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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Quinn that she knows what lengths Quinn went to in getting her and Wyatt together. Now the only hope of that is for Quinn to move out of Eric’s. Eric talks to Stephanie’s portrait over the mantle. He says he was just roaming around in this big house thinking of the kids at birthday parties and barbeques, and then it was just him sipping his coffee. But now there is a woman in his life. He is assuming Stephanie doesn’t approve. The family thinks he is a fool. They are embarrassed and think this is stupid. He wants to know what she thinks about Quinn. He sits at the piano and says they had good music together and he remembers their wedding day and some wonderful times. He tears up and gives a cheer with his martini to Stephanie. Quinn says she cannot give up Eric and Steffy says then she cannot go home to Wyatt……a divorce will be on Quinn. Brooke tells Ridge that just because he does not agree with what Eric is doing does not mean he has dementia. Ridge says true but they cannot rule it out. This is not just about an older man with a younger woman.

Quinn comes home and tells Eric her woes that Steffy called them an abomination. They are never going to accept her. There seems to be no answer to please all. Steffy tells Thomas that she does not want to hurt Wyatt but she is not going to let Quinn hurt her granddad. That is all they can think about now is to get Quinn out of the company and eventually out of their lives. Eric tells Quinn that he has a lot to say but he is not sure just how. Only one other has had that much influence on him and that would be Stephanie and why he is thinking so much of her today. She says she knows she is nowhere close to what Stephanie was to him. She was supposed to just be a flirtation, something to look forward to but all of this changed them. She did not want to complicate his life but it seems to have spiraled out of control when he is around her. He asks her to stop and says he is not alone. Since Stephanie died he has been alone but he is not any more. He has Quinn so he will not listen to her talking about going away just to make Steffy and his family happy. Seems simple says Ridge; all Brooke has to do is marry Bill. He is not happy about that but she will get his FC shares and they can get Quinn out of the company. Eric says the uncertainly of what is going to happen may change the family’s opinions. They would just have to accept that she is part of his life. They could make it permanent. She is shocked and says she thought he was breaking it off with her. He says no. She is the best thing that has happened in his life and he wants him family to stop being afraid of her. His instincts are screaming at him right now. He does not want her to leave this house or his side. He pulls out a huge diamond ring and asks her to marry him. Gleefully she cannot say yes fast enough. As they kiss Stephanie’s portrait falls down off the wall. They just laugh.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lt. Raines ripped into Shawn about investigating the drug used on Theresa. Raines told Shawn that he only got his job because of his last name. Hope overheard the conversation and gave him a piece of her mind. Chad talked to Belle about the job offer. She confessed to Chad that she had half of the money the entire time. Belle also told him that she had bought the recording studio. Chad told Belle that he trusted her since she confessed that. He also told Belle that the job is in Hong Kong. She wanted to talk to Shawn and Claire. Aiden wanted to talk to Hope about Stefano’s case.

Belle told Claire about the job offer and Claire was upset. Claire refused to go with her because of her career. Raines found JJ and Shawn together and wondered what happened to JJ since they were supposed to meet. JJ yelled at Raines and Shawn had to break up their argument. Raines reminded Shawn that he’s someone who doesn’t follow rules. Aiden questioned Hope about what happened to Stefano and about her statement against Andre. Hope stuck to her story and walked out of the room. Claire calmed down and talked to Belle about the job in Hong Kong. Belle didn’t want to go if Claire didn’t go with her. Claire pointed out that if she went to college she wouldn’t be with her. Belle talked to Claire about going to college, but she wasn’t ready yet. Claire wanted to stay with John and Marlena. Aiden checked the reports on Stefano’s case. Aiden asked Raines to check on a lead for him. Claire agreed to go to Salem University. Belle told Claire that she could visit her in Hong Kong. Shawn overheard what Belle said and was surprised to hear that she was leaving. Raines gave Aiden some information and that led him to believe that Hope might have killed Stefano.

GH Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Paul Hornsby hastily tells Jordan the cops need to convict and put Hayden away for the the attempted murder of Elizabeth and close the case although she is less "convinced" than he'd like her to be that they've found the correct suspect. Meanwhile, Curtis and Finn are able to access Elizabeth's phone and prove that she turned it on right before she fell and there was a photo of a man, which is confirmed on the GPS at the exact time and place where it happened, which confirms the man wearing clearly visible and identifiable shoes, pushed her. They present the evidence to Jordan who, at first, does not want to listen and believes that Hayden is their correct suspect. However, they show her the picture of the shoes and prove to her that there is evidence that Hayden did not push Elizabeth. With that, she concludes Hayden should be acquitted and set free. Paul finds that out and is clearly horrified that this is happening. Jordan wonders why he wants to falsely accuse and convict an innocent person when the real suspect could still be out there, yet he is not about to answer that question to her. He is further horrified that they've identified these "familiar shoes" and that the case is still open. Meanwhile, Franco is able to convince Hayden to donate blood in order to save Elizabeth's life, reminding her that she's going to be convicted of murder and saving Elizabeth's life might help her case. Yet she finds it very odd that Franco would have any way of knowing that she and Elizabeth would share the very same extremely rare blood type. Also, as soon as she finds out the charges have been dropped against her, she realizes she has not "incentive" to save Elizabeth's life. She tells Franco she will donate the blood under the condition that he "does something" for her. Morgan is appearing very depressed and discouraged and exhibiting his complete lack of self-worth. Carly is concerned about his moods and what might have happened. yet nobody has a clue what could be causing this since he knows he's taking, what he believes are the proper meds. Only shortly thereafter, he talks to Nelle about her ambition to be a teacher, and suddenly decides to enroll full time in school. Carly finds this sudden "180" in him very odd and a cause for concern. Sonny meets with Griffin about their mutual need to bring Duke's killer to justice. Robert talks to Lulu and Dante about the mystery of what might have happened to her embryos and how it could relate to Helena's "award" to Lulu, in her Will. Lulu seems to know there is something that needs to be investigated by the WSB that could unravel a mystery they need to get to the bottom of.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul finds Summer in his office at the police department filling out a statement about Luca and what he did to the Newman family. Paul asks her if she has more to add, but she tells him that she has said it all. She opens up the door and sees Luca being handcuffed. Jack and Jill are together when Phyllis and Billy walk in. Jack asks Phyllis where she's been. Abby meets Ben at the hospital for a talk. They discuss Jack and Victor and the memorial service for Adam. Ben tells Abby that they need to talk. Dylan interrupts and asks for Ben's help. Sharon and Mariah discuss Victor possibly seeking revenge on everyone who has gone against him. Sharon has her doubts about Mariah telling Victor about Sully. Mariah assures her that she will never tell anyone. Dylan asks Ben to check if the DNA found in the cabin is were really Adam's. Summer and Luca have a talk about their love and how he betrayed her. Summer accuses him of manipulating her for his own good and declares that she is so done with him but she could never hate him.

Jill confronts Billy and Phyllis as to where they have been. Jack defends Phyllis. Jack pulls Billy away for a talk while Jill talks to Phyllis. Jack tells Billy that he is glad that Phyllis was with him. Paul discovers that Dylan is still working on the case to find out what really happened to Adam. Mariah assures Sharon that Dylan will never find out. Ben wants to give Dylan the DNA test results but leaves the envelope with Sharon who starts to talk to him about Dylan. Dylan comes home and is quite upset that Sharon is talking to Ben about their marriage. Jack tells Phyllis that he knows what has been going on.

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