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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The family gathers around as Ridge says this wedding to Quinn cannot happen. Steffy says it is a disaster and must stop now. Steffy tells them Brooke’s marriage has been put on hold so she will not be able to give Bill’s shares to them and control the company. Eric walks in and says good, they all got their invitations. Ridge speaks up and says they love him but they are all in agreement that he cannot marry Quinn. Each have their say and Pam says her sister would not want him to do this. Thorne says he came home not to support him but to get him to change his plans. Ridge says they are all united, he should know how strongly they feel on this. Quinn will never be part of this family. Wyatt walks in and Quinn says she had to send the invitation by E-mail as she and Eric are excited about this and wanted the wedding right away. Eric thinks his family will come around. Ridge is not going to talk Eric out of this and she hopes Wyatt will come around too. Eric tells them that he appreciates how they feel about him but this was not necessary. Quinn is not perfect he says. Everybody in this room has made mistakes. But all have been forgiven but now they cannot do the same. Even Stephanie’s biggest asset was her willingness to forgive. It has held them together over countless years. That is what he wants to see tomorrow with their blessings. He knows who Quinn is now, what was her past. She has brought excitement to his life and they have a balance in their lives. Decision has been made and it is his and he has the right to expect them to respect them. All their successes has been his faith in them and that is what he would like to see tomorrow – faith in him and start over with Quinn. So do that tomorrow like Forrester’s would and show him what they are made of.

When Eric goes upstairs Quinn walks in. She says she was expecting Ridge, not the entire family. Can’t they give Eric that gift of letting him marry tomorrow without this opposition. Ridge tells Quinn they came here to stop this wedding. Quinn says they have not changed their minds and obviously Ridge did not add anything to change things. They make each other happy. She is grateful to have Eric in her life and she promises not to mess that up. He has been alone long enough and he deserves someone who will devote herself to him. She says please but one by one they all leaves the room. Steffy comes back and tells Quinn that this is not her home yet and she cannot run her family off. Quinn says she is going to be a devoted wife to Eric and Steffy can be devoted too by coming to the wedding tomorrow. Do it for everything he has ever done for her. Rick says he is not sure they should have left for Steffy to fend for herself. Thorne says his dad is only wanting them to support him but Ridge says no he wants them to accept Quinn. She will be replacing their mother and no one can do that. And by them attending the wedding they will be condoning Quinn and all she does. Quinn laments to Steffy that they could have gone to some deserted island and married but they wanted the family there. So please come, do it for her grandfather for all he has ever done for her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander prepared a new plan to get everybody in Salem. Jennifer, Julie, Ciara, and Claire were at the Horton house to stay safe. Claire wanted to get on to social media to check on her song but couldn’t get a signal at Jennifer’s house. Ciara tried to inform her that she shouldn’t get her hopes up about being a singer. Claire was tired of everyone telling her that she may not be a singer. Kayla was home from the hospital and Steve and Joey took care of her. Aiden planned on taking Hope away with him. Ciara checked on Claire and realized that she snuck out of the house.

Adrienne and Lucas talked about their upcoming wedding. Adrienne asked Theo to watch Arianna and Thomas for her. Hope was at the pub and Aiden showed up and surprised her. Hope tried to get away from Aiden, but he grabbed her arm. The lights went out before he could do anything to her. Jennifer was upset that Claire left but everyone was nervous because of the power failure. Chad and Gabi were trapped in the panic room. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander were at Kayla’s house.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The hospital is closing down and everyone is upset. Epiphany tells reporters they need to get out, she will not answer their questions and is in no mood for what they want to do. Elizabeth is still recovering in her hospital bed and everyone wonders whether to tell her that Sabrina has been murdered by the hospital killer. Franco protests to Epiphany that he's afraid it could jeopardize Elizabeth's recovery if they inform her of that yet she firmly tells him Elizabeth has to know, from them, what happened to Sabrina before she finds out from someone else. right then, Elizabeth walks outside her hospital room and overhears Epiphany crying and stating how she regrets letting this happen to a wonderful young nurse with a baby boy. When she finds out, she is distraught and informs Franco she needs to go home and be with her boys. Finn is also distraught to be out of a job and returns home to Roxy, very depressed. He then comes across a letter written to him by his deceased wife at which point, he tantrums and declares that he's failed her and failed everyone. Hayden is in jail after Elizabeth has turned her in to the feds for the diamonds. However, her mom comes by and surprises her daughter, by deciding to "do the right thing" right after Hayden has found out that Jeff Webber is her real father and her mom lied to her about that. Naomi tells the guards that it was herself, not her daughter, who stole the diamonds. With that, they set Hayden free and Naomi realizes she will be in jail and so she urges her daughter to live a good life and not do the dishonorable things that both of her parents did. At the Quartermaine house, everybody is mourning the loss of Sabrina. They all want to keep Teddy. Yet Carlos' brother, Joe comes by and reminds them that he is the closest family member and Sabrina never named Michael nor his family as Teddy's legal guardians. Both Morgan and Tracy are ready to fight him but Michael concludes he will not use Sabrina's son as a prize in a fight that nobody will win. So he willingly gives Teddy to his uncle after saying good bye and promising to always be there if baby Teddy ever needs him. Claudette reveals to Nathan that she has a daughter by him. At first he questions that and asks why he should take her word for it. Yet he realizes it's entirely possible what she is telling him is true, regarding needing to keep the daughter safe from a man who is threatening her. He is not certain what to do at that point but concludes he needs to go and talk to Maxie and reveal the truth about that to her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill offers Travis a job at Chancellor Industries, but he knows that she is just trying to put distance between him and Victoria by sending him to Chicago or Hong Kong, so he turns down the job offer. Travis wonders if Victoria is still in love with Billy, since he sees how deeply Billy's problems affect her. Victoria tells Travis that she is committed to their relationship, but he is starting to wonder if Victoria will ever get over Billy. Phyllis tells the press she made a horrible mistake and will do whatever it takes to save her marriage. Jack fires Phyllis and tells her once again that he wants a divorce. Ashley advises Jack not to go down the path of revenge, but he tells the board of the Abbott Winters foundation that he quits, because he doesn't believe that people can change their lives; they will always relapse and become the person they were before. Jack vows that Billy, Jill, Phyllis, and Victor will pay for the pain they have caused him.

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