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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The wedding planner tells Bill who tells Brooke that she can get them married in a couple of days. They do not have to wait the 60 days and he quips this way Ridge does not have to wait around for his 12.5%. He also tells her to clean out her desk at FC. She says she likes it there. He says he will not have her sweating all day every day and listening to Ridge bad mouth him when he gets his sweaty palms on his shares. Eric walks into his office to find a lineup of family just waiting to pounce. Ridge tells him to have a seat. Eric says he has one and Ridge is in it. Pam starts by they all love him….Rick takes over and says he rarely agrees with Ridge but this engagement is not right. Ridge says engagements can be broken and that is what needs to happen. All of them in this room have had bad relationship when it comes to the heart but it did not affect business as his will to Quinn. They all do not know what that crazy lunatic will come up with next and they can’t have that. Wyatt shows up at Eric’s and blasts Quinn for not thinking of him when she accepted Eric’s ring…..and she did not even tell him, it had to come from a text by Steffy. He states that her marriage could be the end of his own. She says she does not want that but it is not in her power to prevent it. He claims it is. Steffy almost comes to tears when she tells her grandfather that she shares Stephanie’s name and she is trying very hard not to be hurt by the fractured relationship they have now. Eric says yes and besides the name, Steffy also has a pretty strong grasp of those passive/aggressive techniques. Steffy replies if he marries Quinn she does not think she can ever step foot in his house again. Pam comes forward and says the same thing. She wants him to find love and happiness again but she does not think Quinn is the one to sit at the Thanksgiving table which once was her sister’s. Thomas and Rick have their say as well. Eric walks over to his desk and politely waits until Ridge gets up. He wants to start a meeting. Steffy says that is not what this is. He says he knows they all want him to change his life to suit them. But they do not know how much he loves Quinn and he intends to marry her and she will be the next Forrester matriarch. Ridge asks him if he has seen a doctor as clearly something wrong is going on. Wyatt leaves but tells his mother that he has to go find out once and for all where he stands in his marriage to Steffy. But if it ends that is all on Quinn.

Brooke shares with Ridge that the date has been moved up and Bill will be ready to fly out with her in a few hours. He shares with her that Eric has asked Quinn to marry him and Brooke replies yes she already knew, so all the more reason for her to get married and get those shares. Eric comes home and remarks to Quinn that he is early as there was an ambush family style at work. He has made mistakes all of his life but this is not one of them. They will get married and it will work out just fine. Wyatt finally tracks Steffy down and says he is tired and he cannot go on like this as a hostage in his own marriage. It is on life support or something close to it. He says she needs to come home or at least tell him she isn’t going to be with him. He cannot take this anymore. She tries to make him understand. He grew up with Quinn so perhaps he is blinded by her mistakes. He says he knows better than most since he has been with her every day of his life. And Steffy knew all about Quinn before she married him. She replies no, it wasn’t until she did what she did to Liam that she saw how destructive she can be and now she is after her grandfather and she is terrified. Brooke tells Ridge to be gentle with Eric and with Rick too as she will not be around when she marries. Ridge knew it – Bill does not want her working with him. He grabs her by the waist and pulls her to him and says no one will understand his Logan the way he did. Suddenly a voice calls their name and it is a surprise to see RJ standing there looking at his parents.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus held everyone up at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander went to Theresaís place to go after her. Orpheus threatened to kill Eve. Paul offered himself up as a hostage because heís Johnís son. Orpheus was surprised to hear that he was Johnís son. Abe wanted the cops to check on Orpheus. Orpheus wanted everyone except for John, Marlena, Victor, Paul, and Maggie. He wanted Maggie out, but she risked her life to stay with Victor. Paul traded places with Eve. Xander reminded Theresa about how she accused him of rape. Nicole called Abe and told him about the hostage situation at the Kiriakis mansion. Marlena tried to advise Orpheus to give up. Orpheus and Marlena ended up recapping their past connection. Orpheus told Marlena and John how he cheated death. Orpheus didnít want anything, but for John and Marlena to watch everyone else die. Xander thought that Theresa was after Bradyís money. Theresa offered Xander money, but he just wanted to watch her die. Xander choked Theresa. Theresa managed to get away from Xander and slapped him. She started to run out of the house when Brady showed up.

Victor offered Orpheus money so he would go away. Orpheus didnít trust Victor so he didnít want the money. Nicole and Eve bonded over the deaths of Daniel and Paige. They also talked about how Theresa changed. The police arrived at Bradyís place. Brady told Theresa what Orpheus did to Eve and the others. Philip wanted to help Abe with the investigation, but he wouldnít let him. Marlena told Orpheus to take the money. Orpheus didnít want the money. He tried to shoot Victor, but John stopped him. Orpheus shot John in the arm and ran off. Theresa and Eve talked on the phone. Sonny told Brady that Orpheus got away and that John got shot. Philip showed up at the mansion and hugged Victor. Philip told Victor and Maggie about what happened with Xander and Theresa. Nicole saw Xanderís picture and thought about an argument she had with him. Marlena was afraid that Orpheus wouldnít stop until he got them.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Monica is alone in her office, suspecting nothing and completely unaware that Paul is behind her with a needle, he grabs a hold of her, injects her and she passes out and falls to the floor. Before he is able to cover it up, Sabrina finds Monica and rushes to save her. Paul hides but later comes by to find out what is going to happen at that point. Sabrina instructs him to rush and get help for Monica. He clearly does not do that and goes off to make a call to "report" to "someone" something of concern to him. As soon as it is clear to him that Sabrina has prevented what he hoped to "accomplish" with Monica, by saving her, and that she may be "onto" him, Paul grabs Sabrina, covers her mouth and drags her onto the elevator. Meanwhile, at The Metro Court, Tracy is encouraging Michael to commit to Sabrina and baby Teddy, yet Carly reminds both her son and his aunt that Sabrina ran off on Michael, got pregnant by another man and lied to Michael about that while she chose to aid and abet a criminal. Yet he informs his mom he is committed to Sabrina. Meanwhile, Tracy gets called to inform her that Monica has been attacked and injected by the unidentified hospital killer. Tracy rushes to the OR where the staff inform her that Sabrina Santiago got the timely medical intervention for Monica and saved her life. Yet unknown to all, at this time, Sabrina is alone and unconscious on the floor of a darkened room after Paul has injected her. Meanwhile, Franco informs Elizabeth, for the first time, that Hayden did not push her down the stairs and that the person who did was a man. They both wonder who it would be and what motive this unidentified person would have to kill her. They also discover that Elizabeth has made efforts to turn Hayden's diamonds over to the cops to have her put away after falsely accusing her of trying to kill her and had no clue that Hayden was about to donate blood to save her life. Both woman are also completely shocked and question if it's really true, when Franco reveals that they are half sisters with the same mom.

Julian's trial is underway. Yet he is still not considering pleading guilty, especially now that Ava has gotten some added "incentive" (evidence that Paul is the hospital killer, which she hopes will motivate him to drop the charges against her brother). Yet Sonny comes to see Julian, reminds him of the abhorrent things he did and how he betrayed and tried to kill Alexis. And he informs Julian if he loves his estranged wife, as Julian says he does, then he needs to do the right thing, for the first time in his life and plead guilty. At that point, Julian is ready to do just that and informs Scott. Yet Scott is very surprised when he sees a secret "statement" in an envelope, before the hearing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kevin figures out that Bella's father doesn't know that Chloe had his child. Chloe reminds Kevin that she had a one-night stand with the father, and he doesn't need to know about Bella. Colin lies to Jack and says he doesn't know anything about Phyllis; he just wanted to get money out of him. Phyllis goes to the marriage counselor alone and tells the therapist she had an affair with Jack's brother and doesn't know how she will tell Jack the truth. Victor gives Chelsea full control of her company and also agrees to stay out of Connor's life. Chelsea tells Dylan to stop his investigation, because it won't bring Adam back to his family. Victor agrees to be questioned by Dylan without a lawyer present. Billy tells Ashley that he is in love with Phyllis but lies and says that they have not made love. Billy invites a model for a drink just because she has red hair like Phyllis. Jack suspects that Ashley is keeping a secret from him about Billy. To keep Jack from confronting Billy, she tells him that Billy is in love with Phyllis.

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