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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t have a coffeemaker so he has become a regular at her kitchen and he appreciates it. She’s amused when he keeps calling her his Logan. Quinn looks at her engagement ring and kisses Eric and tells him how great she feels. But she knows Steffy is gonna blow a gasket when she sees it. She hopes that Eric will go talk to her one more time and ask her to go home to Wyatt. She does not want to lose Eric but she also does not want Wyatt to lose Steffy. Bill visits Steffy and says he has a son…….well actually he has two sons that are interested in her and need a question answered. She tells him that it’s his fault as he brought that ugly Quinn into their space. She will not go home until Quinn is out of their lives. Maya is stunned when Nicole introduces her to a young gentleman that is being fitted for a new suit and he says it is Rick’s idea but she is going to sing the National Anthem tonight at a ballgame. She is ecstatic as that has been a lifelong dream. Rick says he wants to make all her dreams come true. That night they all dress up and go to the Dodgers game.

Ridge teases Brooke that she could ask Bill for the shares as an engagement gift and then not marry Bill. She says she wants to marry him. Ridge says then he will have to stop calling her his Logan. Eric calls and tells Steffy he’d like to see her. It is about Quinn. She gets her hopes up to Bill that perhaps her grandfather has called it off with her. Brooke laments to Ridge that they have been talking about her a lot; what is he up to. She does not mean business but personal wise. She wonders if he is broken up with Caroline if he is seeing anyone. He says no, he is a free agent. Maya does great and Rick is so proud of her. She says she owes Rick for making her dream come true. Brooke tells Ridge she thinks she broke her own personal record as she has never been alone this long and it is time to move on. Bill walks in and hopes he is interrupting something. Steffy tells her granddad that she will always be there for him and will not let that woman take him down. She is sure that is why he called her over in that he ended things with Quinn. However, Quinn walks out and Steffy tells her granddad to tell her to go, it is over. He says she is not leaving. If there is anything they can do to help her get back with Wyatt….but Quinn is not leaving. She has given him many reasons….Quinn holds up her hand with the ring and says she said yes, she is going to be Eric’s wife. Steffy shouts no!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus and Clyde talked about getting revenge on people in Salem. Belle and Shawn talked about her new job offer. Belle wanted Shawn to go with her, but he wanted to stay in Salem. Victor talked to Brady about the proof that he was innocent. Kate thought that Theresa was on to her, but she wasnít. Kate thought about being with Tate. Theresa was suspicious about Tate being comfortable with Kate because heís not comfortable with strangers right now. Belle wanted to end the feud between her family and the DiMeras by taking the job. Belle was willing to turn down the job offer if Shawn didnít want her to go. Chad called Belle and said she had to leave that night. Victor and Brady were at the morgue and he told Brady that Titus was the kidnapper. Victor told Brady how Titus ended up dead.

Shawn told Belle to take the job, but he wasnít going with her. He told her that they could survive the time apart. Roman confirmed what Victor told Brady. Brady apologized to Victor for accusing him of kidnapping Tate. The prisoners had to get ready to be transferred. Shawn thought about Belle. Claire found Shawn and wondered why he didnít want to go with Belle to Hong Kong. He explained why he didnít want to go. Shawn wasnít sure if their relationship was strong enough to go with her. Belle told John and Marlena that she was leaving. Theresa apologized to Victor for accusing him of kidnapping Tate. Theresa invited Victor to the wedding. Victor had a better idea. Orpheus, Clyde, and Xander were in the van being transferred. Claire believed that Shawn and Belle were meant to be together and that they should travel together. Victor wanted Brady and Theresa to get married at the mansion. Eduardo ended up being in the van and attacked the man who threatened him. Orpheus used that distraction to attack the driver and the van ended up in an accident. The inmates ended up escaping from the van. Belle prepared to leave town. Shawn surprised Belle by agreeing to go with her.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Alexis is ready to testify against Julian with Molly "coaching" her. Sam comes by to be there for her mom and offer support. Yet Alexis appears to be clearly "haunted" and afraid bringing her estranged husband to justice may be easier said than done. Meanwhile, as Julian feels hopeless and accepting the reality that he's going down for murder, Ava comes by to visit her brother and wants to offer him "encouragement", confident that, unknown to all, she will be able to turn things around for him. Paul still remains "ever present" at the hospital, clearly "uneasy" and mindfully watching everyone and everything that has happened since everyone has discovered that "someone" wearing men's shoes has pushed Elizabeth down the stairs. Ava finds him and reminds him that she won't hesitate to reveal her evidence that he's the hospital killer, if he does not drop the charges against her brother. He realizes he does not have much choice. Not far away, Sabrina is ready to resume her old job as hospital nurse. Michael informs her he's concerned about her safety given all that has happened there although Tracy encourages her and assures Michael there's no cause for worry. Now that the charges against Hayden are dropped and she's no longer a suspect for pushing and trying to kill Elizabeth, she informs Franco she no longer has "incentive" to donate her very rare blood in order to save Elizabeth's life. She informs him she will only do it if Elizabeth gives her back the diamonds which she previously threatened to turn over to the feds in order to put Hayden away in prison. Curtis and Finn are still pulling for Hayden after she's agreed to donate blood as is her mom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jill has chest pains while she argues with Billy and after a trip to the hospital it turns out she has severe acid reflux. Colin figures out that Phyllis is having an affair with Billy, but Jill tells him not to use the information to blackmail anyone or she will strangle him with her bare hands. Sharon lies to Dylan again and tells him that Mariah went to Victor to try and get him to admit that he had a part in Adam's death, but he told her to stay out of the situation. Dylan promises not to tell Victor he knows about Mariah going to see him, but he is still going to search for the truth about Adam's death.  Phyllis ends her affair with Billy and agrees to go to marriage counseling with Jack. Billy gives Jill the news that his affair with Phyllis is over, and he also tells her that she was right about everything. Stitch wants to have a baby with Abby, but she tells him that they need to work on their marriage, because it hasn't been the same since they lost the baby. Stitch tells Abby he loves her, and he will try to be a better husband while they try to have a baby. Colin tells Jack he knows an important secret about Phyllis, which he will tell him if he gives him 1 million dollars. Jack tells Colin to go home, because his games won't work with him.

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