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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Ridge are very surprised to see RJ. He says he is home now. He hopes it is okay that he did not get permission to leave school. He had to see his parents together. He wants to spend some time with his family like it used to be. Bill tells Alison that he likes things settled so just saying she thinks she has it handled won’t cut it. She says all is done and there is nothing to keep Brooke Logan from being his wife. He laments he is not thrilled about the dressmaker getting his slimy hands on his shares, but the satisfaction……he knows it is killing Ridge that his Logan will soon be all his. Wyatt tells Steffy that he hopes their marriage means more to her than what his crazy mother has done. He has to know – is it over for them? She apologizes and says she realizes this is not fair to him. She is worried about her grandfather and the company and that is all she can think about. She is just as frustrated as he is. They may be living apart but she is still his wife and hopes it is enough for him for now.

Wyatt gets a text from Quinn and goes over. He answers her that his marriage is not over now but it could be at any moment. There is reason for some hope. Thomas returns and wants to hear from Steffy what happened. She says the company is in crisis right now so all she can think of is getting that 12.5% from Bill to Brooke and then over to Ridge. He presses as to who she is going to pick when she does get the company. She won’t answer. Quinn says maybe things are looking up for both of them. Wyatt says not true; he still is not living with Steffy and she still loves Liam too. Quinn says Steffy cannot dictate his marriage and hopefully she will come around and accept that and move back in with Wyatt. RJ is so upbeat in getting his mom and dad back together now that Caroline is gone and they are both unattached. Then he sees the ugliest ring he has ever seen and is crushed when Brooke tells him it is not from Ridge but from Bill. She is engaged to Bill Spenser. Wyatt tells Quinn that she cannot fool herself. They both are facing huge challenges. Steffy wants her out of Eric’s life more than ever. And she has not agreed to move back in with him. Bill tells Allison there is no comparison; Brooke will never find in Ridge again what they share. They have always been bigger than life. She will be his wife. Ridge and Brooke have to explain to RJ about Bill and Katie and now they are all free. RJ states that Ridge hates Bill and that is the last person he’d want to see her with, so something is up. The two of them love each other and they should be fixing their relationship and getting back together. He cannot let his mother marry Bill Spencer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

The police started the manhunt for the prisoners. Aiden talked to the hospital administrator about Chase going to his old therapist in Oregon. Chase wondered if Aiden was going with him. Aiden told him that he would be there in a month. Chase thought that Aiden was trying to get rid of him. Kate called Rafe because she needed help. JJ thought about his time with Gabi. Abe interrupted his thoughts to warn him that Clyde would be after Thomas and Chad. Kate told Hope and Rafe that she saw Clyde. They didnít seem to take her seriously. Rafe assured Kate that the police were looking for Clyde. Kate didnít feel secure about the cops on the case. Chad and Gabi seemed to bond over the clothes she was giving him. JJ arrived at the mansion and saw Chad and Gabi together. JJ wondered why Gabi was there. Aiden assured Chase that Hope loved him and that she would be with him. He also believed that he and Hope would move near Chase. Chase reminded Aiden what he did to Hope. Rafe wanted to get security guards for Kate, but she didnít trust them so she wanted her own guards.

Gabi told JJ that she was working for Chad. Kate thought about old times with Clyde. JJ warned Chad that Clyde might go after him and Thomas. Chad realized that Clyde and Ben believed that Thomas was Benís son. Kate called Chad to tell him that she saw Clyde and that the police didnít take her seriously. Rafe and Hope talked about whether Aiden was going to reopen Stefanoís case. Aiden told Chase that he had info on Hope. Chase wondered if Aiden was going to blackmail Hope to be with him. Aiden didnít tell him all of his plans. He just said that he would spend time with Hope and that she will want to be with him again. Chad wanted Kate to stay safe. Kate wanted Chad to stay safe too. JJ and Gabi argued a little over the DiMeras ruining his sisterís life. Gabi assured JJ that she would be okay. They ended up making up after their argument. Clyde ended up at Kateís place. Chase tried to tell Aiden that Hope wouldnít move with him. Aiden thought that Hope and Ciara would go to Oregon with them. Clyde told Kate about how he hadnít seen her in a while. She didnít think it was long enough. Kate tried to get away from Clyde and he threatened to kill her if she moved.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Monica lays unconscious in a hospital bed after Paul has injected her with a needle and nobody knows what will happen to her, when or if she will wake up nor who did this to her. After Sabrina has rushed to save her life and get her the urgent medical care, Paul has injected Sabrina. And she was not as fortunate. She has been lying unconscious on the floor of an empty hospital room. Michael suspects nothing and enters the hospital with an engagement ring for her, intending to propose to her. He runs into Felix who offers his blessing. Yet as soon as Felix returns to work, he finds Sabrina on the floor, yells for help and they all try to save her but it's too late. Michael is distraught and urges the medical staff not to give up, protesting she has an infant son who needs her. But there's nothing they can do. He goes to say good bye to her. Dante arrives on the scene and informs Michael that although the cops still have no clue who did this to her, there's evidence it was the same person who pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Tracy then goes out into the hallway, sees Michael with Felix and knows something tragic has happened to the nurse who saved Monica's life and paid with her own. Meanwhile, Paul attends the hearing, ready to put Julian away and nobody suspects anything of him. However, Scott manages to "somehow" obtain evidence that states that the cops got an incorrect address when they wired Alexis at her house although Jordan knows that did not happen. The judge then concludes that since this mistake was made, any confession or evidence obtained herein, is invalid. Hearing that, everybody is distraught to face the possibility that Julian could go free except for Ava and Scott. Lulu is determined to find the embryos which could enable her to have another baby, even though they were obtained from Stavros knocking her out and violating her. Both Dante and Kevin urge her to realize that even if she believes she could love an innocent child conceived this way, she needs to realize that if it really does, in fact come to fruition, it could be a constant reminder that she and Dante might not be able to accept or be ok with.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy tried to use alcohol and a redheaded fashion model to forget his troubles. Ashley told Jack that Billy said he was in love with Phyllis. Jack confronted Billy and threw him across the room. Billy admitted he was in love with Phyllis, but he said Phyllis didn't love him back. Phyllis opened up to Dr. Bradley about the affair and Marco. Phyllis admitted she sensed differences between Marco and Jack but ignored them. She felt guilty, as if her inaction contributed to the length of time Jack was held captive. Dr. Bradley suggested that Phyllis's misplaced guilt was behind the affair. Phyllis struggled with whether or not to confess to Jack. Jack spied on Phyllis and saw her leaving her secret therapy session. Jack confronted Phyllis about Billy's admission and asked if she and Billy slept together. Billy railed at Ashley for betraying his confidence, and he let it slip that he slept with Phyllis. Ashley tore into Billy for sleeping with Jack's wife. Dylan told Victor he intended to prove Victor caused the events that resulted in Adam's death. Paul met with Nikki and they discussed how to get Dylan to back off of Victor. Paul ordered Dylan to leave Victor alone, but Dylan refused. Nikki and Victor shared a close moment. Nikki told Dylan that she had a role in helping Adam escape and if Dylan arrested Victor, he'd have to arrest her too. Victor took out a restraining order against Dylan.

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