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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Bill that she needs to stay and talk to her son. Bill laments that RJ is here to stay so they have plenty of time to talk AFTER they are married. RJ keeps repeating no he has to talk to her now. And no disrespect but he does not want to hear anything from Bill. Who she really loves is his Dad and he can tell they are half way there. She just needs to call it off with Bill. On the other hand Bill is repeating that the jet is waiting. And Steffy tells Ridge that they have to get Brooke married now as that is the only way to get those shares out of Bill. She tells him that he will just have to talk to RJ and make him understand. Quinn tells Eric that she and Ivy are getting their grove back; they are working well together. He wishes his whole family felt like that. She wishes there was no such turmoil in his family or they would wait and see and not believe all these assumptions. She knows Steffy will never stop until she tears them apart. Eric says that will never happen. Quinn says Eric has given her everything, she could want for nothing more…..unless it was just his family’s acceptance. He says she is his future so they need to get that started tonight.

Ridge tells Thomas and Steffy that RJ sees Bill just as he is and he does not want him. He wants his parents to get back together. Bill says they can talk RJ through with this so he will understand. A lot has happened while he was gone and they will address all his concerns. Brooke wants to talk to Bill alone so RJ steps outside. Bill tells Brooke this is their time; the time they have waited so long for. They deserve this. They just need to go get their life. Eric tells Quinn that he was prepared to step aside and play second fiddle until Quinn walked into his life. Why wait for a long engagement; they need to get started and get married right now. He is not obligated to sit around and wait for his family’s approval. She finally says yes. Steffy tells Ridge that he can’t keep thinking about Brooke. He needs to just focus on getting those shares from Bill. RJ shows up and sees his father with Thomas and Steffy. He says Bill is a jerk but that is where Brooke still is before heading off to get married. Brooke tells Bill that she does not want RJ to go back to school angry with her, so she needs more time to talk to him. Bill says she needs to tell RJ that she is not going to get back with his dad. He can tell him gently and he will eventually get used to it. She says she cannot do that; she just needs some time. RJ tells Steffy that Brooke wanted to talk to Bill so he is hoping she is calling it off right now. Steffy says Brooke made a promise and she will not back down on that. Brooke tells Bill that RJ does not like this and he’s only been home five minutes. He still needs her and his feelings need to be addressed. Bill wants to know what went on between her and Ridge and why RJ seems so sure that she and Ridge need to get back together. If she has any lingering feelings for Ridge then she needs to own them now otherwise there will be no marriage. She says she will spend a little time with RJ but she is still committed to Bill. They hug and tell each other of their love.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was determined to get his family. Orpheus tried to calm him down and wait to get revenge. Deimos invited Philip to move into the mansion. Philip turned him down. Marlena found Claire with Chloe and demanded that she go home with her. Eduardo told John how he was responsible for the prisoners escaping. John wanted to help Eduardo out. Dario waited for Chloe to leave her room and snuck in to search it. John wanted to let the police think it was dumb luck that the prisoners escaped. John wanted to help Eduardo out. Dario waited for Chloe to leave her room and snuck in to search it. John wanted to let the police think it was dumb luck that the prisoners escaped. Deimos told Philip that he didn’t believe that Chloe was carrying his baby. Philip stuck by his story and said the baby was his. Deimos explained why he went after his family and how he wanted to make up now. Deimos wanted Chloe to move in the mansion too. Philip told Deimos that she wouldn’t want to move in there. Dario found Chloe’s tablet and saw that she had a doctor’s appointment. Dario panicked when he heard someone at the door.

Dario got lucky that Chloe didn’t see him in her room. She ran to the bathroom so he chose that moment to leave the room. Claire was mad at Marlena for embarrassing her in front of Chloe. Marlena reminded Claire that she was supposed to let her and John know where she was going at all times. Maggie wanted Philip to change his mind about moving back in the mansion because she wanted him there. Eduardo reunited with his family. Dario arrived, but he wasn’t happy that Eduardo was back in Salem. Marlena wanted Claire to move to Hong Kong to be with her parents until it was safe, but she didn’t want to do it. Philip told Chloe about Deimos’ offer. Deimos called Dario to check in on Chloe. Eduardo was behind Dario while he was talking to Deimos. Philip convinced Chloe to move into the mansion. Marlena explained to Claire that the prisoners were dangerous and that she had to be careful. Orpheus and Xander talked more about getting revenge on everyone.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

In the courtroom, everyone including Alexis herself wonder what has happened to her as she has been called to the witness stand yet is "incapable" of focusing, speaking or testifying against Julian and almost collapses when she steps down from the witness stand. Right then, Julian catches her before she falls and appears to be genuinely concerned about her although nobody cares about him except for Scott, and only in a attorney/client capacity. Observing and knowing the jury is also observing Julian's "concerned husband action", he encourages his client to know that was very positive for their case and the jury will "eat it up". Paul knows the only witness he has left to help his case is Sonny. Although he tells Sonny he's afraid that given Sonny's criminal record, the defense could use that to discredit him, Sonny states he's not afraid of that and reminds Paul he's the only witness who saw Julian attempt to slit Alexis' throat. Paul also realizes that he'd previously subpoena's Sabrina to testify against the man who killed her baby's father. Yet, since Paul has just murdered her, he's out of luck with that witness. At that point, he urges the judge and jury to find Julian guilty as Scott urges them to realize his client has constitutional rights to the presumption of innocence with the insufficient evidence the prosecution has against him. The entire verdict hangs in limbo with nobody knowing what will happen to Julian. After Sabrina has died, Carly attempts to reach out to Michael but he is furious with his mom for discouraging his commitment to Sabrina and demands she leaves him alone. Nelle witnesses the interaction and wants to help yet Carly realizes her son needs time and she cannot push him. Claudette talks to Griffin about his "God complex" and need to save everyone yet he wants to know about her hidden agenda with Maxie and Nathan. Meanwhile, as Maxie and Nathan plan their wedding with Nina, Spinelli comes by and informs Maxie that he has been investigating Claudette but very oddly came up with zero history of her online. He states that is not "normal" and can only mean that something or someone has erased all of Claudette's history from all databases. Maxie informs Nathan of this. Yet everyone still wonders what is up with Claudette and what her plan entails.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The press drives Phyllis and Billy's family crazy trying to get a comment about the affair. Sumer confronts Phyllis calling her a hypocrite who doesn't deserve someone as good as Jack. Jack feels betrayed by Jill who should have told him about the affair. Jack warns Jill that she will pay for not telling him the truth about the affair. Jack tells Neil he will resign from the foundation, but Neil hopes that Jack won't have to. Neil tells Jack to think about things and not let the thirst for revenge make him do something to hurt the people he loves. Billy and Victoria tell Jill they can't work together anymore. Nick tries to make Summer understand that life isn't always black and white; there are shades of gray. Nick asks Summer to be there for both Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis wants to work on her marriage and continue marriage counseling, but Jack wants her out of his life, so he asks Phyllis for a divorce.

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