theo couldn’t do it. Rafe showed up at the pub and saw Aiden and Hope there. Orpheus reminded Steve what he did to him in the past. Theo finally opened the door and let Adrienne and Lucas in the room. Orpheus and Clyde started arguing while Orpheus was arguing with Steve. Steve tried to use the argument to his advantage, but it didn’t work. Xander grabbed him and Orpheus slapped him. JJ told Lucas that Gabi and Chad were trapped in the panic room. They went to look for them. Chad and Gabi went down memory lane. Rafe warned Aiden to stay away from Hope. Steve got away from Xander and fought with Orpheus over the gun. Kayla was scared because the gun went off. JJ and Lucas found Chad and Gabi half dressed in the panic room. Hope assured Rae that she could handle Aiden. She wanted Aiden to leave the pub. Kayla was relieved that she Steve was okay (he was wearing a bulletproof vest). They were happy until Steve realized that Joey was missing.

 GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Julian has been acquitted of murder charges, many people are worried. Carly is concerned that Sonny could take the law into his own hands. They are both concerned about the very same thing with Morgan after hearing that he assaulted baby Teddy's uncle when he threatened to take Teddy away from Michael. Sonny goes and talks to his son and is able to communicate and reach a meeting of the minds regarding the triggers and impulses of the bi polar condition. Morgan confirms to his dad he knows that if he takes action with Joe, it could lead to worse consequences that he does not want, just like if Sonny lets his impulses take control of him when he next sees Julian, the same could happen. Both Sonny and Carly know that Morgan needs to be around Kiki. However, as they all speak, Ava goes with Julian to Kelly's. He's very careful and hesitant to go inside the door when he sees DA Paul Hornsby at a table inside. Paul leaves and Julian asks his sister just what her secret is with Paul and just what she has on him. She warns her brother that given that he's murdered two people and almost slashed Alexis' throat, he is in danger. Right then, Morgan and Kiki walk in and cannot contain their fury toward Julian and the fact that he's gotten away with murder. Julian taunts Michael about his and his father's illness and Morgan lashes out at him, ready to assault Julian without regard to consequences. Ava and Kiki pull them apart and the waitress threatens to call the police if they don't leave. Alone with Morgan, Kiki expresses her concerns about what he could be provoked to do. He protests to her that Julian needs to be stopped, given all he's done and the fact that the cops can't do what is needed with him. Julian and Ava go to the Metro Court and come face-to-face with Sonny and Carly. Sonny lashes out at him, admitting that Morgan is right that Julian needs to be stopped. Carly is just as worried what Sonny will do as Kiki is with Morgan. Meanwhile, Paul sneaks into the Quartermaine house while everyone is mourning the loss of Sabrina. He walks up the stairs with the needle, hoping to "finish the job". However, Tracy will not let him up the stairs while Monica is recovering although neither she nor anyone suspects Paul or has a clue that he is the hospital killer. Claudette is determined to have Nathan aware that she has a daughter by him. He questions whether she's telling the truth, as does Maxie and they tell her she needs to do a DNA test in order to prove it. She does, however, manage to convince Nathan's mom, Dr. Obrecht, that Charlotte is her granddaughter by showing her a picture.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jack resigned from the Abbott-Winters foundation. Billy accused Jack of being a hypocrite and told him to admit he drove Phyllis away by ignoring her feelings. Jack tried to attack Billy after Billy said Phyllis had loved Billy. Hilary followed Jack to Jabot and encouraged him to learn from her, Neil and Devon's mistakes. She told Jack that it was clear that Phyllis loved him. Lily and Devon disagreed about whether Hilary would try and pursue Jack romantically again. Devon was convinced that Hilary was committed to their marriage. Nikki touched base with Phyllis to make sure she wouldn't go after Victor again. Phyllis said she was through seeking revenge. Nikki encouraged Phyllis to fight for her marriage. Travis told Victoria he was going to move out so she could have space to deal with her feelings about Billy and Phyllis. After a talk with Nikki, Victoria realized she'd let her past with Billy get in the way of her present with Travis. Victoria asked Travis to officially move in with her and the kids and he accepted. Billy accused Ashley of ruining lives and of taking Jack's side all the time. Ashley told Billy not to call her the next time he hit rock bottom. Billy started to feel like he had nothing to offer anyone. Neil came by and tried to convince Billy to work the 12 step program and make amends to the people he hurt. Nikki told Ashley what she said to Phyllis. Ashley admitted she hoped Jack never took Phyllis back. Phyllis told Jack she took full responsibility for her actions and she asked him to forgive her. Jack told Phyllis to get out of his house and never return. As Jack went upstairs, Phyllis followed and grabbed his hand. Jack roughly pulled away, and Phyllis fell down the stairs and was knocked unconscious. Billy arrived and saw Phyllis lying motionless on the floor.

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