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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

RJ is irate. He tells his mother that he does not want Bill Spencer as his step-father and he does not want him for her. She is meant to be with his father. He tells them if they don’t stop Bill then he will. Steffy tells Thomas they could get those shares today as word is that Bill and Brooke are getting married very soon. So it’s goodbye Quinn today. Ivy tells Quinn that she has texted Liam a few times but he has not responded. She did manage to kiss him once but that was it. Bill tells Allison it’s all good, even without his shares. It will get Eric off the throne and Ridge back on and he will be out of Brooke’s life. She asks if he is sure he wants to do all of that. He says he knows what he is doing. If Brooke is crazy enough to marry him then she can have the shares. They are finally going to be rid of that dressmaker and you cannot put a price tag on that. Quinn tells Ivy to keep up the good work with Liam; she is happy to have her as an ally. Liam and Steffy are a terrible couple and Ivy would be much better for him. Ivy says yes but she cannot control Liam. Quinn says she wishes all of Eric’s relatives could accept her as easily as she has. But if Steffy doesn’t shape up she will be the one that Eric will throw out of the company. Quinn tells Ivy that Steffy should be focusing on Wyatt and not her. But soon she will have no choice when she marries Eric and becomes the next Forrester matriarch.

Steffy tells Thomas that she is totally on board for Brooke marrying Bill; she just hopes her dad is. She knows how he hates Bill. Brooke says she has never seen RJ just walking out like that. Ridge says he is only fighting for his family. She says it still concerns her as he keeps so much to himself and now he is outspoken on this. She will go over to Bill’s and check this out. RJ walks into Bill’s office and Bill tries to dismiss him. He does not remember him and orders him out of his office. Instead RJ closes the door and says he is marrying his mother and he does not even recognize her own son. He welcomes him and says good for him to come over and congratulate him in person. After the wedding Bill says that he wants RJ to meet him on the yacht and they will really celebrate. He wants RJ to know how much he cares for his mom. RJ stands up to him and says he came back here to see his mom and dad together. He saw the hideous ring and he is here to tell Bill that no wedding is going to happen. Bill says he knows all of this is a big surprise but he loves her mother. He knows a kid always wants his mother and father together. RJ says the moment he came home he found them in the office in each other’s arms. Bill says they always will be close but Ridge has other concerns now. He knows RJ has a problem right now with this but neither he nor Brooke is going to listen to some teenager to control their lives. Brooke comes in and RJ begs her again to please do not get on that jet and marry this man.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Clyde showed up at the Martin house and threatened to kill Kate.  Chad showed up at the house to help Kate.  Theresa was afraid that Xander would come after her again.  Brady and Nicole assured Theresa that Xander was gone.  Deimos arrived at TBD and Brady wondered if he talked to Xander.  Deimos denied helping Xander escape.  Deimos wanted to protect his family.  Steve poured his heart out to Kayla, but she wasnít ready to make a commitment to him.  Steve agreed to back off for now.  John and Marlena talked about Orpheus disappearance.  Orpheus was hiding in an old building.  John told Steve about Orpheus being out of prison and on the loose.  Kate told Clyde that Thomas is Chadís son.  Clyde still believed that Thomas was Benís and he planned to get him when he was finished with her.  Steve didnít want Kayla to know about him.  Deimos wanted Brady and Theresa to move in with him.

Kayla was upset when she overheard Steve tell John that he wanted the doctor to keep her in the hospital longer.  Theresa agreed to move in with Deimos.  Deimos asked Nicole to move in again, but she said no.  Kate taunted Clyde about Ben and he tried to kill her.  Chad grabbed Clyde and fought over the gun.  Steve explained that he was trying to protect Kayla.  She was glad that he didnít call the doctor.  Nicole wanted to take things slowly with Deimos.  Chad and Clyde fought and he warned them it wasnít over.  Clyde left the Martin house.  Kayla wanted Steve to move back in temporarily.  Xander called Nicole.  He indicated that he was able to see her.  Xander, Clyde, and Orpheus met up and they were determined to get everyone in Salem.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Sabrina has been attacked, injected and murdered by Paul in the hospital after saving Monica's life, after he attempted to kill Monica. Yet it's too late to save Sabrina. Everybody realizes they still have no clue, nor do the police, who has been killing people in the hospital or how to prevent it from happening again. Monica awakens and proves she will be ok. When Tracy informs her that Sabrina saved her life, assuming her newly reinstated nurse is alive and well and working nearby, Monica asks to see Sabrina and thank her. Yet her sister in law regretfully informs her Sabrina was also attacked and was not as fortunate as Monica. At that point, Monica declares to her sister-in-law, that she has no choice except to shut down the hospital in order to prevent more people from getting killed. Michael is devastated to lose the woman he was ready to share his life with. We then see Felix reliving his friendship with Sabrina from the moment they met and all they have been through since she was first on the show. Everybody mourns the loss of Sabrina yet is helpless to find or bring the murderer to justice or prevent them from killing again. Meanwhile, Paul attends Julian's arraignment hearing right after this has happened. Nobody suspects him of his crime as he expresses the same concerns as everyone that Julian cannot get away with his obvious crimes. He calls Alexis to the witness stand to testify against her husband. Yet she is clearly "not well", appears stunned, traumatized and incapable of sounding like a credible witness, while she continues to be "haunted" by the sight of Julian and all her memories of what she's been through with her estranged husband. Everybody wonders what is wrong with her. When she gets off the witness stand and steps down, she almost collapses and Julian catches her before she falls.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack finds out from Phyllis that she slept with Billy. Billy lashes out at Ashley for telling Jack that Billy was in love with Phyllis. Victoria, Travis, and Cane come back to Brash and Sassy to find the office a total wreck, and they wonder what happened when Travis holds up a woman's bra. Lily finds out from Neil that his mother was an alcoholic, but they made amends before she died. Cane surprises Lily with a diamond bracelet. 

Phyllis confesses all to Jack about her affair with Billy. Jack walks out on her. Victoria confronts Billy about what has been going on with him but then finds out from Phyllis that she and Billy had an affair. Cane finds out from Lily that Neil's mom was an alcoholic. Jack and Neil have an interview with Lois. Jack tells her that Billy slept with Phyllis.

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