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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke discusses with Bill that RJ is older than his years, always has been. Bill says they need to do this; RJ will eventually come around. Kids adjust; they always do. She says she loves Bill and wants to marry him but first and foremost she is a mother and she needs to be sure that RJ is okay with this and she hopes Bill will understand. RJ does not know Bill so he needs to do that first. So they will be good and just wait a little longer. Bill says he feels like he has been waiting for her all his life. She says that she wants a life with Bill but she wants RJ to be a part of that too. Bill remarks that he will wait a little while. RJ tells the group that he cannot see any reason why Ridge would want Brooke to marry Bill. Eric tells Quinn that this is their time. He doesn’t care what Steffy and the others want; they need to go make this official. She says they are in the minority so they better get their feet back on the ground. He would give up his family to have a lifetime romp in the hay with her. He says this will eventually resolve itself so they have a wedding to plan. Steffy is worried. They need those shares from Bill and it looks like Ridge might be wavering now. Eric convinces Quinn that despite their feelings his children will be there. It will be the last marriage in his life. She starts making the invitations on the computer. Again she says she is sorry that she brought turmoil into his life. But this is real and she would never do anything to hurt him. She tries to convince Eric to talk to his kids again and say the nice things that he says to her. He promises her that as long as he is breathing and smiling that they will see that when they come to this wedding and it will all be resolved.

RJ asks Ridge if he is going to send him back to boarding school. Ridge replies no. RJ says he and Brooke are meant for each other and he does not see how Ridge is going to let her marry Bill. Brooke comes in and hugs RJ and says she is not going to marry Bill. RJ goes on and on about now both his mom and dad are free to be together. She tells him no, she put off the wedding but it will be sooner rather than later. Ridge says he can stay at home now and they will all be closer. Brooke agrees that they will all be united and that means the world to her. RJ sees Steffy and Thomas and cannot believe they do not see this train wreck like he does. He says Brooke has not broken the wedding off altogether but has put it off for the moment. Steffy assures him that she cannot give him the details but the future of the company depends on this wedding and Ridge and Brooke all know about it. Ridge tells Brooke that she is a good mother so he is glad she is giving RJ a chance to understand and be okay with it. Ridge tells her no hurry on the wedding, just let them wait and see. At that moment he gets an invitation from Quinn and Eric. They are both stunned that Eric is going to marry that woman.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe talked to Nicole about moving into the Kiriakis mansion. Nicole didnít think it was a good idea that she move in with Deimos knowing that she is carrying his baby. Chloe reminded Nicole that it would be suspicious if Philip moved in the mansion without her. The Kiriakis men talked about the prisoners coming after them. They wanted to work together to stop them. Victor wanted everyone to move in to the mansion. Sonny didnít want to move in with the family and then Victor told him that Clyde had him stabbed. While they were talking, Philip arrived at the mansion. Victor wanted to know what he was doing there. Deimos let Victor know that he was moving back in the mansion. Victor reminded everyone that Philip betrayed him. Deimos told him that he was able to forgive him. Victor and Philip ended up arguing. Chloe thought that Nicole should move in to the mansion too. Nicole didnít want to move in there because she wasnít ready to live with Deimos.

Kate and Andre talked about Clyde coming after her. Eduardo approached them and he introduced himself to Andre. Roman called Nicole and told her that Xanderís call couldnít be traced. Brady convinced everyone that it was a good idea for Philip and Chloe to move in the mansion. Eduardo and Kate talked about how he left town and that Adrianna left him. Eduardo warned Kate not to trust Andre. Victor was dead set on Chloe moving in the mansion. Deimos told him that he wanted to keep an eye on Chloe because she is possibly having his baby. Victor was surprised by that, but wanted the baby to be Deimosí. Chloe arrived at the mansion. Chloe and Philip performed in front of Deimos and kissed each other. Kate thought that Eduardo was up to something and was determined to find out what was going on with him.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Claudette finds Nathan and admits she's "in trouble" and needs his help. Yet he clearly states he needs to wash his hands of her and her problems and knows she's up to no good. In the conversation, however, she reveals to him, for the first time, that she has a daughter. Julian's hearing is in recess and everybody is worried that the jury will acquit him and he will walk, due to the "invalidation of evidence" Scott obtained and Alexis' inability and unwillingness to testify against her estranged husband. Olivia reminds Alexis that, if Julian walks, he cannot be tried again since that is double-jeopardy. So that will give him freedom to roam the streets, corrupt society and ruin all of their lives. Alexis protests she does not know what happened to her that made her incapable of doing what she needed to do to get him convicted of all of his crimes. Paul is also upset and admits to his son that he "did a bad thing", informing Dillon that his case against Julian has fallen apart and he's now "responsible" for letting a murderer go free. Dillon still suspects nothing of his dad as he "informs" him that Sabrina Santiago has been murdered by the hospital killer and the board has now ruled to shut down the hospital. He urges his dad to please do whatever he can to catch this murderer. Only Ava and Scott are happy with the likelihood of Julian going free as she reveals to her brother she "pulled strings" for him. Scott is on his phone in the park being overheard by Griffin stating that his client is likely to go free. Griffin reveals to Scott that he's Duke Lavery's son and is not ok with that. Scott informs him he realizes how Duke's son is not happy but he, himself has a job to do. When court is reconvened, the judge has the jury recite all of the "findings" on the unanimous verdict they've reached on all of the charges against Julian. Everybody in the courtroom is shocked, horrified and distraught when the jury confirms that they've found him not guilty for obstruction of justice, tampering of evidence or even for the murder of Duke, murder of Carlos and attempted murder of Alexis. Scott is happy to be able to win his case and collect his legal fees from Julian although he warns his client that he is in danger and cannot roam the streets given all the people who want revenge against him. Ava is also happy, thanks Scott for saving her brother and goes to secretly meet with Paul to thank him for "cooperating" with what she wants, as she promises to live up to her end of the bargain and not expose the fact that she knows he's the hospital killer. However, she expresses to him she is not entirely ok with covering that up for him and asks how he can murder innocent people. In their conversation, he reveals he can see her family loyalty to her brother and she remarks that he does not seem like a person with family ties although he remarks that she really does not know much about him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy and Victoria argue with each other until Jill orders them back to work while she has a word alone with Victoria about Billy spiraling out of control. Cane lends Billy a sympathetic ear while Jill and Victoria talk. Nikki and Victor find out about Billy and Phyllis' affair. Jack and Phyllis argue to work with Chelsea. Kevin and Michael have a talk about Chloe and what she could be hiding. Jill and Victoria discuss Billy's problems. Phyllis suggests that she and Jack go to therapy. Michael warns Kevin about investigating Chloe. Chelsea and Chloe enter the coffeehouse and see Dylan. Dylan tells them he has a restraining order against him to drop the investigation. Nick tells Sharon about his talk with Chelsea and her refusing his help.

Victoria manages to get Billy to stay at Brash and Sassy. Nick visits Chelsea to try to clear things up between them. Nikki sees Dylan at the coffeehouse and tells him it is for the best that he is off the investigation. The photo shoot is a disaster at first but they finally manage to get good footage. Phyllis and Michael have a talk about her and Jack and her affair with Billy. Michael urges Phyllis to fight for her and Jack. Jack pays Victor a visit to remind him about all he has done to him and Phyllis.

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