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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All gather to praise Maya for singing the National Anthem at an LA Dodgers game. She made Viv and all of them so proud. Steffy throws a fit and tells Eric that Quinn has to take that ring off. She cannot marry her granddad. Steffy says this only proves that she was right. This is a terrible mistake but something that Quinn was counting on from the very beginning. She rants that Quinn is toxic and poison and he has to get her out of all of their lives. She says the grandfather that she grew up with would never do this. Quinn tries to explain how much they love each other and she can be good for Eric. Steffy points her finger right in her eye and says this will never happen; she stomps out. Bill asks Ridge what did he interrupt. Ridge replies it is a private convo with Brooke. Bill says he can guess – the dressmaker wants his hands on Bill’s 12 ½%. Funny he has spent so much time keeping Brooke and he apart and now he is counting the hours until they marry. Steffy goes charging into Ridge’s office while he is fondly thinking of Brooke. She says they have to get their hands on those shares so they can get Quinn out of FC. It will mean pushing Eric out too but that is all they can do. He has now proposed and Quinn said yes of course. This was her plan all along. Eric makes martinis and tells Quinn do not let anything Steffy said affect her. They knew she would be against it. She is angry but he is her grandpa. He says this will save them money in sending out all the invitations. He wants her by his side and that is the way it is and they will eventually have to accept it.

Bill tells Brooke that Ridge is getting exactly what he wants and so are they. Steffy tells Ridge that she knows Ridge does not like this but Brooke needs to marry Bill as quickly as she can. He says his Logan is doing this for him…..for their son. She wonders if he is spending too much time thinking about his history with Brooke. She says Quinn is not letting up and neither is she. And that means Brooke, not his Logan, marrying Bill. Quinn tells Eric that he is so kind and decent and brought so many changes in her life with his love. She wishes his family could accept them as a couple. He says no matter what anyone thinks they will accomplish a lot together. Steffy tells Ridge they have too much at stake so he cannot be distracted by thinking of Brooke. Do not take his eyes off the prize. This will not work unless the whole family comes together. She knows this is hard. She does not want to hurt Wyatt either but they need those shares and to think about the company. Bill tells Brooke they are a force of nature. People tried to keep them apart but they failed. Now he wants to be married now, not wait one second longer.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Theresa were preparing for the wedding.  Brady and Victor talked about Brady's wedding.  Roman and Abe investigated the prison escape.  Chloe wanted to talk to Philip about the kiss they shared.  He assured her that he would be there for the baby.  Later, Chloe ran into Deimos and Nicole.  He slipped and called Chloe's baby his baby.  When he left, Nicole warned Chloe that she should leave town before Deimos figures out the truth.  Roman got a tip that Milo (Orpheus) was one of the prisoners.  Brady told Philip about Belle leaving town with Shawn.  Philip told Brady that he and Chloe were having a baby.  Victor overheard him and insulted him.  Chloe and Deimos ran into each other again and he taunted her about the baby.

Theresa was worried about Xander coming after her.  Nicole assured her that Roman would catch him.  Roman wanted to search Milo's name when Abe told him that Clyde and Xander were caught.  There was a shot of Orpheus' mugshot on Roman's desk.  Demos tried to convince Chloe that he has changed.  She hoped that what he said was true, but she wouldn't tell him the truth.  Brady wanted Victor and Phillip to make up.  Victor couldn't get over what Philip did so Philip left the mansion.  Everyone found out that Clyde, Xander, and a third guy were arrested.  Abe and Roman found out that Clyde, Xander, and the third guy were still on the loose.  Xander showed up at Theresa's place.  Roman saw Orpheus' picture and realized that he was not Milo.  Orpheus showed up at the mansion and held Eve at gunpoint.  Everyone was shocked to see him.  Theresa was shocked when she saw Xander in the apartment.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Morgan suddenly informs Kiki of his sudden plan to enroll in marketing at the university. She finds it very odd, does not encourage him and remarks this is very sudden and impulsive. She leaves to get to work at The Metro Court when Darby comes by to see Morgan and suggest he finds a way to cheat if he has difficulty with coursework. Sabrina is back at work nursing at GH when Elizabeth awakens and is horrified to find out, for the first time, that Hayden has been acquitted and is no longer suspect as the person who pushed her down the stairs and tried to kill her. She then informs Sabrina that she has to prevent Hayden from getting her hands on the diamonds. Sabrina then goes to Elizabeth's home to find and access them. While she's gone and Elizabeth is alone in her hospital room, Hayden goes to pay her a visit and when she finds out that Elizabeth will not let her have the diamonds and intends to turn Hayden over to the feds, she angrily concludes she will not donate her blood and will let Elizabeth die. Right then, Franco enters and urges her not to do that and informs Hayden, for the first time, that Elizabeth is her sister. Tracy warns Monica that a hospital board meeting was called and the members are considering shutting down the hospital, given that the killer is still at large, has not been identified, much less caught, and the obvious consequences that are occurring from that. Meanwhile, Paul is nearby, on the phone, privately promising "someone" that he will soon get back to them after he takes care of a "mission". He then goes over to sit beside them to hear their concerns about what it will mean if patients do not get the care they need. Also hospital staff will be out of a job. If they find other jobs elsewhere, even after the hospital is ready to open again, these staff members will not come back. And so it may cause the hospital to have to shut down permanently. He clearly does not reveal to them what his plans are. Meanwhile, at the PCPD, Jordan calls Nathan and André to brainstorm with her about the motives of the killer. André uses his psychiatric expertise to tell the police commissioner and detective of his theory that there must be some sort of consistent pattern in the motives of the killer to "accomplish" something with the patients he or she has killed or attempted to kill. He concludes this person has a plan and may want, specifically to shut down the hospital and sees General Hospital itself as the "target". When Monica returns to her office, after hours, when it's dark and she's distracted while on the phone and assuming she's alone, out of nowhere, Paul comes up behind her, unseen, wearing latex gloves, with a needle in his hand. This time, he manages to grab and inject her with the needle.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack and Phyllis spend time talking to a marriage counselor about their lives and how Marco affected them both. Jack and Phyllis leave the office and stand outside at their car talking when Jack tells her that he has something to take care of and leaves her. Billy and Jill have a talk about his affair to Phyllis being over, but my then Jill realizes that Billy loves Phyllis. Chelsea lashes out at Sharon for making decisions about her designs without consulting her. Chloe walks in and tells Chelsea that it was all her idea. Nick finds Sharon at the coffeehouse feeling down and out over her fight with Chelsea. Nick tries to lift her spirits about her job. Phyllis and Summer have a chat about what has been going on in their lives.

Jack comes to see Colin but finds Jill instead. Jack asks Jill what Colin has on Phyllis, but Jill brushes it aside. Chloe assures Sharon that her job with Chelsea is safe. Nick brings Chelsea coffee and doughnuts and urges her to take a break, but it only results in her throwing him out. Sharon receives an anonymous phone call. Jill demands answers from Colin about him blackmailing Jack and demands he clear it up. Jack pays Colin a visit with a million dollars and demands answers.

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